Beauty in the Pot Menu with Price

A time traveler from the future brought its knowledge and beauty into a single bowl of pipin’ hot soup – named this dish “Beauty in the Pot”. Drizzled with nutritious herbs and spices which were harvested naturally at the heart of the rainforest. A combination of aesthetics, nutrition, compassion, and love are mixed together and bring a beautiful outcome – a nutritious bowl of beauty in the pot.

Looking for a comfy, low-cost, and aesthetically beautiful restaurant? Then the Beauty in the Pot menu got your back! Be bewildered by the innumerable menu that can be served here at Beauty in the Pot. Choose your own fresh mushroom, noodles, and a lot more soup base that you can surely enjoy!

Have fun while eating and jam-packed your Instagram with a black-pink feed! The interior design here at Beauty in the Pot is certainly burlesque and if you missed a single picture here at Beauty in the pot, then your experience would be half-filled. However, you can just enjoy your meal without taking a picture of it! Just chill and relaxed while you sipped a spoonful of delight and glee.

Beauty in the Pot Menu Price List [Updated]

You can find the updated pricing information for the Beauty in the Pot food items below.


Assorted Platter

Assorted Ball Platter$14.32
Assorted Beef & Pork Platter$59.74
Assorted Beef Platter$56.65
Assorted Dumpling Platter$14.32
Assorted Mushroom Platter$19.47
Assorted Paste Platter$28.63
Assorted Pork Platter$39.14
Assorted Seafood Luxury Platter$121.54
Assorted Seafood Platter$71.89
Boston Lobster Seafood Mixed Platter$173.04
Specialty Meat Platter$41.10


Beancurd Skin Tripe$4.02
Dried Beancurd Stick$3.40
Firm Tofu$2.27
Fried Beancurd Skin$5.77
Iced Tofu$3.30
Silken Tofu$2.37

Beef & Mutton

Ox’s Tongue$10.09
Sliced Lamb$10.09
Sliced US Beef$11.33
Tender Sliced Beef$11.33
US Angus Prime Short Ribs$16.48
US Marbled Beef Cubes$15.45
US Wagyu Beef$26.78


Chilled Luo Han Guo$1.85
Chilled Sour Plum Drink$1.85
Coke (can)$3.40
Coke Zero (can)$3.40
Fruit Tree Apple Juice$3.92
Heaven & Earth Ayataka Green Tea (can)$3.40
Sprite (can)$3.40
Tiger Beer$9.27


Cheesy Chicken Sausage$7.62
Chinese Wine Kampong Chicken$14.83
Crunchy Gourmet Chicken Sausage$7.62


Beauty Sesame Dip$2.99
Chilli Oil$1.55
Chilli Padi$1.24
Chinese Chives Sauce$2.99
Crispy Garlic Spicy Dip$2.99
Crispy Soybeans$1.24
Fragrant Spicy Sauce$2.99
Fried Garlic$2.99
Garlic Oil$1.55
Garlic Vinegar Dip$2.99
Ground Peanuts$1.55
Minced Garlic$1.24
Mushroom Sauce$2.99
Peanut Sesame Dip$2.99
Preserved Vegetables$1.24
Red Fermented Beancurd$1.96
Sesame Oil$1.55
Sesame Peanut Sauce$1.96
Sha Cha Sauce$4.02
Spicy Minced Beef Sauce$4.02
Spring Onion$1.24
Supreme Soya Sauce$1.55
Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce$1.55
Thai Lime Chilli Sauce$1.55


Pork and Chives Dumpling$5.36
Pork Roll Dumplings$4.12
Prawn Dumpling$8.03
Prawn Roll Dumpling$5.97

Handmade Balls

Beef Ball$5.97
Black Pepper Pork Meat Ball$5.56
Cheesy Chicken Ball$6.18
Soft Bone Pork Meat Ball$5.97
Squid Ball$7.00
Teochew Style Fish Ball$5.56


Abalone Mushroom$3.91
Black Fungus$3.91
Cordyceps Flower$6.18
Drumstick Mushroom$4.12
Enoki Mushroom$4.33
Fresh Mushroom$4.43
Morel Ear Mushrooms$8.24
Snow Fungus$3.30
White and Hon Shimeji$4.64


Crispy Luncheon Meat$4.63
Luncheon Meat$4.12
Nagano Pork Belly$12.15
Nagano Pork Collar$11.12
Pig’s Intestine$5.56
Pig’s Kidney$6.59
Pork Jowl$8.65
Sliced Pork$7.21
Sliced Pork Belly$9.06
Sliced Pork Collar$7.62
Sliced Spanish Pork Collar$10.71
Spicy Sliced Pork$7.21
Tender US Kurobuta Pork$12.15
US Kurobuta Pork$12.15

Ready to Eat Individual Poached Rice Set

Collagen Broth Poached Rice (Beef)$24.51
Collagen Broth Poached Rice (Pork)$19.36
Collagen Broth Poached Rice (Seafood)$21.42

Rice & Noodle

Fragrant White Rice$1.13
Glass Noodles$3.40
Handmade Udon Noodles$3.91
La Mian (Per Portion)$3.09
Potato Thin Vermicelli$3.91
Potato Wide Vermicelli$3.91
Rice Cake$3.91


Red Garoupa$29.66
Sliced Toman Fish$9.68
Drunken Tiger Prawn$14.21
Fresh Red Leg Sea Prawns$14.83
Fresh White Sea Prawns$12.77
Green Mussels$8.65
Fresh Scallops$12.36
Baby Octopus$8.65
Fresh Octopus Tentacles$8.65
Japanese Crab Stick$5.56
Alaskan Crab Stick$7.42
Red Clams$11.74

Set Menu

4 Pax Set$90.65
6 Pax Set$131.85
8 Pax Set$193.65

Specialty Homemade Paste

Century Egg Fish Paste$11.85
Dried Scallop Fish Paste$14.32
Ebiko Prawn Paste$19.47
Fish Paste$10.81
Otak-otak Fish Paste$11.85
Pork Paste$13.29

Takeaway Individual Noodle Set

[Frozen] Assorted Pork Noodle Set$17.30
[Frozen] Beef Noodle Set$21.42
[Frozen] Dumpling & Handmade Ball Noodle Set$19.36
[Frozen] Seafood Noodle Set$26.57
[Ready to Eat] Assorted Pork Noodle Set$17.30
[Ready to Eat] Beef Noodle Set$21.42
[Ready to Eat] Dumpling & Handmade Ball Noodle Set$19.36
[Ready to Eat] Seafood Noodle Set$26.57


Baby Bamboo Shoot$6.59
Baby Chinese Spinach$4.12
Baby Corn$2.58
Baby Lady’s Finger$4.12
Bamboo Shoot$4.33
Chinese Cabbage$4.12
Fresh Water Bamboo Shoot$6.59
Golden Taro$4.02
Pearl Sweet Corn$4.53
Sliced Lotus Root$3.60
Sliced Potato$2.37
Sliced Winter Melon$2.37
Tang O$4.53
White Radish$3.09
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About Beauty in the Pot

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present to you the most innovative soup crafted with care, the most nutritious soup we can ever have, and the first collagen-based soup! I would like to introduce to you, Beauty in the Pot!

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Beauty in the Pot promised not just to give a hot yummy bowl but also promised to give the most nutritious and heart-warming soup that we can ever have. In addition, they don’t just serve beautiful bowls but they can also offer us a great fine dining feel with the concept of Yin and Yang.

To give you background, this Chinese philosophical concept portrays interrelated opposing energies and is now termed, Yin and Yang. Beauty in the Pot didn’t just harness the concept of Yin and Yang but they literally applied it to their dining as the restaurant’s ambiance radiates dark and natural light.

To have more knowing what to eat and what to buy at Beauty in the Pot, then the succeeding lines will guide you on how you would maximize your stay here at Beauty in the Pot Singapore.

Beauty in the Pot Menu Best Soup

A divine, ultimate and Godly experience can be felt with the culinary finesse that the Beauty in the Pot menu offers. Just like any other restaurant that has best-seller meals, of course, this evangelistic restaurant also provides the best of the best soup base.

Photo Credit: Paradise Group FB Page

The idea of putting natural collagen into a soup is maybe an idea that requires hard thinking. A lot of us would ask, what would it taste like? Is it sour? Sweet? Bitter? Hmmm. We may question its existence but yes, this collagen soup definitely exists.

With the innovation, creativity, and passion of the chefs at Beauty in the Pot, they manage to successfully release their own collagen-based soup which can only be enjoyed for as low as $19.36 only!

The eight hours of hard work chefs put into action as they boiled this soup carefully. As they freshly prepare this soup every day, meticulous attention is devoted in order to maintaining the divine quality of collagen soup. So if you like to find your best soup with nutritious contents, then visiting Beauty in the Pot is your best asylum.

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Beauty in the Pot Menu Best Seller

Lost which soup suits your taste? Then as your food guru, I would be the one to give you choices of which meal is best for your current emotion!

Beauty Collagen Broth – Of course, who would be on top of the list? Definitely the most precious collagen soup! You can choose your own meat which you can devour with this soup, it can be pork, beef, or even fresh seafood. Note that price may vary which solely depends on the meat that you chose.

Spicy Nourishing Broth (Pork bone soup) – Savior the garden-fresh herbs and spices which were added in this Beauty in the Pot menu bowl of ambrosial soup in combination with green and red chilies. This pork bone soup is simmered for hours and the restaurant can and will always assure you that ginseng, wolfberries, red dates, and a lot more can not only give nourishment but also happiness.

Vitamin C Tomato Sweet Corn Broth – We may be familiar with the effects of Vitamin C in our body as it provides bone growth, and tissue repair and serves as an additional barrier for invaders just like bacteria and viruses. Embracing the power that this vitamin can offer, Beauty in the Pot used this opportunity and mixed the vitamin C in a single bowl of enchantment. 

Beauty in the Pot Best Soup Base

The specialties of Beauty in the Pot don’t stop with a single innovation of collagen. As the restaurant learn more about vitamins and minerals that can naturally extract from the forest, Beauty in the Pot maximized its utility and bring life to a wide variation of soups. To know what are the best soup base that the restaurant can offer, the below would be a perfect list for you.

Photo Credit: Beauty in the Pot FB Page

Cooling Coconut Broth – The fruit of the tree of life give refreshments to the heart of young, adults, and even pediatrics. Savor this soup which contains ingredients such as spare ribs, chicken, chicken feet, and snow fungus. The Beauty in the Pot said that it isn’t just any other soup but a soup that can give nourishment to the lungs and can improve our overall immune system.

Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth – The secret behind this tasty Beauty in the Pot menu is hidden in the cooking process. As the chef cooks Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth, tight surveillance is a must. Simmering this soup with slow-fire over two hours of cooking is the sole secret of Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth.

Longevity Wild Pine Mushroom Broth (Vegetarian) – Calling all the vegetarians out there! Enjoy this one-of-a-kind meal which consists of a plethora of precious wild pine mushrooms, cordyceps flowers, and fresh mushrooms. Take your keys now and order this vegetarian meal!


Everyone loves promos and discounts right? Here at Beauty in the Pot, they offer discounts of up to 20%. Enjoy your stay here at Beauty in the Pot, engage your senses and promote your health while appreciating the generous 20% discount if you visit the store from 10 o’clock pm onwards.

The nutritious soup bases at Beauty in the Pot, which include the all-time favorite Beauty Collagen Broth and Spicy Nourishing Broth (Pork bone soup), secure the essence of health, and beauty and can be discounted! Each hot pot of soup is certainly made with a wide variation of high-quality and naturally fresh ingredients hand-picked for a beautiful experience.

Beauty in the Pot Collagen Soup

From the oceans down to a bowl, from the forest into a cup; I offer you the best-seller, the best and the most nutritious food you can find, the one and only – Beauty Collagen Broth.

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As additional information, Collagen can be found in our connective tissues, bone, cartilage, and skin, it accounts for 30% of our body’s protein. So a deficiency in collagen can be seen immediately as the skin may become loose and might lose its outer glow.

So as a solution for this deficiency, Beauty in the Pot created their Beauty Collagen Broth which can bring back the outer glow that we missed. Hop in the collagen trend now and become one of us who always prioritize health over anything else.  

Beauty in the Pot Menu Delivery

You may probably have an idea of what FoodPanda is right? Then you can still enjoy your Collagen broth or your chosen soup at the convenience of your own home. You can just order through food panda or you may visit the official website of Beauty in the Pot. You may also try using the to personally choose your best soup bundles. Note that delivery date and time always vary to the outlet that you’ve ordered from.

To have faster communication, you can contact Beauty in the Pot using their official phone lines. Below is a list of the company’s lines from different branches.

  • Beauty in The Pot Kinex: +65 6284 8820
  • Beauty in The Pot at Jewel Changi Airport: +65 6242 5131
  • Beauty in The Pot at Serangoon NEX: +65 6805 8172
  • Beauty in The Pot at The Centrepoint: +65 6235 3557
  • Beauty in The Pot at The Star Vista: +65 6262 1692
  • Beauty in The Pot at VivoCity: +65 6255 0758
  • Beauty in The Pot at Westgate: +65 6805 8188

Social Media Pages

If you want to follow them for the latest updates, see the following social media pages that they are using:




Is Beauty in the Pot Worth it?

Precisely, absolutely and definitely YES! Every penny that you spend at Beauty in the Pot menu is worth it! From the food, down to the interior and exterior design, you can feel that your single dollar isn’t enough to pay for the good ambiance that you can experience.

However, if you are not clearly sure if Beauty in the Pot is really worth it, then I suggest that you personally visit us and judge us. We are really open to feedback and reviews and the company believes that the views and opinion of each customer is the key to achieving success.

Where is Beauty in a Pot from?

The restaurant, which was founded in Singapore under the major firm “Paradise Group”, is recognized for its Signature Beauty Collagen Broth. In accordance with the official website of Beauty in the Pot, the restaurant is influenced by the culture of food for health and the concept of Yin and Yang. Every sip of soup you eat is not only flavorful but also healthful. So visit us now and have a healthy day ahead!

If you love to know where you can visit us in Singapore, then inferior to this sentence is a list of outlets in Singapore that you can visit.

  • Beauty in The Pot Kinex: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, KINEX #03-38 Singapore
  • Beauty in The Pot at Jewel Changi Airport: 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #B2-224
  • Beauty in The Pot at Serangoon NEX: 23 Serangoon Central, NEX #02-01
  • Beauty in The Pot at The Centrepoint: 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint #05-16
  • Beauty in The Pot at The Star Vista: 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista #02-24
  • Beauty in The Pot at VivoCity: 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity #03-08A
  • Beauty in The Pot at Westgate: 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #03-10
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