Each-a-Cup Menu with Price

Roaming around Singapore gets really tiring, which is why there are a lot of shops that offer refreshing beverages all throughout the city. One of which is the Each-a-Cup. Each-a-Cup offers a diverse and extensive menu that features a wide variety of bubble tea and other refreshing beverages which cater to different tastes and preferences. They also provide customers with smoothies made from fresh fruits which adds a delightful and nutritious choice to the menu. Additionally, customers can enjoy specialty drinks with unique combinations and flavors that are exclusive to Each-a-Cup. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Each-a-Cup menu below.

Special Deals

Foodpanda Bundle 1

Foodpanda Bundle 2$18.40
Foodpanda Bundle 3$16.80

Fruit Smoothie Series

Brown Sugar Avacado$8.00
Fresh Milk Avacado$7.00

Brown Sugar Series

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea$4.50
Brown Sugar Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea$4.90
Brown Sugar Boba Milk$5.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Fresh Milk$5.50


Milk Tea$3.60
Jasmine Milk Tea$3.60
Oolong Milk Tea$4.20
Roasted Milk Tea$4.20
Caramel Milk Tea$4.20
Hazelnut Milk Tea$4.20
Honey Milk Tea$4.00
Honeydew Milk Tea$4.00
Lychee Milk Tea$4.00
Mango Milk Tea$4.00
Peppermint Milk Tea$4.00
Strawberry Milk Tea$4.00
Chocolate Snowshake$4.00
Honeydew Snowshake$3.80
Strawberry Snowshake$3.80

Fruit Tea, Ice Blended, Smoothies & Yogurts

Amber Lemon Green Tea$4.40
Passion Lime Lychee Green Tea$4.70
Passion Lime Amber Tea$4.70
Fresh Passion Fruit Green Tea$4.60
Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea$3.80
Milk Tea Ice$3.80
Azuki Bean Extreme$3.80
Chocolate Ice$3.80
Milo Ice$3.80
Taro Ice$3.80
Strawberry Lychee Ice$3.60
Oreo Crush$3.60
Chocolate Oreo$3.80
Coffee Oreo$4.20
Peppermint Oreo$3.80
Strawberry Oreo$3.80
Green Apple Smoothie$3.80
Honeydew Smoothie$3.80
Strawberry Smoothie$3.80
Mango Passion Pop Smoothie$3.80
Mango Passion Smoothie$4.90
Strawberry Sunrise$4.00
Green Apple Sunrise$4.10


Cheese Milk Black Tea$4.20
Cheese Milk Amber Oolong$4.20
Cheese Milk Matcha$4.80

Extra Large 1000cc

Old School Plum Juice$5.40
Blue Lagoon$5.40
Winter Melon Bliss$5.40
Strawberry Jelly Fresh Grapefruit Juice$8.20
Taiwan Fresh Fruit Sling$5.40

Forever Young

Fresh Plum Lime Juice$4.00
Fresh Lemon Lime Juice$4.00
No 1 Jasmine Green Tea$2.90
Osmanthus Green Tea$3.80
Strawberry Jelly Oolong Tea$4.20
Rose Lychee Black Tea$3.80
Sakura Green Tea$3.80
Chamomile Milk Tea$4.20
Yakult Green Tea$4.30
Yakult Lemon Green Tea$4.80

Mind Booster

Fresh Lemon Earl Grey$3.80
Winter Melon Milk Tea$4.60
Black Tea Macchiato$3.60
Green Tea Macchiato$3.60
American Milk Coffee$3.80
Caramel Coffee$4.30
Hazelnut Coffee$4.30
Mocha Coffee$4.20
Peppermint Coffee$4.20
Vanilla Snowshake$3.80
Amber Oolong Fresh Milk Tea$5.00

Energy Burst

Fresh Plum Green Tea$4.00
Azuki Brown Rice Pearl Milk Tea$4.90
Brown Rice Milk Tea$4.00
Chocolate Milk Tea$4.20
Earl Grey Milk Tea$4.00
Taro Milk Tea$4.20
Rooibos Tea Latte$5.00

Weight Lite

Purple Plum Tea with Ai-yu$3.20
Alisan Tea$3.80
Black Tea (All Natural)$2.90
Oolong Green Tea$3.80
Fresh Lemon Green Tea$4.20
Golden Buckwheat Tea with Aloe Vera$4.60
Peach Red Tea$3.60
Peach Oolong Tea$3.80
Peach Melon Tea$3.80
Pu-er Chrysanthemum Tea$3.80

Daily Dose

Honey Lemon with Ai-yu$4.10
Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea$4.10
Citron Lemon with Basil Seed$4.10
Korean Citron Juice$3.60
Grape Red Tea$3.60
Green Apple Green Tea$3.60
Honey Green Tea$3.60
Alisan Macchiato$4.20
Oolong Macchiato$4.20
Yakult Apple Jelly Green Tea$4.80
Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea$5.00
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About Each-a-Cup

Each-a-Cup is a popular bubble tea chain in Singapore that has gained a reputation for its wide selection of refreshing and flavorful beverages. The tea chain has multiple outlets across the city that offers a range of bubble tea options, including classic milk teas, fruit teas, smoothies, and specialty drinks. Each-a-Cup is known for using high-quality ingredients and ensuring a consistent taste in their drinks hence it is a perfect choice for those who are looking for something to satisfy their bubble tea cravings.

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Each-a-Cup Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of beverages that are considered to be the best-selling ones at Each-a-Cup.

Milk Tea – Milk tea is one of the classic favorites from Each-a-Cup’s menu that combines the rich and creamy flavor of milk with the aromatic taste of tea. Many customers have loved the perfect balance between the two as it creates satisfying and refreshing flavors.

Classic milk tea with peals
Photo Credits: Each-Cup Singapore FB Page

Jasmine Milk Tea – This milk tea is the perfect choice for those who enjoy fragrant tea as an accompaniment to their meals. The light and subtle notes of jasmine blend harmoniously with the creamy milk, resulting in a soothing and aromatic drink.

Strawberry Smoothie –  This smoothie is perfect for those who are looking for a great beverage to complete their meal. It is made with real strawberries, which is why this beverage is packed with sweet and tangy flavors that are perfect for quenching your thirst.

Cheese Milk Black Tea – Each-a-Cup’s Cheese Milk Black Tea offers a unique twist on the classic black tea. The addition of a creamy cheese foam topping adds a savory and slightly salty element that complements the bold and robust flavors of the black tea.

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Chocolate Snowshake – This creamy and decadent drink features a blend of rich chocolate flavors and a velvety smooth texture that is perfect for those who crave a satisfying chocolate treat.

Each-a-Cup Menu Brown Sugar Series

This menu is made up of Each-a-Cup’s signature brow sugar beverages that are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea – The combination of tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup in this beverage creates a delightful blend of sweetness and depth. The creamy milk tea base complements the caramel-like flavors, resulting in a satisfying and addictive beverage.

Brown sugar drink
Photo Credits: Each-Cup Singapore FB Page

Brown Sugar Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea – Each-a-Cup’s brown sugar jasmine pearl milk tea is worth a try because the fragrant aroma of jasmine tea pairs harmoniously with the sweetness of brown sugar and the chewy pearls, creating a unique and aromatic experience.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk – The chewy boba pearls that are added to this drink are soaked in a delicious brown sugar syrup, infusing them with a caramelized flavor and then combined with the creamy milk which results in a delightful blend of textures and flavors.

Each-a-Cup Menu Classics

This menu is made up of classic milk tea items that are both refreshing and budget-friendly.

Oolong Milk Tea – Each-a-Cup’s Oolong Milk Tea is a perfect choice for those who enjoy the unique flavor of Oolong tea combined with the creaminess of the milk. The tea leaves are carefully selected by the chain itself then brew them to infuse this milk tea with a rich taste.

Oloong milk tea
Photo Credits: Each-Cup Singapore FB Page

Roasted Milk Tea – The tea leaves used in this milk tea undergo a roasting process, which gives them a unique and smoky taste. The combination of roasted tea, creamy milk, and a touch of sweetness creates this comforting and refreshing drink. 

Caramel Milk Tea – This a delightful combination of rich caramel flavor and creamy milk where the sweetness of the caramel blends perfectly with the smoothness of the milk, creating a delicious tasting and refreshing drink.

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Forever Young

This menu of Each-a-Cup is composed of a special selection of beverages that are designed to provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. These drinks are created with wholesome and nutritious ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle while still delivering delicious flavors.

Mind Booster

The options in this menu were specially made to give the customers’ brains a boost and enhance their cognitive abilities. These drinks are thoughtfully crafted with ingredients known for their cognitive benefits and mental clarity properties. 

Taiwanese fesh fuit sling
Photo Credits: Each-Cup Singapore FB Page

Each-a-Cup Menu Delivery

Each-a-Cup understands the importance of convenience for their valued customers, which is why they offer delivery services. This makes it incredibly easy for you, especially if you’re a loyal customer, to order your favorite beverages. Now, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy Each-a-Cup’s delightful drinks. You can simply place your order through third-party delivery platforms like FoodPanda, and your favorite Each-a-Cup beverages will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Each-a-Cup Social Media Pages

Follow their social media pages to stay updated on the latest promotions, new flavors, and exciting events. Join their vibrant community of beverage enthusiasts and embark on a flavor-filled journey with Each-a-Cup. Sip, share, and savor the goodness with us today!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eachacupsingapore

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eachacupsg/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@eachacupsg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/each_a_cup

Website: http://www.each-a-cup.com/#contact


Where can I find Each-a-Cup outlets in Singapore?

Each-a-Cup has outlets located at Ubi Ave 1, ION Orchard, and Causeway Point.

What are the different types of beverages available at Each-a-Cup in Singapore?

Each-a-Cup in Singapore offers a wide range of beverages such as milk tea, fruit tea, smoothies, and more.

Does Each-a-Cup offer any special promotions or loyalty programs?

Each-a-Cup does offer many promotions and a loyal program for its customers.

Can I request additional toppings or add-ons to my Each-a-Cup drink?

Yes, Each-a-Cup allows customers to request additional toppings or add-ons to customize their drinks.

Does Each-a-Cup have any halal certifications?

Unfortunately, Each-a-Cup is not yet halal-certified.


Each-a-Cup is the go-to destination for bubble tea lovers and those looking for refreshing beverages in Singapore. This tea chain offers a delightful experience with an extensive menu, diverse flavors, and customizable options for its customers to choose from. Additionally, Each-a-Cup is dedicated to using high-quality ingredients to make sure that every sip of their drink is filled with flavors. Therefore, Each-a-Cup is the place to go if you’re looking for a tasty and fulfilling beverage.

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