Ananda Bhavan Menu with Price

Ananda Bhavan is a popular Singapore vegetarian restaurant chain whose menu offers a variety of Indian cuisine. Their menu is vast, with many options for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. In addition to its Indian dishes, Ananda Bhavan also offers fusion dishes such as pizza dosas and Chinese-style fried rice. Gluten-free and Jain-friendly options are also available for those who are with a dietary restriction. Overall, their menu is so vast that customers wouldn’t have a problem finding something that fits their personal taste and dietary needs.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Ananda Bhavan menu below.


Rice Varieties and Extras

South Indian Set Meal$10.00
North Indian Set Meal$11.50
Briyani Set Meal$10.60
Veg Fried Rice Set$11.30
Veg Pulav$6.60
Mini South Indian Meal$6.60
Sweet pongal$4.50
Veg Briyani Rice Only$6.50
Sambar Rice$4.00
Tamarind Rice$4.50
Lemon Rice$4.50
Curd Rice$4.50
White Rice$2.50


Truffle Masala Thosai$8.80
Masala Thosai$5.10
Mysore Masala$7.00
Ghee Masala Thosai$5.80
Ghee Onion Masala$6.20
Onion Masala$5.90
Paper Masala$6.20
Ghee Thosai$4.60
Ghee Paper$5.90
Paper Thosai$5.40
Onion Thosai$4.80
Mint Masala Thosai$5.60
Mint Thosai$4.70
Butter Thosai$5.20
Cheese Thosai$7.30
Cheese Masala Thosai$8.50
Cheese Tomato Thosai$7.80
Plain Thosai$3.40
Rava Masala$5.40
Rava Mysore Masala$7.10
Rava Onion Masala$6.50
G.Rava Onion Masala$6.90
Ghee Rava Masala$6.20
Rava Ghee$4.80
Rava Cheese Thosai$7.50
Ghee Onion Rava$6.00
Onion Rava$5.40
Rava Thosai$3.60
Onion Uthappam$5.50
Tomato Onion Uthappam$6.00
Tomato Uthappam$5.50
Veg Uthappam$5.80
Set Thosai Vadai Curry$6.90
Curry Masala$6.20

Indian Bread

Chappathi Set (2pcs)$6.20
Prata (2pcs)$5.10
Puri (2pcs)$5.60
Aloo Prata Set$10.60
Kothu Prata$8.40
Chilli Prata$8.00
Onion Prata$6.10
Cheese Prata$6.20
Keem Prata$7.20

South Indian Snacks

Sambar Idly$4.80
Podi Idly$4.80
Rasam Idly$4.50
Sambar Vadai$4.50
Rasam Vadai$4.50
Curd Vadai$4.50
Curry Puf$2.90
Onion Pakoda$4.50
Sambar (Tiffin)$3.50

North Indian Tandoori

Butter Naan Set$10.60
Garlic Naan Set$10.30
Cheese Naan Set$11.70
Kashmiri Naan St$11.40
Peshawari Nn Set$10.60
Plain Naan Set$9.70
Tawa Chappathi Set$8.90
Tandoori Prata Set$11.80
Tandoori Roth Set$10.00
Peshawari Roti Set$10.60
Romali Roti Set$13.70
Sheek Kebab$10.40
ABR Kebab$10.40
Paneer Tikka$10.90
Paneer Butter Masala$11.00
Mutter Panner$8.50


Pani Puri$6.50
Sev Puri$6.50
Dahi Puri$6.50
Bhel Puri$6.50
Masala puri$6.50
Pav Bhaji$6.50
Cheese Pav Bhaji$7.30
Vada Pav$7.50
Plain Pav$2.00
Bread Chaana Chat$7.00
Cutlet Dahi Chat$7.50
Cutlet Chaat$7.30
Cutlet Channa Chat$7.50
Veg Cutlet$6.20

Burger / Pizza

Burger with Fries$8.50
Burger without Fries$7.40
ABR Veggie Pizza$13.30
Palak Paneer Pizza$15.00
Tomato Cheese Toast$7.70
Garlic Cheese Toast$7.40
Puthina Cheese Toast$7.40
Veg Sandwich$5.00
Masala Sandwich$6.60
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About Ananda Bhavan

Ananda Bhavan is a well-known Singapore vegetarian restaurant chain that serves a variety of Indian dishes. Ananda Bhavan was founded in Chennai, India in 1924 and has since expanded globally, with several branches in Singapore. What separates Ananda Bhavan from other restaurants is its commitment to only using the best ingredients there is in its dishes Ananda Bhavan is a must-visit for anyone looking to try the best Indian cuisine served in Singapore.

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Ananda Bhavan Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of the best-selling dishes among all of the dishes that are offered at Ananda Bhavan.

Mixed Vegetable – This is a great option for those who want to try a variety of dishes in one meal. It comes with a plate of steaming hot rice, chapati, sambar, rasam, curd, papad, and a side of mixed vegetables and it is well-balanced and satisfying, making it a favorite among customers.

South Indian Set Meal Rice – This is a great option for those who want to try a variety of dishes in one meal. It comes with a plate of steaming hot rice, chapati, sambar, rasam, curd, papad, and a side of mixed vegetables.

Briyani Set Meal – It consists of fragrant basmati rice cooked with a mix of aromatic spices and vegetables, creating a dish that is bursting with flavor. It comes with raita, papad, and vegetable curry on the side. The dish is filling and delicious, and perfect for those who love spicy food.

Vegetable Briyani – This dish is made with a mix of vegetables, spices, and basmati rice, creating a flavorful and aromatic dish. Like the Briyani set meal, this dish is also served with raita and a side of vegetable curry.

Briyani Rice

Vegetable Pulav – This dish is made of a mix of vegetables, spices, and basmati rice, creating a flavorful and aromatic dish. Like the vegetable Briyani, this dish is also served with raita and a side of vegetable curry.

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Ananda Bhavan Menu Chaat

This menu is made of dishes that serve as a delightful addition to their already extensive menu. 

Pav Bhaji – It is a classic Indian street food dish that consists of mashed vegetable curry (bhaji) served with buttered pav buns. This dish is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a tasty and filling vegan meal.

Pav Bhaji
Photo Credits: Ananda Bhavan Facebook Page

Cheese Pav Bhaji – This is a variation of the classic Pav Bhaji that includes melted cheese on top of the bhaji. The addition of cheese to this dish adds a creamy and salty flavor to the dish, which results in a unique yet satisfying taste.

Plain Pav – This is simply a buttered bun that is served alongside the Pav Bhaji. The bun is soft and fluffy and provides a nice contrast to the savory and spicy bhaji.

North Indian and Tandoori

This menu offers a variety of tasty and authentic Indian street food options that are both satisfying and budget-friendly.

Tawa Chappathi Set –  This menu is a traditional North Indian dish from Ananda Bhavan that consists of two pieces of chappathi served with a side of dal fry and a vegetable curry making this a satisfying and filling meal, especially for those who enjoy the combination of bread and lentils.

Paneer Butter Masala – A creamy tomato-based sauce is used to make this dish. It is typically served with rice or Indian bread and is an excellent choice for vegetarians or those who prefer paneer-based dishes. 

Panner butter masala
Photo Credits: Ananda Bhavan Facebook Page

Dal Fry – Dal Fry is a lentil soup that is pretty common in North Indian cuisine. It is typically made with a combination of lentils, spices, and herbs, and is often served with rice or Indian bread. 

Ananda Bhavan Rice Varieties Menu

This menu offers a good mix of simple and more complex rice dishes, making it a great option for enjoying a variety of flavors and textures.

White Rice – This is plain white rice that is cooked to perfection and has a fluffy texture that makes it a great accompaniment to any of the restaurant’s curries or gravies.

Vegetable – The vegetable rice at Ananda Bhavan is a popular choice among customers. This dish is a flavorful blend of long-grain rice and vegetables like carrots, peas, beans, and cauliflower

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Payasam – It is a sweet dish flavored with cardamom and saffron which is added in this dish which is made from rice, milk, and sugar.  The payasam at Ananda Bhavan has a creamy texture and is topped with crunchy nuts and raisins.

South Indian Snacks 

This menu features a variety of South Indian snacks that are popular among both locals and tourists. These snacks are typically served throughout the day and are ideal for a quick bite or a light meal. Ananda Bhavan’s South Indian snacks are made with fresh ingredients and authentic spices, giving them a distinct flavor and aroma.

Special mini jangiri
Photo Credits: Ananda Bhavan Facebook Page

Ananda Bhavan Menu Delivery

Ananda Bhavan now offers delivery services to provide customers with a new and convenient way to order their favorite Indian delicacies. Customers can now order through their mobile phones, laptops, and PCs through third-party delivery services like GrabFood and FoodPanda anywhere and anytime they want.

Social Media Pages

Looking for authentic Indian cuisine in the heart of the city? Look no further than Ananda Bhavan Restaurant! Stay up-to-date with their latest menu items, promotions, and events by following their social media pages. And if you have any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to message them for more information. Don’t miss out on the best Indian food in town, follow Ananda Bhavan Restaurant today!





What kind of food does Ananda Bhavan serve?

Ananda Bhavan is an Indian vegetarian restaurant that offers a wide range of dishes from South and North Indian cuisines.

Is Ananda Bhavan a vegan-friendly restaurant? 

Yes, Ananda Bhavan is a vegan-friendly restaurant. They serve a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, including many traditionally vegan Indian dishes. 

Is Ananda Bhavan a family-friendly restaurant?

Yes, Ananda Bhavan is a family-friendly restaurant that is suitable for all ages. They offer a variety of dishes that appeal to different tastes and preferences, and their staff is accommodating to families with children. 

Is Ananda Bhavan halal-certified?

No, Ananda Bhavan is not halal-certified.


Ananda Bhavan’s menu offers a diverse and delicious menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. With a range of South Indian and North Indian dishes, as well as desserts and drinks, there is something for everyone. The restaurant also offers catering services and a banquet hall for special events. Overall, Ananda Bhavan Singapore is a great choice for those looking for tasty and authentic Indian cuisine.

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