KPT 78 Tze Char Menu with Price

The KPT 78 Tze Char menu consists of flavorsome and budget-friendly dishes. It offers various cuisines such as pork, chicken, beef, noodles, seafood, omelette, and tofu. The crabs that it provides are sourced mainly in Malaysia or Sri Lanka. They use White Snapper or Crimson Snapper for fish head dishes, depending on availability. It also serves a set meal that is good for solo and a buddy meal that is good for two people. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the KPT 78 Tze Char menu below.


Set Meeal 1 Pax

Set Meal (1 pax)$13.90

Salted Egg Set Meal

Salted Egg Set Meal $15.90

Buddy Meal

Buddy Wok Set Meal A $32.00
Buddy Wok Set Meal B $35.00

Miniwok Pork

Pork Ribs King Rice $9.00
Curry Pork Rice $9.00
Sweet and Sour Pork Rice $9.00
Ginger Onion Pork Rice $9.00
Salted Fish Pork Belly Rice $9.00
Bitter Gourd Roasted Pork Rice $9.00
Salted Egg Pork Ribs Rice $11.00

Miniwok Chicken

Diced Chicken Curry Rice $9.00
Dried Chili Diced Chicken Rice $9.00
Ginger Onion Diced Chicken Rice$9.00
Black Pepper Diced Chicken Rice $9.00
Sambal Diced Chicken Rice $9.00
Salad Chicken Cutlet Rice $9.00
Lemon Chicken Cutlet Rice $9.00
Salted Egg Diced Chicken Rice $9.00

Miniwok Others

Minced Meat Tofu Rice $9.00
Mapo Tofu Rice$9.00
Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish Rice $10.00
Ginger Onion Sliced Fish Rice $10.00
Black Pepper Beef Rice $10.00
Ginger Onion Beef Rice $10.00
Sambal Sotong Rice $10.00
Petai Minced Meat Rice $11.00
Petai Sotong Rice $11.00
Ginger Onion Deer Rice $11.00
Salted Egg Sotong Rice $11.00


Yang Zhou Fried Rice (Regular)$8.00
Yang Zhou Fried Rice (Medium)$12.00
Salted Fish Fried Rice (Regular)$8.00
Salted Fish Fried Rice (Medium)$13.50
Fried Rice with Chicken Cutlet $9.00
Seafood Fried Rice (Regular)$8.00
Seafood Fried Rice (Medium)$13.50
78's Fried Rice (Regular)$9.50
78's Fried Rice (Medium)$15.00
Mui Fan $8.00
Plain Rice $1.40

Hor Fun

Wat Tan Hor Fun (Regular)$8.00
Wat Tan Hor Fun (Medium)$13.50
Beef Hor Fun (Regular)$9.80
Beef Hor Fun (Medium)$16.00
Fried Dried Hor Fun (Regular)$8.00
Fried Dried Hor Fun (Medium)$13.50
Fried Dried Beef Hor Fun (Regular)$9.80
Fried Dried Beef Hor Fun (Medium)$16.00
Seafood Hor Fun (Regular)$8.00
Seafood Hor Fun (Medium)$13.50
Bean Sauce Hor Fun (Regular)$8.00
Bean Sauce Hor Fun (Medium)$13.50
Grouper San Lao Hor Fun (Regular)$13.00
Grouper San Lao Hor Fun (Medium)$24.00


Sin Chew Bee Hoon (Regular)$8.00
Sin Chew Bee Hoon (Medium)$13.50
Wat Tan Bee Hoon (Regular)$9.80
Wat Tan Bee Hoon (Medium)$13.50
White Pepper Bee Hoon (Regular)$9.80
White Pepper Bee Hoon (Medium)$16.00
Seafood Vermicelli (Regular)$8.00
Seafood Vermicelli (Medium)$13.50
Hong Kong Fried Noodles (Regular)$8.00
Hong Kong Fried Noodles (Medium)$13.50
Mee Goreng (Regular)$8.00
Mee Goreng (Medium)$13.50
Stir Fried Mee Sua (Regular)$8.00
Stir Fried Mee Sua (Medium)$13.50
Seafood Crispy Noodles (Regular)$15.00
Seafood Crispy Noodles (Medium)$22.00


Prawn Paste Chicken $15.00
Fried Cereal Chicken $20.00
Lemon Chicken Cutlet $20.00
Salted Egg Diced Chicken $20.00
Dried Chili Diced Chicken $15.00
Diced Chicken in Curry Sauce $15.00
Ginger Onion Diced Chicken $15.00


78's Sweet and Sour Pork $16.00
Ginger Onion Pork$16.00
Curry Pork $16.00
Pork Ribs King $16.00
Red Wine Pork Ribs $22.00
Coffee Pork Ribs $22.00
Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish $20.00
78's Crispy Pig's Trotter 78$35.00


Black Pepper Beef $22.00
Ginger Onion Beef $22.00
Ginger Onion Deer $24.00


Sambal Potato Leaves $12.00
Dried Shrimps with String Bean $19.00
Sambal Petal $22.00
Bean Sprout with Salted Fish $15.00
Sambal Kang Kong $12.00
Bean Sprout with Royale Chives $15.00
Seasonal Greens and Braised Chinese Mushrooms $12.00


Chinese Spinach Soup $15.00
Salted Vegetable Soup with Tofu $8.50
Seaweed Soup with Egg$8.50
Bitter Gourd Soup $8.50
Sour and Spicy Thick Soup $15.00
Seafood Thick Soup with Tofu $15.00
Fish Maw Soup $15.00
Fish Maw with Crab Meat Thick Soup$22.00


Furong Omelette $12.00
Shrimp Omelette $15.00
Onion Omelette $12.00
Minced Meat Omelette $12.00


Minced Meat Beancurd $16.00
78's Fried Beancurd $16.00
Snowy Beancurd $22.00
Scrambled Egg Beancurd with Prawn $22.00
Seafood Pot with Beancurd $32.00


78's Prawn Roll $15.00
Golden Yam Ring $25.00


Fried Mantou (5 pcs)$4.20
Steamed Mantou (5 pcs)$4.20

Fish Head

Curry Fish Head $33.00
Asam Fish Head$33.00
Claypot Braised Fish Head $33.00
Bitter Gourd and Black Bean Sauce Fish Head $33.00


Salted Egg Sotong $20.00
Sambal Sotong $20.00
Sweet and Sour Sliced Grouper $24.00
Ginger Onion Slicer Grouper $24.00
Sambal La La $19.00
Fragrant La La$19.00
Seafood Pot with Abalone $30.00
Claypot Sea Cucumber $33.00


Cereal Prawn $29.80
Salted Egg Prawn $29.80
Milky Butter Prawn $29.80
Thai Style Prawn with Vermicelli $29.80


Coca-Cola $2.00
Pokka Green Tea $2.00
100 Plus $2.00
Pokka Oolong Tea $2.00
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar $2.00
Grass Jelly $3.50
Grapefruit Tea $5.00
Osmanthus Tea $5.00
Osmanthus Goji Pear Tea $5.00
Passionfruit and Pineapple Tea $5.00
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About KPT 78 Tze Char 

KPT 78 Tze Char is a restaurant in Singapore that serves various comfort foods. The dishes that it serves are inspired by Singaporean and Asian cultures. Its management is also committed to using fresh and authentic ingredients to serve dishes that will impress its customers. It also has a relaxing ambiance that makes the dining experience more enjoyable. 

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KPT 78 Tze Char Menu Best Seller 

KPT 78 Tze Char is known for the vast array of delicious and affordable dishes that it offers. Here are some of this restaurant’s best sellers that have a savory flavor and are well-loved for the comforting feeling that it gives. 

Fried Rice with Chicken Cutlet – A best-selling dish where two of the crowd’s favorite dishes are mixed on one plate. Fried rice is stir-fried with chicken cutlets and other seasonings. The lettuce on the side adds color to this making it enjoyable. 

Wat Tan Hor Fun – It is a classic and popular hor fun served by different restaurants and stalls in Singapore. This hor fun is made with fish cake, shrimp, pork, and sliced fish. It is stir-fried in a silky egg-braised sauce with the right texture and flavor balance that goes well with other ingredients. 

Yang Zhou Fried Rice – Known for its delicious taste, this Yang Zhou Fried Rice version of KPT 78 Tze Char is made with seafood, pork, and other unique ingredients. It originates in China and is popular in different parts of the world. 

Yang Zhou Fried Rice
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Sin Chew Bee Hoon – The vibrant color of its ingredients gives this dish a festive presentation. It is made with vermicelli noodles stir-fried with cabbage, bean sprouts, shrimp, and char siew. 

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Pork Ribs King Rice – Rice is topped with fresh lettuce, sunny-side-up egg, and fall-off-the-bone spare ribs that are marinated in a sweet and tangy sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It has a large serving and a delicious taste that will fill you and satisfy your cravings. 

KPT 78 Tze Char Menu Miniwok Pork 

KPT 78 Tze Char serves delicious pork dishes with lettuce, egg, and white steamed rice. These cuisines are packed with flavors that will boost your appetite and make your meals more gratifying. 

Curry Pork Rice – Tender pork and mixed vegetables are cooked in a savory, thick curry sauce. A sunny-side-up egg is laid on top of the rice, and the lettuce is served on its side. 

Salted Fish Pork Belly Rice – An ideal dish for those who love both seafood and pork. The excellent combination of pork belly, salted fish, and other unique ingredients with flavorsome curry sauce makes the meal satisfying. 

Ginger Onion Pork Rice – Rice is placed in the center, topped with a healthy sunny-side-up egg, and surrounded with ginger onion pork rice. The aroma of onion and the tenderness of pork slices makes it delicious. 

Ginger Onion Pork Rice
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KPT 78 Tze Char Miniwok Chicken Menu

The mini wok chicken dishes of KPT 78 Tze Char consists of rice, egg, lettuce, and chicken. It is arranged artistically in a miniwok, making it visually appealing, appetizing, and exciting. 

Dried Chili Diced Chicken Rice – Diced Chicken is cooked with dried chili, onions, and other special seasonings. The sweet and spicy sauce and dried chili have a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness and do not overpower other ingredients taste. 

Black Pepper Diced Chicken Rice – Notable for its smoky and peppery flavor, this Black Pepper Diced Chicken Rice is served with steaming hot white rice, lettuce, and a sunny-side-up egg. 

Lemon Chicken Cutlet RiceChicken cutlet is coated with a special breading mix with a tangy and delicious flavorful sauce. The crunchiness of chicken skin, the tenderness and juiciness of meat on the inside, and the refreshing citrus flavor of lemon make this dish pleasurable. It comes with white rice, sunny-side-up egg, slices of lemons, and fresh and crunchy lettuce. 

KPT 78 Tze Char Menu Rice 

KPT 78 Tze Char offers plain rice, white steamed rice with sauce and toppings, and different variations of fried rice. The fried rice that the restaurant serves can be paired with other dishes to make it more filling and flavorful. 

Seafood Fried Rice – Satisfy your seafood cravings with this fried rice that includes shrimp, fish slices, and fish cake. This staple comfort food has a rich seafood taste, making you crave more. 

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78’s Fried Rice – A signature and special fried rice version of KPT 78 Tze Char that will bring spice to your meal. It is bursting with flavors and has an appetizing presentation that will make you crave more. Fried rice, diced chicken, scallions, shrimp, chili padi, and white bait are combined in this dish. 

78's Fried rice
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Mui Fan – This is a perfect meal for those who want rice with a little soup. White rice is garnished with a braised sauce and topped with fish cake, shrimp, diced pork, and sliced fish. Its sauce has a comforting goodness that makes this meal satisfying. 

Hor Fun 

The Hor Fun menu of KPT 78 Tze Char is known for its chewy and soft rice noodles. It is a street food that is popular in Singapore and has many variations. Wat Tan, Beef, Fried Dried Beef, Seafood, Bean Sauce, and Grouper San Lao are some of hor fun dishes served by KPT 78 Tze Char. It has a soul-soothing effect that can help you feel relaxed and will give you comfort in cold weather. 

San Lao Hor Fun
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Noodles are famous and go-to comfort food for people from different parts of the world. The noodle dishes of KPT 78 Tze Char give a glimpse of Singapore’s wonderful culture and other Asian countries. Bee Hoon, Vermicelli, Fried Noodles, Mee Goreng, Mee Sua, and Seafood Crispy Noodles are the noodle cuisine it offers. These cuisines are available in regular and medium servings and are perfect for snacks or main meals. 

KPT 78 Tze Char Menu Delivery 

Enjoy your most-loved dishes from KPT 78 Tze Char through delivery. Its menu is available on FoodPanda, GrabFood,, and Deliveroo. 

Social Media Pages

As of now, they are still working out to reach their customers through social media pages. Follow KPT 78 Tze Char’s website to stay up to date with their delicious offerings and special deals. Don’t hesitate to send them a message for more information about their authentic Tze Char dishes and catering services!



What types of dishes does KPT 78 Tze Char Singapore serve? 

The types of dishes that KPT 78 Tze Char Singapore serves are Noodles, Hor Fun, Rice, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetables, Soup, Omelette, Tofu, and Seafood

Are there any vegetarian options at KPT 78 Tze Char Singapore? 

KPT 78 Tze Char Singapore offers some vegetarian options for those following a healthy lifestyle. 

Is reservation required at KPT 78 Tze Char Singapore? 

Reservation is not required at KPT Tze Char Singapore. You can visit them anytime in their opening hours. 

Is KPT 78 Tze Char halal-certified? 

KPT 78 Tze Char is not a halal-certified restaurant in Singapore. 


The KPT 78 Tze Char menu features many dishes that are perfect for people from different walks of life.  With its extensive dishes, you will surely find the one that will satisfy your cravings. The buddy meal is an excellent choice for those dining with their loved ones as it is more affordable. 

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