Takagi Ramen Menu with Price

The Takagi Ramen menu offers a wide range of ramen dishes that will satisfy your cravings. They use traditional methods in the kitchen, and they add modern twists to give their menu items flare. With convenient food delivery and an active social media presence, Takagi Ramen is a go-to destination for Japanese food lovers that are looking for a delicious and authentic dining experience.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Takagi Ramen menu below.


Okayu Series

Chicken Karaage Porridge with Menma$3.90
Salmon Porridge$5.20
Chicken Karaage Porridge with Chicken Floss$3.90
Ginger Pulled Pork Porridge with Menma$3.90
Chicken Karaage Porridge with Sweet Corn$3.90
Spicy Pulled Pork Porridge$3.90
Ginger Pulled Pork Porridge with Sweet Corn$3.90

A La Carte Items

Soft Boiled Egg$2.00
Potato Croquette$3.00

Okayu Breakfast Set

Set A$7.90
Set B$7.90
Set C$7.90
Set D$7.90
Set E$7.90
Set F$7.90
Set G$8.50

Onigiri Series

Tuna Mayo Onigiri$2.00
Chicken Karaage Onigiri$2.00
Smoked Salmon Onigiri$2.00
Chicken Floss Onigiri$2.00
Egg Mayo Onigiri$2.00
Kombu Tsukudani Onigiri$2.00

Onigiri Breakfast Set

Set of 2$7.90
Set of 3$8.20

Signature Ramen

Butashogi Ramen$9.90
Takagi Ramen$6.90
Chashu Ramen$9.00

Make it a Set Meal

Set A$4.50
Set B$4.50
Set C$4.50
Set D$3.50
Set E$3.50

Singaporeans' Favourites

Chili Crab Ramen$14.90
Salted Egg Gyouza$8.90
Chili Crab Salted Egg Fry$8.10
Salted Egg Crab Ramen$14.90

Spicy Ramen Selections

Devil Lips Ramen$8.50

Voted Top Ramen

Blac Tonkotsu$8.50
Miso Ramen$8.00

Dark Shoyu Chintan Series

Black Shoyu Ramen$8.90
Karaka Shoyu Ramen$8.50
Miso Shoyu Ramen$8.90
Nia Shoyu Ramen$6.90
Gomu Shoyu Ramen$9.90
Awabi Shoyu Ramen$8.50

Dry Ramen Series

Goma Shoyu Dry$8.00

Koshihikari Donbu Series

Chashu Donburi$4.50
Moeru Donburi$5.00

A La Carte Sides

Fried Gyoza$5.00
Ebi Fry$6.50
Smoked Duck$6.50

About Takagi Ramen

Takagi Ramen was founded back in 2015 by Takagi-san who traveled to Singapore from Tsuruga, Japan. The establishment aims to serve authentic, high-quality ramen at affordable prices, which is the essence of Japanese street food culture.

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Takagi-san dropped out of law school because of her passion for ramen. The slogan “Ramen for the Average Singaporean” is what the company is all about. Takagi Ramen has served over 3 million bowls of ramen since it first opened its doors to the public.

Takagi Ramen Menu Bestsellers

The following are the establishment’s bestsellers. These dishes are the most-ordered dishes, which guarantees that you will most likely love them.

Chicken Karaage Porridge with Sweet Corn – The porridge is made by cooking rice in chicken broth. After the porridge is done, to prepare the chicken karaage, chicken pieces are marinated in soy sauce, ginger, and garlic, before coating them with potato starch. The chicken pieces are then fried until crispy.

Spicy Pulled Pork Porridge – The porridge is made by simmering rice in a broth. Takagi Ramen infuses their porridge with their secret Kombu dashi. The meal is prepared by cooking the pork slowly with a secret blend of spices. These spices include chili powder, cumin, and paprika.

Ginger Pulled Pork Porridge with Sweet Corn – In this Takagi Ramen menu, the pulled pork is prepared by slowly cooking it with a secret blend of ingredients and spices. The sweet corn adds sweetness to the dish, while also enhancing the flavors of the rest of the meal.

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Chicken Floss Onigiri – Chicken floss is made by cooking the chicken slowly, and then shredding it into strands. The rice is seasoned with salt and wrapped in a layer of nori seaweed.

Egg Mayo Onigiri – The egg mayo filling is made by mashing hard-boiled eggs and mixing them with mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. To give it flavor, the rice is seasoned with salt and then wrapped in a layer of nori seaweed.

Okayu Series

For those of you who don’t know, Okayu is essentially Japanese rice porridge. The consistency and flavor of the meal are perfect for those who want something light and quick. Each item under the Okayu Series is carefully prepared to ensure its perfectness.

Photo Credit: Takagi Ramen FB Page

Chicken Karaage Porridge with Menma – This is a popular Japanese dish that is made with rice porridge, tender pieces of fried chicken, and seasoned bamboo shoots are known as menma. The chicken karaage porridge is infused with kombu dashi, which is then topped with Japanese menma and spring onions.

Salmon Porridge – It is simmered with chicken or fish broth, resulting in a savory and creamy texture that is flavored with garlic, ginger, and green onions. This Takagi Ramen menu is infused with Kombu dashi. The porridge is topped with spring onions, sliced ginger, and tamagoyaki.

Chicken Karaage Porridge with Chicken Floss – The porridge is cooked with chicken broth, which is topped with tender pieces of chicken karaage and chicken floss. The restaurant infuses their Chicken Karaage porridge with their secret kombu dashi.

Ginger Pulled Pork Porridge with Menma – To make the porridge infused with the restaurant’s secret Kombu dashi, pork is cooked slowly with a blend of ginger, and soy sauce, until it’s tender. The Menma adds a satisfying crunch, texture, and a distinct flavor to the dish.


Every Japanese food lover already knows what an Onigiri is. This snack is undeniably one of the most convenient Japanese snacks that you can get. By pairing it with the greatest sides, ordering an Onigiri menu from Takagi Ramen will not let you down.

Tuna Mayo Onigiri – This onigiri is prepared by seasoning the rice with salt and wrapping it in a layer of nori seaweed, giving the onigiri an extra layer of texture and flavor. Tuna Mayo is made by mixing tuna with Japanese mayonnaise.

Kombu Tsukudani Onigiri – This is an unfamiliar meal to lots of people. The kombu tsukudani filling has a salty, slightly sweet taste that pairs perfectly with the rice. Kombu tsukudani is prepared by simmering seaweed in soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar. to add some flavor to the rice, it is seasoned with salt and wrapped in a layer of nori seaweed.

Photo Credit: Takagi Ramen FB Page

Chicken Karaage Onigiri – The rice is typical with salt and wrapped in a layer of nori seaweed. The chicken karaage is made by marinating the chicken in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and a secret blend of spices. After that, the chicken pieces are coated in starch and then fried until crispy.

Smoked Salmon Onigiri – To prepare this onigiri, the rice is seasoned with salt and often wrapped in a layer of nori seaweed. The Smoked Salmon side is made by arranging slices of smoked salmon in layers.

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Takagi Signature Ramen Menu

These Signature Ramen are the embodiments of the flavors of Takagi Ramen. Each Ramen portrays the tastes that are made with the secret broth and blend of spices used by the establishment. Order now and find out just what this ramen shop is about.

Takagi Ramen – This ramen features a miso-based broth made by blending pork bone broth and miso paste, soy sauce, and a secret blend of spices. The ramen noodles are served in the broth along with beansprouts, spring onions, and 2 slices of chashu.

Butashoga Ramen – It gets its name from its major components: pork belly slices (buta), and ginger-seasoned broth (shoga). The noodles are served in a broth along with pork slices, bamboo shoots, and green onions. The pork belly is marinated in soy sauce, sake, and mirin.

Photo Credit: Takagi Ramen FB Page

Chashu Ramen – In this menu, it features slices of tender pork belly called chashu. The broth for this ramen is made from a blend of soy sauce, miso paste, and pork bone broth. The ramen noodles are served in the flavorful broth along with 5 chashu slices, beansprouts, and spring onions.

Singaporeans’ Favorites

The following foods are the people’s choice. These menu items are what people want, and they sure will make you happy. From salted eggs to something spicy, one of these will surely satisfy your cravings.

Photo Credit: Takagi Ramen FB Page

Chili Crab Ramen – This menu from Takagi Ramen features soft shell crabs served with a tangy, chili-crab sauce. The Chili Crab Ramen also features Gooey Ajitama egg, spring onions, and roasted seaweed. For the base, the restaurant uses its signature tonkotsu soup that’s boiled for 12 hours.

Salted Egg Crab Gyoza – It features vegetable dumplings and fried chicken in a creamy sauce made with salted egg.

Chili Crab Sauce Ebi Fry – This menu item features a spicy chili sauce, and serves Prawns that are crumbed and fried.

Salted Egg Crab Ramen – It consists of soft shell crabs Gooey Japanese Ajitama Egg, roasted seaweed, and spring onions. The Salted Egg Crab Ramen is served in a salted egg sauce, along with their signature tonkotsu soup.

Spicy Ramen Selections Menu

These offer a fiery twist to the traditional Japanese ramen dish, featuring a variety of spicy broths and toppings that pack a punch. One of the following ramens also boasts A MILLION SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS. If you’re up to the challenge, read on.

Karaka-men – A spicy ramen features 2 slices of chashu, beansprouts, spring onions, and seaweed. The noodles and the other ingredients in this menu of Takagi Ramen are served in a special spicy tonkotsu broth ramen that sets this establishment apart from the others.

Photo Credit: Takagi Ramen FB Page

Tantanmen – This ramen features peanuts, spring onions, and pulled pork. The ramen is served in a tonkotsu broth that is both spicy and peanut-infused.

Devil Lips Ramen – It is actually a collaboration between Takagi Ramen and Mamee. This showcases both of their most delicious components that really elevate the flavor of this spicy ramen. Each bowl features up to 1,000,000 Scoville heat units worth of spiciness in its ingredients. The Devil Lips Ramen features 5 pieces of chashu, and the ramen is topped with seaweed and spring onions.

Dark Shoyu Chintan Series

Shoyu ramen is made with rich and savory broth. The broth comes from simmering chicken or pork bones, soy sauce, and other flavorful ingredients. If this sounds right up your alley, read on!

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Black Shoyu Ramen – At its core, this ramen is a tonkotsu shoyu ramen that’s served with garlic and is slowly cooked to perfection. The establishment serves this bowl with chashu pork slices, black fungus strips, and sweet braised bamboo shoots. The ramen is also topped with blanched silver sprouts and green scallions

Karaka Shoyu Ramen – A special blend of red chilis infused into the shoyu soup. The karaka Shoyu Ramen also features roasted nori toppings that accent the sweet aroma of the broth. The ramen is topped with chashu pork slices, silver sprouts, and thinly-sliced green scallions.

Miso Shoyu Ramen – This menu of Takagi Ramen is infused with a generous amount of Hokkaido red miso. The sweet corn included in this ramen pairs perfectly with the miso-dashi soup. This ramen features fermented soybean flavors, blanched silver sprouts, thinly sliced green scallions, and chashu pork slices.

Nia Shoyu Ramen – This ramen includes Hakata-style firm ramen noodles that are made from scratch. The Nia Shoyu Ramen also features the establishment’s famous dashi-infused shoyu broth. The ramen is topped with chashu pork slices that are slow braised, thinly

Dry Ramen Series

Dry ramen, also known as Abura Soba, is a dish that features noodles coated in sauce. This Takagi Ramen menu is a perfect option for those looking for a tasty and satisfying meal without soup.

Mazeramen – This ramen features Pulled Pork braised in sweet ginger. The Mazeramen also has spring onions, roasted seaweed, and corn.

Gomu Shoyu Dry – This ramen features dry, Hakata-style, firm noodles. The noodles are topped with sliced green scallions and served in sesame seasoning. Other toppings include hand-pulled pork. The Gomu Shoyu Dry Ramen is sauteed in fragrant ginger and sweet soy sauce.

Jiajiamen – This ramen features shredded cucumber, pulled pork, and black bean sauce. This dry ramen is perfect if you’re looking for something quick and simple to eat.

Takagi Ramen Menu Delivery

Customers can order online, and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. The establishment offers convenient food delivery options through online apps such as Deliveroo, GrabFood, and Foodpanda. If you want to enjoy the wonderful ramen selection in the comfort of your own home, be sure to try out these delivery services.

Social Media Pages

Takagi Ramen has a social media page that serves as a platform that keeps customers updated on the latest menu offerings, promotions, and events. Customers can also leave comments, reviews, and suggestions to help improve the establishment’s performance. The restaurant loves creating and developing relationships with their customers, and their social media page is one of the ways to connect with them.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/takagiramenshop/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takagiramen/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/takagiramen/


The Takagi Ramen Menu offers a variety of ramen dishes using traditional methods with modern twists. The establishment was founded in 2015 by Takagi-san. The owner traveled to Singapore to serve authentic and high-quality ramen at affordable prices, staying true to their slogan “Ramen for the Average Singaporean” Takagi Ramen has served over 3 million bowls of ramen, and they will continue to do so. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to try out Takagi Ramen!

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