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One of the most famous and favorite items among all the varieties of fast food options is the burger. Years ago it was just made of beef patties and some vegetables however after years burgers are one of the most upgraded food items since today there are a lot of kinds of burgers. Are you looking for a place that offers delicious burgers? I have a great recommendation for you. Carl’s Jr. Menu has a lot of burger options for you and for sure they absolutely have what you are looking for, aside from burgers they also have other items that I’m sure you’ll love. Without further ado let’s go! 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Carl’s Jr. menu below.


Chargrilled beef burger

Famous Star$10.00
Super Star$14.00
Chili cheeseburger $11.00
Western bacon cheeseburger $11.00
Double western bacon cheeseburger $15.00
Guacamole bacon cheeseburger $11.00
Jalapeño burger $10.00
Double jalapeño burger $14.00
Portobello mushroom burger$11.00
Double chili cheeseburger $15.00
Double guacamole bacon cheeseburger$15.00
Double portobello mushroom burger$15.00

Premium Angus beef

Original angus beef burger $13.00
Portobello mushroom angus beef burger$16.00
Wester bacon angus beef burger $16.00
Guacamole bacon cheese angus beef burger $16.00
Chili cheese angus beef burger $16.00
Jalapeño angus beef burger $15.00

Chicken and fish sandwiches

Chargrilled BBQ Chicken sandwich $10.00
Chicken club sandwich chargrilled $12.00
Chargrilled jalapeño chicken sandwich $12.00
Hand-breaded chicken fillet sandwich $11.00
Hand-breaded BLT chicken sandwich$12.00
Battered Cod fish sandwich $9.00


French fry (natural cut)$4.90
Onion rings $5.90
Crosstrax fres$5.90
Hand-breaded chicken tenders $6.90
Beef chili cheese fries$8.90


Chargrilled chicken salad$9.00
Side salad$5.90


Dasani drinking water $3.90
Coca cola$4.90
Coca cola no sugar$4.90
Ayataka green tea $4.90
Milo (can)$4.90
Heaven & earth mango green tea $4.90

About Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is an American fast food that serves delicious burgers and other items best paired with burgers. This fast food chain is founded in 1941 by Carl Karcher and Margaret Karcher in California. They already have 3,800 locations both in the United States and Outside United States in over 42 countries as they are selling worldwide. And of course, Carl’s Jr. never misses the chance to have a store location in Singapore since 2005 offering only the best and mouth-watering burgers to the crowd. Carl’s Jr. Only focused on the freshest and most premium ingredients since quality is important for them big time. They are also known for their chargrilled burgers that are more flavorful and juicier compared with other stores. Carl’s Jr. Is a well-known place in Singapore if you’re looking for a delicious, big, and meaty burger. 

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Carl’s Jr. Menu Best Seller

Here are some examples of Carl’s Jr. Best selling items. These items are already popular among their customers. 

Western Bacon Cheeseburger – This is the top-selling burger of Carl’s Jr. In Singapore. This burger is Made with a beef patty that is charcoal grilled, some cheese, crispy bacon, onion rings, and tangy BBQ sauce. It has all the qualities of a great burger and when it comes to the taste it’s absolutely perfection. If you don’t want to miss a great and delicious burger then you should try Carl’s Jr.’s western bacon cheeseburger

Western bacon cheesburger
Photo Credits: Carl’s Jr. Facebook Page

Portobello Mushroom Burger – A burger made for mushroom lovers? Why not. Carl’s Jr.’s version of the portobello mushroom burger is made with 100% chargrilled beef patty, a thick slice of cheese, their Portobello Mushroom sauce that is so good, some onion, tomato, lettuce, and their customized mayonnaise sauce. One of the most delicious burgers on their menu so if you love some veggies in your burger then you should try this one. 

Super Star With Cheese – The name of this burger has already been given a definition of it. Carl’s Jr.’s superstar with cheese is included on their best-selling items because this is one of their best burgers and honestly this is my personal favorite aside from the double western bacon cheeseburger. This is made with 2 pcs of 100% chargrilled beef patties, some slices of cheese, fresh onion, tomato, lettuce, pickle, their special and delicious sauce & mayonnaise. 

Super star with cheese
Photo Credits: Carl’s Jr. Facebook Page

Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger – This is not like the western bacon cheeseburger but made meatier by putting 2 pcs of 100% chargrilled beef patties, crispy bacon, a slice of cheese, hand-breaded onion rings, and of course their tangy BBQ sauce. If the western bacon cheeseburger is not enough for you then maybe you can try this one. Same goodness but double the meat. 

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Carl’s Jr. Menu Premium Angus Beef Burger

Carl’s Jr. has 12 delicious items on their chargrilled beef burger menu. Original Angus beef burger is the first on the list followed by portobello mushroom Angus beef burger. They have Western Bacon Angus beef burgers and guacamole bacon cheese Angus beef burgers. For other options especially if you love spicy burgers they have chili cheese Angus beef burgers and jalapeño Angus beef burgers. 

Super bacon angus beef burger
Photo Credits: Carl’s Jr. Facebook Page

Carl’s Jr. Menu Chicken & Fish Sandwich

In their chicken and fish sandwich menu, they only have 6 delicious food items. The first item is their chargrilled BBQ chicken sandwich. They also have chicken club sandwich chargrills on this menu. Chargrilled jalapeño chicken sandwich is also a good choice on their menu as well as their hand-breaded chicken fillet sandwich, hand-breaded BLT chicken sandwich, and lastly their battered cod fish sandwich. 


Carl’s Jr.’s sides menu has five items to partner with your burger. The first item on this menu is their french fry which they cut naturally so it’s more like homemade. Their onion rings really go well with any burger on their menu and their Hand-breaded chicken tenders are absolutely delicious. Other options also include cross-cut fries and beef chili cheese fries

Chili cheese fries
Photo Credits: Carl’s Jr. Facebook Page

Carls Jr Menu Delivery

You can now conveniently order your beloved food items from Carl’s Jr. by simply visiting their user-friendly website at It’s as easy as a few clicks to satisfy your cravings. Alternatively, you also have the option to explore various third-party delivery services that partner with Carl’s Jr., allowing you to enjoy their delicious offerings from the comfort of your own home.

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Carl’s Jr. Social Media Pages

If you’re on the lookout for a tasty and satisfying burger experience, you can’t go wrong with Carl’s Jr.! Make sure to follow their social media pages to stay informed about their delicious menu items, special offers, and exciting promotions. By keeping an eye on their updates, you’ll always be in the know and ready to indulge in their mouthwatering treats.






Where is Carl’s Jr. Singapore located?

Carl’s Jr. can be found in five locations around Singapore. The first location is in Singpost Center, they also have in Jurong Point and Marina Square. Other locations are in King Albert Park and The Star Vista. 

What are some popular menu items at Carl’s Jr. Singapore?

There are a lot of popular items at Carl’s Jr. But the best examples of their popular items are Famous Star, Original Angus Beef Burger, Beef Chili Cheese Fries, Portobello Mushroom Burger, and Western Bacon Cheeseburger. 

Are there any promotions or special offers available at Carl’s Jr. Singapore?

Yes, actually Carl’s Jr. Offers promotions and discounts however their promotions may vary from time to time. To be more updated regarding their promotions just follow or like their social media pages. 

Is Carl’s Jr. halal certified?

No, Carl’s Jr. is absolutely not Halal certified. Just a quick look at their menu you’ll notice that Carl’s Jr. is serving pork products. 


Best place to go especially if you’re a fan of burgers. Carl’s Jr. menu has a lot to offer when it comes to burgers but they also have non-burger products that I’m sure you’ll be interested to try. Big servings and affordable prices the servings are really huge and can satisfy your cravings. Delicious and not too salty, the vegetables that they use are always fresh as well. The service personnel is nice and very accomplished and always wears a smile. Highly recommended for everyone. 

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