Cedele Menu with Price

The Cedele menu is known for its special cakes and pastries. The other items that it serves are cookies, bread, pastries, meals, snacks, and kitchen essentials. It also provides gift boxes and bread bags that can be given as special presents for different kinds of events. There is also a special set of menus that are offered on special occasions to make it fun and unforgettable. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Cedele menu below.


Enthralling Cakes

Pink Lady Earl Grey Cake$68.00
Macadamia Praline Chocolate Cake$68.00
Vanilla Bean Strawberry Shortcake$68.00

Elegant Fresh Bakes

Strawberry Rosettes Chocolate Tart$72.00
Mum Favourite Bites$28.00
Mini Dessert Cups$38.00

High Tea & Hot Food

High Tea Set$68.00
Quiche Lorraine$58.00
Roasted Ratatouille Moussaka$46.00
Chicken Lasagna$41.00
Ultimate Potato Salad$36.00
Pesto Rigatoni Pasta Salad$35.00

Appetizer Ideas

Son-in-Law Eggs$12.00
Mini Mushroom Quiche$16.80
Tandoori & Mushroom Twist$35.00
Party Slider Box$21.00

Exquisite Bundles

Amazing Mum Bundle$138.00
Best Mum Party Bundle$168.00
Happy Mum Bundle$188.00
Supermum Party Bundle$200.00

Enticing Gift Sets

Sweet Embrace Hamper$106.00
Pamper Mum Hamper$118.00
Bundle of Grace Hamper$106.00
Elegant Mum Hamper$120.00
Everlasting Love Hamper$216.00

Exceptional Flowers

Melody Bouquet$50.00
Cherish Bloom$50.00
Sweet Galore Bouquet$60.00
Sunshine Bouquet$50.00

Artisanal Handmade Cookies

Shiok Lah! Bundles of 2$55.00
Shiok Lah! Bundles of 4$100.00
Pineapple Pocket Pie$29.00
Gula Melaka Marble$29.00
Prawn Otah Cookie$29.00
Kopi Gao Crunch$29.00
Raspberry Piah$29.00
Ondeh Ondeh$29.00

Signature Cookies

Coconut Gula Melaka Cake$52.00
Carrot Walnut Cake$68.00
Red Velvet Cake$68.00
Real Dark Chocolate Cake$49.00
Ondeh Ondeh Cake$52.00
Choc Banana Espresso Cake$68.00
Chocolate Matcha Cake$72.00
Eggless Chocolate Truffle$52.00
Lychee Rose Cake$68.00
Gula Melaka Pandan Cake$68.00
Blueberry Maple Cake$68.00
Black Forest Cake$68.00
Choc Cherry Financier Cake$72.00
Blue Pea Coconut Cake$72.00
Opera Crumble Cake$72.00
Pandan Crumble Cake$49.00
Mango Lassi Cake$52.00
Pure Matcha Cake$72.00
Strawberry Fields Cake$68.00
Caramel Sea Salt Tiramisu$72.00
Orange Apricot Cake$68.00


Vegan Cashew Coconut Crumble Cheesecake$55.00
Caramel Sea Salt Cheesecake$52.00
Strawberry New York Cheesecake$52.00
Blueberry Hazelnut Cheesecake$52.00
Chocolate Cookies & Cream Cheesecake$52.00
Yuzu Raspberry Cheesecake$52.00
Vegan Matcha Chocolate Cheesecake$52.00

Chocolate Cakes

Real Dark Chocolate Cake$49.00
Choc Banana Espresso Cake$68.00
Chocolate Matcha Cake$72.00
Eggless Chocolate Truffle$52.00
Choc Cherry Financier Cake$72.00
Chocolate Fudge Cake$72.00
Vegan Chocolate Cake$60.00

Matcha Cakes

Chocolate Matcha Cake$72.00
Vegan Matcha Chocolate Cheesecake$52.00
Pure Matcha Cake$72.00

Special Diet Cakes

Eggless Carrot Walnut Cake$72.00
Sugarless Carrot Walnut Cake$72.00
Eggless Chocolate Truffle$52.00
Vegan Matcha Chocolate Cheesecake$52.00
Vegan Chocolate Cake$60.00

Loaf Cakes

Lavender Lemon Bundt$48.00
Yuzu Cranberry Loaf Cake$19.00
Vanilla Sand Loaf Cake$19.00
Banana Walnut Loaf Cake$19.00
Chocolate Marble Loaf Cake$19.00
Almond Semolina Sugee Butter Cake$19.00
Pandan Gula Melaka Marble Cake$19.00
Keto-friendly Dark Chocolate Cake$25.00

Sponge Cakes

Pandan Ogura Cake 7"$36.00
Pandan Angel Cake 7"$39.00
Raspberry Victoria Sponge Cake 7"$36.00
Earl Grey Lemon Raspberry Sponge Cake 7"$39.00


Beetroot & Chocolate Chip Sourdough$8.90
Blue Pea Sourdough$8.90
Wholewheat Sourdough$7.90
Rye Sourdough$7.90
Turmeric Sourdough$8.90
Rustic Baguette$3.80
Plain Ciabatta$6.50
White Bloomer$6.50
Wholemeal Bloomer$6.90
Golden Pumpkin Bread$6.00
Wholemeal Walnut$6.90
Onion Olive Coriander Bread$6.50
Rustic Country White$6.00
Oat Bran$6.50
Brioche Loaf$6.50
Raisin Brioche$7.20
Cinnamon Swirl$6.50
Soft Milk Buns$6.60
Garlic Foccacia$6.90
Orange Cranberry Roll$2.00
Fruity Plait$6.90
Sesame Bagel - 4 Pcs Bundle$12.00
Spring Onion Bagel - 4 Pcs Bundle$12.00


Chocolate Pistachio Broissant (6pcs)$28.00
Butter Croissant$3.60
Almond Croissant$3.90
Chocolate Croissant$3.90
Raisin Cinnamon Danish$3.70
Cranberry Scone$3.20
Cheese Scallion Scone$3.20
Raspberry Almond Scone$3.80
Blueberry Almond Scone$3.80
Blueberry Crumble Muffin$3.80
2-Berry Muffin$3.80
Banana Walnut Muffin$3.80
Blueberry Almond Slice$4.50
Chocolate Belgian Marquise$4.50
Lemon Lust$4.50
Cherry Pistachio Slice$4.50
Apple Blueberry Crumble Tart$6.00
Strawberry Tartlet$6.00


Duo Cookie Box$22.00
Almond Biscotti Box$11.80
Almond Crunch Cookie Box$11.80
Chocolate Midnight Cookie Box$11.80
Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Box$11.80
Matcha Chocolate Shortbread Box$11.80
Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Box$11.80
Raspberry Thumbprint Cookie Box$11.80


Double Chocolate Cupcake$4.50
Lemon Cupcake$4.50
Red Velvet Earl Grey Cupcake$4.50


Dark Jamaican Rum Tiramisu$15.00

Pastry and Cake Boxes

Laksa Sausage Puff Bites$27.00
Fruit Tartlet$28.80
Fish Otak Puff Bites$27.00
Count On Me$30.00
I'll Be There$32.00
Stand By You$29.00
Assorted Scone Box$27.00
Cedele's Favourite Bites$28.00
Mini Pandan Ogura$20.00
Assorted Mini Pastries 12 Pcs$25.00
Assorted Mini Pastries 6 Pcs$13.80
Mini Muffin Box 6 Pcs$13.80
Mini Scone 6 Pcs$13.80
Assorted Danish Box$21.00
Sun-dried Tomato Sausage Rolls (4 pcs)$18.50
Assorted Muffin Box$30.00
Assorted Pastries Box$27.00
Assorted Slice Bars$12.00


Rosemary Chicken Sandwich$9.00
Ham & Cheese Sandwich$9.00
Pulled Beef Avocado Sandwich$10.00
Roasted Chicken Avocado Sandwich$10.00
Smoked Salmon Sandwich$10.00
Grilled Beetroot and Avocado Sandwich$10.00
Spinach Lentil Patty & Mushroom Sandwich$9.50
Tuna Salad Sandwich$9.00


Avocado & Egg with Pesto & Japanese Cucumber Bagel'wich$10.00
Grilled Mushrooms with Cheese & Caramelised Onion Bagel'wich$10.00
Mexican Pulled Beef with Cheese Bagel'wich$11.50
Morroccan Chicken with Cheese Bagel'wich$10.50
Smoked Salmon with Spinach Cream Cheese & Japanese Cucumber Bagel'wich$12.00

Grain/Rice Bowls

Braised Bulgogi Beef Grain Bowl$15.90
Braised Sesame Ginger Chicken Leg & Thigh Grain Bowl$14.90
Buddha Salad Bowl (Vegan)$13.90
Chermoula Chicken Fillet Grain Bowl$13.50
Chermoula Chicken Fillet Salad Bowl$14.80
Creole Chicken Salad Bowl$15.90
Gochujang Pulled Jack Grain Bowl (Vegan)$13.90
Grilled Cajun Chicken Leg & Thigh Grain Bowl$14.90
Grilled Cajun Chicken Leg & Thigh Salad Bowl$15.90
Grilled Chipotle Chicken Tinga Leg & Thigh Grain Bowl$14.90
Grilled Miso Ginger Salmon & Avocado Salad Bowl$17.90
Grilled Miso Ginger Salmon Grain Bowl$15.80
Orange-Glazed Grilled Tempeh Grain Bowl (Vegan)$12.80
Spiced Falafel & Avocado Salad Bowl (Vegan)$13.90
Grilled Chipotle Chicken Grain Bowl Platter (for 4 persons)$62.00
Spiced Falafel & Avocado Salad Platter (for 4 persons)$55.00

Hot Mains

Shepherd's Pie - Large (For Sharing)$41.00
Shepherd's Pie - Small (Serves 1)$12.00
Baked Salmon & Prawn Rice$41.00
Chicken Lasagna$41.00
Curry Chicken$34.00
Honey Mustard Roast Chicken$46.00
Lemon Baked Salmon$45.00
Meat Stuffed Bell Peppers$38.00
Moroccan Chicken Tagine$45.00
Grilled Sausage Platter$45.00
Red Wine Beef Stew$45.00
Slow-Roasted Porchetta$95.00
Chipotle & Honey Roasted Chicken$44.00


Greek Salad$38.00
Roast Chicken Caesar Salad$35.00
Pesto Rigatoni Pasta Salad$35.00
Quinoa Lentil Tofu Salad$38.00
Russet & Kumara Potato Sala$33.00


Mushroom Soup (460ml) - Daily$9.00
Truffled Mash Potato$36.00

Sharing Platters and Bundles

Summer Fruits Platter$21.00
All For You$115.00
Better Together$108.00
Don't Worry Be Happy$138.00
More Than Words$108.00
All-Nourishing Bundle$110.00
Everyday Staples Bundle$110.00
Hearty Essential Bundle$108.00
Upwell Bundle$100.00
Hello Summer Bundle$104.00
Walking on Sunshine Bundle$105.00
Chillax Tea Platter$75.00
Good Morning Platter$69.00
Good To Go Platter$69.00
Happy Sunshine Platter$80.00
Sunshine Boulevard Platter$72.00

Mixed Savouries & Sweets Boxes

Feeling Fine Bagel'wich Box$19.80
Get Lucky Shepherd's Pie Box$22.00
Good Times Bagel'wich Box$17.80
Happier Now Shepherd's Pie Box$21.00
Hearty Meal Box$16.80
Awesome Box$15.80
Croissant & Cupcake Box$28.00
Croissant & Sweet Box$23.00
Picnic Box$19.80
Mini Croissant Sandwich Box$25.00
Savoury Croissant Box$30.00
Assorted Mini Savoury Tartlets$30.00
Sliders Box - 6pcs$21.00
DIY Bagel Box$58.00

Gift Boxes

I Will Be Here$35.00
I've Got Your Back$86.00
In This Together$64.00
So Proud Of You$55.00
Stronger Together$32.00
You Made My Day$55.00
DIY Overnight Oats Box$32.00
Cedele Cold Brew Coffee Fun Box$33.00

Bread Bags

Bread & Jam Bag$26.00
Bread, Croissant & Jam Bag$35.00


Coffee / Tea to go$35.00
Cedele 100% Pure Orange Juice$3.90
Cedele Cranberry Apple Juice$3.90
Cedele Healing Green Juice - Cold Pressed$6.00
Cedele Cold Brew Black x 2$13.00
Cedele Cold Brew Black x 4$24.00
Cedele Alkaline Water$1.90
Astri Herbal 33$8.00
Ashta Berries 8$8.00
Dash Sparkling Water - Cucumbers$3.80
Dash Sparkling Water - Peach$3.80
Dash Sparkling Water - Raspberries$3.80
Remedy Apple Crisp Kombucha$6.90
Remedy Ginger Lemon Kombucha$6.90
Gusto Organic Real Cola$5.40
Gusto Organic Sicilian Blood Orange$5.40
Cedele Ginger Tea$8.00
Cedele Lemongrass Tea$8.00
Cedele Red Rooibos Tea$8.00
Cedele Green Rooibos Tea$8.00
Spa Foods Blue Pea Flower with Manuka Honey Tea Bag$23.00
Aged Ginger Tea with Manuka Honey$22.00
Spa Foods Longan & Red Date (with Ginger) Teabag$22.00
Spa Foods Aged Ginger Tea$22.00

Kitchen Essentials

Cedele Almond Nut Butter$11.20
Cedele Cashew & Coconut Nut Butter$11.20
Cedele Hazelnut Nut Butter$11.20
Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter (375g) - Smooth$9.95
Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter (375g) - Super Crunchy$9.95
Cedele Very Strawberry Jam$10.90
Cedele Blueberry Jam$10.90
Cedele Black Fig Jam$10.90
England Preserves Strawberry Days Jam$12.00
England Preserves Raspberry Deluxe Jam$12.00
Cedele White Quinoa$7.80
Cedele Whole Rolled Oats$3.00
Cedele Organic Unrefined Sugar$3.25
Cedele Pumpkin Seeds$5.80
Cedele Raw Almond Nuts$7.80
Cedele Sunflower Seeds$3.90
Cedele Linseed (Flaxseed)$3.80
Cedele Black Chia Seeds$6.80
Cedele Walnuts (Diced)$7.80
Full Green Tomato Cauli Rice$6.40
Full Green Cauliflower Rice$6.40


Cedele Mixed Seeds Clusters$3.90
Cedele Sun-dried Apricots$3.90
Cedele Natural Paleo Mix$5.90
Cedele Granola & Whole Almond$4.00
Forest Feast Belgian Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts$10.90
Forest Feast Cookies and Cream Almonds$10.90
Forest Feast Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds$10.90
Forest Feast Slow Roasted Peanuts and Almonds with Serrano Chilli and Honey$7.90
Love Cocoa Maldon Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 20g$3.90
Love Cocoa Salted Almonds Dark Chocolate 20g$3.90
Love Cocoa Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate 20g$3.90
H!P Salty Pretzels Oat M!lk Chocolate 70g$7.50
H!P Original Oat M!lk Chocolate 70g$7.50
Tyrrells Lightly Sea Salted Crisps$2.60
Tyrrells Sea Salt & Black Pepper Crisps$2.60
Tyrrells Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper Crisps$2.60
Uncle Sabas Poppadoms Original$2.20
Uncle Sabas Poppadoms Sweet Chili$2.20
Uncle Sabas Poppadoms Tomato$2.20
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About Cedele 

Cedele (pronounced as “suh-deli”) is an artisanal food and beverage chain in Singapore founded by Ms. Yeap Cheng Guat in the year 1997. The honest-to-goodness food of this restaurant showcases its “Eat Well and Be Well” philosophy. The specialties of this restaurant are its hand-crafted cakes, bread, and pastries that are made using high-quality ingredients

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Cedele Menu Best Seller 

Cedele serves classic and modern baked goods that are well-loved by its customers. These are the best sellers of Cedele that continuously captivates the taste of its patrons from different generations. 

Carrot Walnut Cake – The signature and all-time best-selling cake that has a light cinnamon fragrance.  It is made up of carrot shreds that are finished with yummy cream cheese frosting and toasted walnuts. This splendid and moistly-textures carrot cake will make you love it at first bite. 

Eggless Chocolate Truffle – This menu from Cedele has been the best choice for chocolate lovers and vegetarians as it does not contain eggs and is made with 70% Belgian couverture chocolate. With this cake, you will be able to enjoy the luscious flavor of chocolate without feeling guilty. Its unwavering taste and quality make it in the list of top ten cakes in Singapore by The Straits Times in 2005. 

Blueberry Hazelnut CheesecakeCheesecake is one of the cakes that is loved by people of all ages. The rich cream cheese and crumbled crust base are topped with tart blueberries and chopped hazelnuts. Its nutty and soft texture as well as its delicious flavor are the features of this cake that impress the crowd.  

Blueberry maple cake
Photo Credits: Cedele Facebook Page

Wholewheat Sourdough – Wholewheat Sourdough is a classic creation and the pride of Cedele. Homemade yeast sourdough is leavened overnight so that it will slowly rise which gives this bread an enjoyable crunch, a distinctive tangy taste, and a perfectly balanced flavor and texture. 

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Pineapple Pocket Pie – One of the all-time favorites of Cedele’s customers loved for its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Enjoy this artisanal handmade pie that will make you say the word “shiok lah.” This yearly best seller of Cedele consists of buttery pastry that has a lightly sweetened pineapple in the center. 

Pineapple Pocket pie
Photo Credits: Cedele Facebook Page

Cedele Menu Shiok Lah Cookies

Shiok Lah is a Singaporean exclamation word that refers to something good, delicious, or pleasurable. These Shiok Lah Cookies of Cedele are their patrons’ classic favorites as they are handmade using quality and the finest ingredients. 

Prawn Otah Cookie – A special cookie that was created by Cedele to celebrate the rich culture of Peranakan. It is first introduced during the Food Festival in Singapore in the year 2020. This local favorite delicacy is filled with a perfect blend of nyonya spices, chili, kaffir lime leaf, shallots, and lemongrass. Dried prawns, almond flakes, and coconut milk are added to it which gives this bite-size cookie a crunchy texture and unique flavor. 

Assorted Handmade cookies
Photo Credits: Cedele Facebook Page

Raspberry PiahRaspberry jam filled the center hole of this cookie. Its sweetness matches perfectly with the buttery and aromatic almond cookie and organic unrefined sugar. This light, savory, and fluffy snack is a perfect food that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

Kopi Gao Crunch – For those who love coffee-flavored cookies, this Kopi Gao Crunch is the perfect one. It is made up of espresso that will energize you throughout the day. The heartwarming fragrance of espresso and the crunchiness of cookie makes it one of the most-sought snacks. 

Cedele Menu Whole Cakes 

The whole cakes served by Cedele are perfect for different kinds of celebrations. It serves cheesecakes, chocolate, matcha, special diet, loaf, and sponge cakes. These cakes have a distinctive taste as they are hand-crafted and made fresh every day. 

Red Velvet Cake – This red velvet cake is moist and not too sweet making it a great option for those who are not into sweets. The red vegetable juice gives this cake a natural red color and the hint of chocolate makes it extra delicious. Its light vanilla cream cheese frosting makes it look elegant. 

Ondeh Ondeh Cake – Layered with shredded coconut and gula melaka filling, finished off with pandan frosting, and topped with desiccated coconut, this cake brings out a sweet and pleasurable flavor. It is a great snack that is best paired with coffee or tea. 

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Vegan Cashew Coconut Crumble Cheesecake – A mouthwatering cheesecake that is vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. The unrefined palm sugar brings out a butterscotch flavor and the layer of premium cashews produces a crunchy texture. Its gluten-free crust consists of toasted coconut and ground almond and is garnished with toasted coconut crumble.   


Its menu of Cedele offers a wide variety of bread to serve its customers with different preferences. Their passionate bakers prepared these bread using traditional recipes with a contemporary twist to serve their patrons that come from different generations.  

Beetroot & Chocolate Chip Sourdough – The special 26-year-old sourdough starter of Cedele is used to leaven this bread naturally. This crimson wholewheat loaf is made with fresh beetroot and dark chocolate chips. It is chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  

Rustic Baguette – Enjoy this classic bread where sugar and egg are deliciously combined. It is prepared using a long fermentation process that gives it a deep nutty flavor. Pair it with a savory or sweet spread to enhance its flavor. 

Rustic baguette
Photo Credits: Cedele Facebook Page

Golden Pumpkin Bread – Go for something sugar-free and eggless bread with this Golden Pumpkin Bread. Pumpkin adds sweetness and the pumpkin seeds create a nutty crunch. Butter is the best spread for this bread as it goes well with its flavor and texture. 

Pastries and Cookies

The nostalgic pastries and cookies of Cedele stand out from others as they are handmade using organic refined sugar. These baked goods are inspired by local influences, French-style pastries, and American flavors. Fresh ingredients are directly sourced from local suppliers and farmers to serve flavorsome treats. Aside from pastries and cookies, it also serves cupcakes and donuts that are great for snacks. These goods are also available in boxes which makes them good for a great gift.  


Make your mealtime enjoyable and turn it into a simple yet memorable celebration with meals offered by Cedele. It serves exciting and nostalgic sandwiches and bagelwich, healthy and filling grains/rice bowls, hot and appetizing main dishes, and nutritious salad. The side dishes that you can combine with your meal are Mushroom Soup, Truffled Mash Potato, and Frittata. It also provides sharing platters and bundles for those who are having a meal with their loved ones. Whether you are dining solo or in groups, these meals of Cedele will surely give you a satisfying dining experience. 

Ultimate Potato salad
Photo Credits: Cedele Facebook Page

Cedele Menu Delivery 

Indulge in the mouthwatering assortment of baked goods and delicious cuisine available at Cedele, ready to be enjoyed either at their cozy dining spaces or in the comfort of your own home through delivery. Simply visit their user-friendly website at https://www.cedele.com or conveniently place your orders via popular delivery platforms like GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo. Treat yourself to an enticing selection of delectable treats, ranging from delightful pastries to savory dishes, all delivered right to your doorstep. With Cedele, you can savor a delightful dining experience without the need to venture far.

Social Media Pages

Looking for a healthier dining option? Look no further than Cedele Singapore! Follow their social media pages for updates on their delicious and nutritious menu options, as well as special deals and promotions. Don’t miss out on the chance to savor their wholesome food and baked goods – both in their restaurant and at home!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cedelesingapore

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cedelesingapore/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@cedelesingapore


Are the cakes at Cedele Singapore gluten-free? 

The cakes at Cedele Singapore are not all gluten-free. One of the gluten-free cakes that it offers is the Vegan Cashew Coconut Crumble Cheesecake. 

Are the cakes at Cedele Singapore expensive? 

The cakes at Cedele Singapore are a little bit expensive but their taste and quality are worth their price as they are hand-crafted using fresh and top-notch ingredients. 

What other baked goods does Cedele Singapore offer besides cakes? 

Aside from cakes, the other baked goods that Cedele Singapore offer are cookies, bread, cupcakes, and donuts.

Does Cedele Singapore have any seasonal cake offerings? 

Yes, Cedele Singapore offers seasonal cakes that are exclusive for special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. 

Is Cedele halal?

While it’s unfortunate that Cedele does not have halal certification, they do offer some menu options that do not contain pork. This means that these specific dishes are safe for Muslims to consume. Although the overall certification may be lacking, it’s reassuring to know that there are choices available for those adhering to halal dietary restrictions.


Baked goods are the highlight of the Cedele menu. These goods are the perfect gifts that you can give to your loved ones as these items are made with love and passion. It is the best place where you celebrate special moments as it serves main dishes and delicious treats that every member of the group will surely enjoy.  

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