Beef Bro Menu with Price

The Beef Bro menu consists of meals with modern Asian-Western fusion. It serves Rice Bowls, Pasta, Sandwiches, Beef Cubes, Chicken Cubes, Boston Lobster, Side Dishes, Seafood Buckets, Sauces, and Drinks. It also offers saver bundles that include two or more meals perfect for solo or sharing. This restaurant also offers burgers and uses Ramly products such as Chicken, Beef, Prawn, and Fish. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Beef Bro menu below.


Limited Time Only

Beef Ball Rendang & Toast $10.90
Nasi Goreng Tokyo $11.50
*Add On: Short Ribs Beef Cubes $2.00

Beef Bro x Ramly

Ayam, Chicken $5.00
*Add On: Ayam, Chicken (3 Burgers)$8.00
Lembu, Beef $6.00
*Add On: Lembu, Beef (3 Burgers)$9.00
Ikan, Fish $6.00
*Add On: Ikan, Fish (3 Burgers)$9.00
Burger Sambal Udang $6.00
*Add On: Burger Sambal Udang (3 Burgers)$10.00
Ramly Feast $58.00
Hearty Feast $68.00

Save Bundles

Chicken Twin Meal $22.00
Shortribs Beef Twin Meal $26.00
Chicken Family Lunch Meal $40.00
Shortribs Beef Family Meal $48.00
Sandwich For 2 $18.00
Shortribs Joy Platter For 2 (Bite-Size)$43.00
Shortribs Joy Platter For 5 (Bite-Size)$63.00
Super Single Ramly $11.50
Super Single Short Ribs $16.50
Super Single Wagyu $22.50

Rice Bowl

Beef Cubes Rice Bowl $14.90
*Add On: Wagyu Beef Cubes $13.00
Salmon Steak Rice Bowl $12.90
Chicken Cubes Rice Bowl $12.90
Seafood Rice Bowl $12.90
1/2 Boston Lobster Rice Bowl $20.90
Beef Steak Rice Bowl $15.90
*Add On: Wagyu Steak $13.00


Beef Cubes Aglio Olio$14.90
Chicken Cubes Aglio Olio $12.90
Seafood Aglio Olio $12.90
Salmon Steak Aglio Olio $12.90
1/2 Boston Lobster Aglio Olio $20.90
Chicken Cubes Arrabbiata $12.90
Beef Cubes Arrabbiata $14.90
*Add On: Wagyu Beef Cubes $13.00
Seafood Arrabbiata $12.90
Salmon Steak Arrabiata $12.90
1/2 Boston Lobster Arrabiata $20.90
Beef Steak Arrabiata $16.90
*Add On: Wagyu $12.00
*Add On: Angus Ribeye $12.00
*Add On: Aglio Olio $3.00
Beef Balls Arrabiata $14.90


Shortribs Beef Sandwich $12.60
Wagyu Beef Sandwich $25.60
Chicken Sandwich $11.60
Salmon Sandwich $11.60
Cheesy Mentaiko Chicken Hotdog Bun $7.50

Signature Grills Beef Cubes Regular

Salt & Pepper Shortribs Beef Cubes $17.50
Mentaiko Shortribs Beef Cubes $19.50
Cheesy Shortribs Beef Cubes $19.50
Cheesy Mentaiko Shortribs Beef Cubes $22.50
Mala Shortribs Beef Cubes $21.50
Truffle Shortribs Beef Cubes $22.50
Garlic Butter Shortribs Beef Cubes $20.50
Teriyaki Shortribs Beef Cubes$20.50
Salt & Pepper Wagyu Beef Cubes $30.60
Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Cubes $34.60
Cheesy Wagyu Beef Cubes $34.60
Cheesy Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Cubes $35.60
Mala Wagyu Beef Cubes $34.60
Truffle Wagyu Beef Cubes $35.60
Garlic Butter Wagyu Beef Cubes $34.60
Teriyaki Wagyu Beef Cubes$34.60

Signature Grills Chicken Cubes Regular

Salt & Pepper Chicken Cubes $13.50
Mentaiko Chicken Cubes $15.50
Cheesy Chicken Cubes $15.50
Cheesy Mentaiko Chicken Cubes $17.50
Mala Chicken Cubes $15.50
Truffle Chicken Cubes $17.50
Garlic Butter Chicken Cubes $15.50
Teriyaki Chicken Cubes$15.50

Signature Grills Whole Boston Lobster

Salt & Pepper Whole Boston Lobster $26.60
Mentaiko Whole Boston Lobster$30.60
Cheesy Whole Boston Lobster$30.60
Cheesy Mentaiko Whole Boston Lobster$35.60
Mala Whole Boston Lobster$30.60
Truffle Whole Boston Lobster$35.60
Garlic Whole Boston Lobster$30.60
Teriyaki Whole Boston Lobster$30.60

Add Ons for Signature Grills

Edamame Seeds $3.00
Garlic Butter Prawns (5)$7.00
Shortribs Beef Cubes (80G)$8.00
Scrambled Eggs $4.00
Sweet Corn $3.00
Sauteed Mushrooms $4.00
Chicken Cubes (80G)$7.00

Sides n Bites

Mozarella Cheese Sticks $8.90
Mentaiko Hokkaido Scallops$7.90
Onion Rings $6.90
Truffle Fries $6.90
Mentaiko Fries $6.90
Mala Fries $6.90
Black Pepper Fries $6.90
Hot Wings $8.90
Truffle Mash Potatoes $5.20
Beef Balls N Truffle Mash Potatoes $12.90

Seafood Bucket

Surf n Turf Bucket $88.00


Signature Sambal Belacan $1.20
Mentaiko Sauce $2.90

Add Ons

Mozarella Cheese $3.00


Lychee Soda $3.50
Strawberry Soda $3.50
Asam Jawa (Tamarind)$3.50
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About Beef Bro 

Beef Bro is a restaurant in Singapore that has an authentic Taiwanese concept. The Blowtorched beef cubes are the specialty dish of this restaurant. It is also recognized as the pioneer in creating Mentaiko Beef Cubes, famous for its juiciness, tenderness, and savory flavor. Its lively ambiance complements well with its dishes, making the dining experience enjoyable. 

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Beef Bro Menu Best Seller 

Beef Bro is well-known for its extraordinary beef cubes, as this is its pioneer product. Here are some of this restaurant’s beef cubes flavors and dishes that are loved for their authentic and distinctive taste. 

Mentaiko Shortribs Beef Cubes – Beef Bro is known as the first restaurant that created Mentaiko Beef Cubes. This is the most popular dish of Beef Bro made with short ribs, beef cubes garnished with mentaiko sauce, and sesame seeds. The umami with the kick flavor profile of its sauce makes every bite satisfying.

Mala Shortribs Beef Cubes – Spice up your meal with these beef cubes garnished with mala seasoning. It is made from Sichuan peppercorn, chili, and other special spices. This dish’s spicy flavor complements the texture of beef cubes. 

Mala shortribs beef cubes
Photo Credits: Beef Bro SG Facebook Page

Garlic Butter Shortribs Beef Cubes – The garlic butter sauce, herbs, and sesame seeds are drizzled on beef cubes. It gives this dish a rich, creamy, and savory flavor that impresses its patrons and encourages them to return for more. 

Cheesy Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Cubes – Wagyu is a quality beef the crowd loves for its tenderness and distinctive flavor. These wagyu beef cubes are topped with cheese and mentaiko sauce making them creamy and heartwarming. 

Beef Cubes Rice Bowl – This Beef Bro menu is a hearty and filling meal composed of steamed white rice, short ribs, beef cubes, sweet corn, scrambled eggs, and edamame seeds. This beef cubes rice bowl is one of the most sought dishes as its patrons love the flavorsome combination of rice, signature beef cubes, and other ingredients. 

Beef Cubes rice bowl
Photo Credits: Beef Bro SG Facebook Page

Beef Bro x Ramly Menu

Beef Bro serves Ramly Burger, a famous Malaysian Burger that has a delicious taste. It turns a simple burger to a new level by incorporating a unique cooking technique that makes every bite flavorful. 

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Lembu, Beef – Ramly’s Lembu beef patty and special sauce are wrapped in a fried egg. This Malaysian burger is notable for its unique twist as an egg is cracked onto the patty’s surface and wrapped inside it. This technique keeps the toppings, sauces, and beef juice from escaping making it flavorful. 

Lembu burger
Photo Credits: Beef Bro SG Facebook Page

Burger Sambal Udang – It is a heartwarming burger made with a layer of Ramly prawn patty, sweet and spicy sambal sauce with prawn bits, and sunny-side-up eggs. The gooey egg yolk, sambal sauce, and prawn patty create a wonderful fusion giving its diners a one-of-a-kind burger experience

Ramly Feast – Make your dining experience with your loved ones extra special with this Ramly feast. It consists of five Ramly Burgers (chicken/beef), one plate of mentaiko beef cubes, and one plate of mala fries. 

Beef Bro Menu Saver Bundles 

Saver Bundles is the best option for those who want a set meal and those dining with their loved ones. With these bundles, you will enjoy different meal combinations at an affordable price. 

Shortribs Beef Twin Meal – Shortribs beef cubes rice bowl is one of the meals served in this twin meal. It is paired with beef cubes and aglio olio pasta with a yummy flavor. This satisfying meal is served with the restaurant’s special beef cubes. 

Chicken Family Lunch Meal – A perfect meal if you are dining with your family or loved ones. Two chicken rice bowls and two chicken plates of pasta are served in this meal. Every family member will surely love this combination as it has a delicious taste, perfect for people of all ages.

Sandwich for 2 – A sandwich is one of the famous snacks as it is filling and convenient to eat. This sandwich-saver bundle consists of one beef sandwich and one chicken sandwich. The sandwich is filled with beef or chicken cubes and topped with mouthwatering mentaiko sauce. 

Rice Bowls 

This menu of Beef Bro comes with white rice, edamame seeds, eggs, cabbage, and sweet corn. The special dishes it serves with these rice bowls are Beef Cubes, Salmon Steak, Chicken Cubes, Seafood, Boston Lobster, and Beef Steak. 

Salmon Steak Rice Bowl – Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has a rich flavor making it one of the favorite dishes of its customers. This salmon steak of Beef Bro is drizzled with sesame seeds for an additional flavor. 

Seafood Rice Bowl – Taste the fresh flavors of the sea with this seafood rice bowl that consists of prawn, squid, and other side dishes. The flavors and textures of the dishes that come with it go well together making this dish satisfying. 

½ Boston Lobster Rice Bowl – Boston lobsters are one of the best-tasting seafood loved by the crowd. Its vibrant orange color makes it appetizing and pleasing to the eyes. Add mentaiko sauce or mozzarella cheese to add flavor to the lobster

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Signature Grills Beef Cubes Regular 

Beef cubes are the specialty of Beef Bro restaurant. It consists of short ribs and wagyu beef cubes. The flavors of these beef cubes are salt and pepper, mentaiko, cheese, cheesy mentaiko, mala, truffle, garlic butter, and teriyaki. These signature grilled beef cubes are the dishes in this restaurant that you should not miss out on, as they are packed with extraordinary flavors. 

Signature Grills Whole Boston Lobster 

The whole Boston lobster of this restaurant comes in different flavors such as teriyaki, garlic butter, truffle, mala, salt & pepper, cheesy mentaiko, cheese, and mentaiko. These savory grilled lobsters are also drizzled with fine herbs and sesame seeds. Customers can add mentaiko sauce, mozzarella cheese, sambal chili, and other side dishes to make it more filling and flavorsome. 

Grilled Boston Lobster
Photo Credits: Beef Bro SG Facebook Page

Beef Bro Menu Delivery 

You can now order the tasty dishes of Beef Bro from FoodPanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo, and They will bring it to your doorstep, so you don’t have to go out. You can satisfy your cravings for their yummy beef bowls and other beef dishes from the comfort of your own home. Don’t wait, place your order today and enjoy the delicious beef dishes from Beef Bro.

Talk to Beef Bro SG Staff

Craving delicious beef dishes? Head to Beef Bro and follow their social media pages to stay updated on their latest offerings and promotions. Don’t forget to message their page for more information about their menu and dining experience.





What kind of beef dishes does Beef Bro serve? 

The kinds of beef dishes that Beef Bro serves are grilled beef cubes, balls, steaks, and sandwiches. 

Does Beef Bro Singapore offer delivery services? 

Yes, Beef Bro offers delivery services through online delivery platforms such as, Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and Grabfood. 

Does Beef Bro Singapore have any vegetarian options? 

Beef Bro Singapore only serves beef dishes and doesn’t have any vegetarian options on its menu.

Is Beef Bro halal-certified? 

Beef Bro Singapore offers a halal-certified dining experience where you can savor the delectable and flavorful beef dishes without any concerns about religious or dietary restrictions. Their signature beef bowls and other beef dishes are prepared using only high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all. If you’re on the lookout for a restaurant that offers halal-certified, top-notch beef dishes, Beef Bro Singapore is the perfect destination for you.


The Beef Bro menu consists of various dishes suitable for people from different walks of life. Its Mentaiko Beef Cubes is one of the signature grilled dishes of this restaurant that you should not miss out on as it has an authentic and distinctive taste. With its extensive menu, you will be able to combine dishes that will satisfy your cravings. 

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