Kenny Rogers Menu with Price

The Kenny Rogers menu comprises comfort foods and meals inspired by Western, Italian, and Asian cuisine. It is known for its chicken dishes, such as rotisserie, chicken chop meal, and baked chicken. This restaurant also serves flavorful meals, nasi lemak, pasta, fresh and hot side dishes, muffins, hearty snacks, soup, and beverages. The rotisserie chicken and muffins are two of the crowd’s most-loved dishes, giving them a gratifying dining experience. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Kenny Rogers menu below.


Bundle Specials

Hearty Bundles (Serves 3-4 pax)76.00
Jumbo Bundles (Serves 6-8 pax)152.20


Kenny's Quarter Meal 22.20
Kenny's Chicken & Pasta Meal 23.20
Kenny's Family Meal (3-4 pax)64.05
Kenny's Fish & Chips Meal 22.15
Kenny's Grilled Chicken Chop & Pasta Meal 23.10
Kenny's Grilled Chicken Chop Meal 20.90
Kenny's Half Meal 29.25
Kenny's Salmon Fillet 27.20

Outrageous Mouthwatering Guiltless (OMG)

2 pc OMG Chicken Meal (Chicken Part: Random Selection)23.20
*Upgrade: Choice of Chicken Part (1 Drumstick) 1.10
*Upgrade: Choice of Chicken Part (1 Thigh) 1.10

Kenny's Nasi Lemak

Kenny's Nasi Lemak (1/4 Rotisserie Chicken)19.00
Kenny's Nasi Lemak (OMG Chicken 1 pc)15.00
Kenny's Nasi Lemak (OMG 2 pcs)20.10

Pasta Please

Beef Bolognese 16.25
Chicken Aglio Olio16.10
Chicken Bolognese 16.00
Chicken Carbonara Pasta16.20
Mushroom Aglio Olio (Vegetarian)16.10
Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta (Beef)16.05

Fresh Hitz Sides

Coleslaw 4.95
Garden Pasta Salad 5.00
Potato Salad 4.90

Hot Hitz Sides

Aromatic Rice 4.95
Corn Niblets 4.90
French Fries 4.85
Macaroni & Cheese4.90
Mashed Potato 5.00
Onion Rings 4.80
Sauteed Vegetables 4.95


Corn Muffin (2 pcs)4.10
Corn Muffin (8 pcs)12.95

Hearty Snacks

Chicken Nuggets (10 pcs)8.75
Snacks In A Platter 13.35

A La Carte

OMG Chicken 7.20
Rotisserie Chicken (Quarter)14.10
Rotisserie Chicken (Whole)47.10

Kenny's Soup

Cream of Mushroom 4.80

Iced Beverages

Coke (Canned)3.00
Coke No Sugar 3.10
Dasani Mineral Water 3.25
Orange Juice (Minute Maid)4.00
Sprite (Canned)3.20

Hot Beverages

Americano 4.40
Cappuccino 4.40
Chamomile Tea 4.40
Chocolate 5.10
Earl Grey Tea 4.35
Espresso 4.35
Flat White 4.50
Green Tea 4.45
Latte 4.50
Mocha 4.55

About Kenny Rogers 

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a popular chicken chain founded by Kenny Rogers and John Y Brown. It has multiple outlets in different parts of the world, including Singapore. It promotes healthy eating by serving food with less salt, less fat, and low calories. The outlets of this restaurant have a fast-casual eatery concept and contemporary look that goes well with its comforting cuisines inspired by different cultures. 

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Kenny Rogers Menu Best Seller 

Kenny Rogers is known for its extraordinary and crowd-pleasing chicken meals. These are some of the best sellers of Kenny Rogers that always please the crowd as they are flavorful and have surprising goodness. 

Kenny’s Quarter Meal – This meal consists of ¼ Chicken with your preferred sauce, two side dishes, one corn muffin, one mushroom soup, and one soft drink. It is one of the best-selling meals as it consists of satisfying dishes loved by people of all ages. 

Kenny's quarter meal
Photo Credits: Kenny Rogers Facebook Page

Kenny’s Grilled Chicken Chop Meal – The flame-grilled chicken chop is the highlight of this meal. It is served with other dishes that complement well with the chicken, giving customers a good dining experience.  

Kenny’s Chicken & Pasta Meal – This menu of Kenny Rogers is an excellent choice for those who love the combination of chicken and pasta. Customers can pick their preferred pasta and chicken parts to satisfy their cravings. It is served with soup, a side dish, corn muffins, and beverages. 

Corn Muffin – Corn Muffin is one of the crowd’s favorite foods they add to their meals as it has a well-balanced and appetizing flavor. This signature baked good of Kenny Rogers can also be enjoyed on its own and is a perfect gift you can give to your loved ones. 

Corn muffin
Photo Credits: Kenny Rogers Facebook Page

Potato Salad – Curb your hunger and satisfy your cravings with this light yet filling potato salad by Kenny Rogers. It is made with potato cubes doused in mayonnaise and other special spices. This salad has a creamy and mouthwatering taste and an appealing presentation. 


The meals served by Kenny Rogers consist of Quarter Meal, Half Meal, Family Meal, Chicken and Pasta, Salmon Fillet, Grilled Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips, and Grilled Chicken Chop & Pasta. These meals include side dishes, mushroom soup, corn muffins, and a soft drink. 

Kenny’s Salmon Fillet – If you are a seafood lover, then this menu from Kenny Rogers is an excellent choice for you. It consists of Atlantic grilled salmon garnished with cream sauce and herbs. The fillet is grilled expertly by its talented chefs to make it tender and flavorful. 

Kenny’s Fish & Chips Meal – The fish is coated with a special blend of batter and fried until crunchy and golden brown. It comes with French fries and roasted red pepper aioli or tartare sauce. This is one of the classic meal combinations loved by the crowd for its comforting goodness.  

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Kenny’s Family Meal – Kenny Rogers offers a family meal suitable for three to four persons. Every family member will surely love this meal as the dishes served with it are perfect for all ages. It comprises whole rotisserie chicken, three side dishes in large sizes, four corn muffins, four mushroom soups, and four soft drinks. 

Kenny Rogers Nasi Lemak Menu

Kenny Rogers added a twist to this classic rice meal from Malaysia, where red rice is cooked with virgin coconut oil instead of coconut milk to make it healthier. These meals come with hard-boiled eggs, fried peanuts, anchovies, prawn crackers, sambal, soup, and drink. 

Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (1/4 Rotisserie Chicken) – It is a delicious meal where a quarter of rotisserie chicken is the meal’s highlight. This chicken is seasoned and cooked expertly to make it tender, flavorsome, and unique. The choices for chicken parts are breast & wing and thigh & drum. 

Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (OMG Chicken 1 pc) – This nasi lemak meal comes with one piece of chicken, which the restaurant describes as outrageous, mouthwatering, and guiltless. It has a surprising healthy goodness that will make your experience enjoyable.  

Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (OMG 2 pcs) – Level up your meal with this nasi lemak with two pieces of the restaurant’s special OMG chicken. It comes with two random chicken parts, or you can upgrade it to drumstick and thigh for an additional charge.   

OMG chicken
Photo Credits: Kenny Rogers Instagram Page

Pasta Please 

The pasta offered by Kenny Rogers consists of Bolognese, chicken carbonara, aglio olio, and spicy tomato sauce. A mushroom soup and soft drink are served with it to give diners a complete and pleasing meal. 

Chicken BologneseChicken Bolognese is a classic sauce originating from Italy, where minced chicken, Italian herbs and spices, carrots, onions, and other secret ingredients are cooked in tomato sauce. 

Mushroom Aglio Olio (Vegetarian) – For those who are looking for a vegetarian menu from Kenny Rogers, this one is perfect for you. It is a simple and flavorsome dish where pasta is cooked with chewy roasted mushrooms, lots of garlic, olive oil, and flakes of red pepper and topped with fresh parsley. 

Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta (Beef) – This pasta is doused with spicy tomato cream sauce with minced beef and topped with herbs, spices, and parsley. It has an irresistible taste and a well-balanced flavor and texture, gratifying each bite. 

Hot Hitz Sides 

Kenny Rogers offers hot side dishes that will complete your meal. It serves aromatic rice, mashed potato, corn niblets, and sauteed vegetables. This restaurant also provides classic comfort foods such as onion rings, French fries, and macaroni & cheese. These dishes go well with the meals offered by the restaurant, as they are flavorsome and pleasurable. 

Potato salad
Photo Credits: Kenny Rogers Facebook Page

Kenny Rogers Menu A La Carte 

The ala carte meals served by Kenny Rogers comprise specialty chicken dishes. It offers whole and quarter rotisserie chicken marinated with original brown or black pepper sauce and garnished with spices. This restaurant also provides OMG Chicken, a delicious and healthy dish prepared by baking instead of deep-frying. 

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Kenny Rogers Menu Delivery 

Kenny Rogers offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services to make it more convenient for customers to enjoy their favorite food in their comfort. For delivery, it partnered with various delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda, GrabFood, and Oddle, so customers can conveniently enjoy their most-loved cuisines anywhere. 

Social Media Pages

Follow Kenny Rogers’ social media pages to stay connected with their community of food lovers and never miss out on the latest promotions, mouthwatering dishes, and heartwarming stories. Join their community of loyal fans, share your #KennyRogers dining experiences, and connect with others who appreciate the wholesome goodness of their meals.






What type of cuisine does Kenny Rogers Roasters serve in Singapore? 

Western is the type of cuisine served by Kenny Rogers Roasters in Singapore. 

Are there any special promotions or deals offered at Kenny Rogers Roasters in Singapore? 

Yes, Kenny Rogers Roasters in Singapore offers special promotions and deals where you can enjoy meals at more affordable prices. 

What are the popular dishes or menu items at Kenny Rogers Roasters in Singapore? 

Kenny’s Quarter Meal, Corn Muffin, and Kenny’s Grilled Chicken Chop Meal are some popular dishes at Kenny Rogers Roasters in Singapore. 

Is Kenny Rogers halal certified? 

Yes, Kenny Rogers is a halal-certified dining place in Singapore. 


The Kenny Rogers menu consists of dishes influenced by various cultures. It offers many dishes perfect for people from different walks of life, such as kids, adults, and vegetarians. The special twist, cooking method, and unique taste of its cuisine are the features that make it remarkable. It is best to stay updated on its official social media pages, so you will not miss exclusive and special promotions and discounts. 

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