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The sole purpose of SGFoodMenu is to give a food, menu, and price review all about the Singapore fast food and restaurant. From small to a huge eateries that can be found only in the land of Singapore.

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kenny rogers menu prices singapore

Kenny Rogers Menu with Price

The Kenny Rogers menu comprises comfort foods and meals inspired by Western, Italian, and Asian cuisine. It is known for its chicken dishes, such as rotisserie, chicken chop meal, and baked chicken. This restaurant also

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hollin menu prices singapore

Hollin Menu with Price

Nowadays a lot of establishments that offer great beverages are mushrooming throughout the country, these businesses have gained the reputation of serving delicious drinks for their customers however have you tried Hollin or have you

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jiak mee menu prices singapore

Jiak Mee Menu with Price

If you are looking forward to having a unique and exciting dining experience in Singapore, Jiak Mee is one of the best places to visit! At Jiak Mee, you can expect to find a variety

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88 chicken menu prices singapore

88 Chicken Menu with Price

The 88 Chicken menu consists of authentic Korean cuisines. It serves Korean-inspired dishes such as stews, pancakes, ramen, toppoki, and ginseng chicken. It also offers comfort food such as French Fries and Fried dumplings. Its

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miss tea menu prices singapore

Miss Tea Menu with Price

Fruit teas and other drinks are nothing new to us customers since there are a lot of establishments that offer the same kind of products to the public but I have a great recommendation for

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zenso thai menu prices singapore

Zenso Thai Menu with Price

The Zenso Thai menu consists of cuisines inspired by the culture of Thailand. It offers appetizers, seafood, curry soup, meat a la carte, vegetables, soup, noodles, rice sets, salad, desserts, and beverages. These dishes are

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