Bawangchaji Menu with Price

The Bawangchaji Menu offers some of the best tea beverages you will ever find. Each beverage is customizable, making it perfect for anyone, anytime, any place. You can find them all over Singapore and in some places in Malaysia. They’re slowly making their way to the whole world, so just wait! The Bawangchaji offers a unique and amazing drinking experience that you can have at your local Bawangchaji shop, or at the comfort of your home by ordering online!

You can find the updated pricing information for the Bawangchaji menu below.


Cheezy Snow Series

Tie Guan Yin Snow Top$6.60
Da Hong Pao Snow Top$6.60
Tangerine Pu Er Snow Top$6.40
Forever Spring Oolong Snow Top$6.00
White Peach Oolong Snow Top$6.00
Additional Cheezy Snow Top$1.80

Premium Tea With Fresh New Zealand Milk

Tie Guan Yin Latte$6.80
Da Hong Pao Latte$6.80
White Peach Oolong Latte$6.60
Jasmine Green Latte$6.60
Tangerine Pu Er Latte$6.80
Add Cream Snow$2.00

Premium Brew Tea Series

Da Hong Pao$5.50
Forever Spring Oolong$5.80
Tie Guan Yin Cold Brew$6.20
Forever Spring Oolong Cold Brew$6.20
Tangerine Pu Er Ice Drip$7.20
Da Hong Pao Ice Drip$7.20

Fresh Fruit Tea Series

Bawangchaji Signature Fruit Tea$9.50
Tropical Fruits Oolong Tea$7.60
Peach Jasmine Green Tea$5.80
Passion Fruit and Orange in Da Hong Pao$7.60
Grapefruit Frappe$6.80
Cheezy Watermelon Oolong Frappe$8.60
Watermelon Oolong Frappe$7.80
Add Crystal Jelly$1.20

About Bawangchaji

Bawangchaji is a popular bubble tea chain in Singapore that originated in China. This establishment has gained a loyal following thanks to its unique blend of tea and fresh fruit, which results in drinks that are both refreshing and flavorful. Bawangchaji offers a wide variety of options, ranging from classic milk teas to more innovative and exotic flavors, such as matcha latte and taro milk tea. Their drinks are also complemented with toppings like tapioca pearls, jelly, and other delicious add-ons that add texture and depth to each sip.

What sets Bawangchaji apart is its emphasis on quality ingredients. They carefully select only the best teas and fruits to make their drinks, ensuring that their customers are served only the freshest and most delicious beverages possible. 

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Bawangchaji Best Seller Menu

Tie Guan Yin Latte – This tasty tea is known for its fresh and creamy flavor, and its bright, sunny yellow color. The hot, frothed milk mixed with the creaminess of the Tie Guan mix perfectly to form this amazing beverage. You personalize your drink by choosing to add more sugar depending on how you enjoy your drink!

Tie guan yin coconut tea
Photo Credits: Chagee Facebook Page

Da Hong Pao Snow Top – This menu of Bawangchaji is oxidized, unlike most oolong teas, which gives it a unique sweet flavor. The Da Hong Pao milk tea offered by Bawangchaji is topped with frothy high-quality hot milk foam.

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Tangerine Pu Er Snow Top – This rich and dark black tea has a distinct flavor. The Puer tea will fill your palette in a way no other tea does. The frothed milk pairs beautifully with the aged flavor of Puer tea. The tea also features a sweet, simple syrup that brings out its earthy flavors, giving it a very memorable drinking experience.

Tie Guan Yin Cold Brew – Another version of Bawangchaji’s Tie Guan Yin Tea aside from the usual milk tea. This amazing beverage comes in a glass bottle, iced, perfect for moving around!

Da Hong Pao Ice Drip – This special ice drip tea features a one-of-a-kind orchid aroma and a lingering sweet aftertaste. The Da Hong Pao Ice Drip looks similar to knot ropes that are green and brown in color. After brewing the tea, it turns into this perfect orange-yellow color.

Bawangchaji Menu Cheezy Snow Series

The Cheezy Snow Series gets its name from the fact that the tea is topped with fresh New Zealand Cheese. This distinct combination makes it stand out from the other tea categories available.

Tie Guan Yin Snow Top – This tea is the establishment’s signature Cheezy Snow Series tea. This delicious drink is bright sunny yellow in color. This beverage served by Bawangchaji has a fresh and creamy flavor making it a perfect base for milk tea!

Forever Spring Oolong Snow Top – This tea boasts Incredible flavor, aftertaste, and aroma. The name “Forever Spring” comes from the fact that this tea is available all year long. Teas available all year round tend to have less quality, but not this one. The Forever Spring Oolong Tea is made only by the best Taiwanese tea farmers, ensuring its quality.

White Peach Oolong Snow Top – To prepare this beverage, Bawangchaji blends the light and sweet flavors of peaches with the earthy flavors of oolong tea leaves. The milk added to the White Peach Oolong brings out the flavors of the peach and oolong tea.

White peach oolong snow frappe
Photo Credits: Chagee Facebook Page

Premium Tea with Fresh New Zealand Milk

Da Hong Pao Latte – The tea is oxidized, which gives Da Hong Pao Tea a unique sweet flavor you won’t get from just any other tea. The milk tea features a base of hot Da Hong Pao tea, which is topped with frothy hot foamy milk.

Macchiato new zealand milk
Photo Credits: Chagee Facebook Page

White Peach Oolong Tea – Fruit lovers will surely fall in love with Bawangchaji’s special white peach oolong tea blend. The house’s blend incorporates the distinct earth accents of the oolong tea leaves with the bright and sunny vibe of peaches.

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Jasmine Green Latte – This tea appeals to tea lovers who are a fan of earthy drinks. This latte uses a Jasmine green tea base to give the latte that subtle earthy accent. The latte is poured with a pot of frothy milk.

Tangerine Puer Latte – This tea is known for being a rich and dark black tea. The distinct taste of Puer Tea is known to hit the palette differently, which makes it known among tea lovers. Frothed milk is added to Puer Tea which perfectly accents its flavors.

Bawangchaji Menu Premium Brew Tea

Forever Spring Oolong – This tea is also commonly known as Si Jie Chun Oolong Tea. Forever Spring Oolong gets its name from its availability; it is produced all year round. The tea features pineapple and honey notes, which, along with its fragrance, make it an excellent tea, whether it be hot or iced.

Da Hong Pao – This is a traditional Chinese red tea that is most commonly served as an iced beverage, and enjoyed as a sweet tea. The Da Hong Pao has a rich color and an earthy taste which sets it apart from other tea beverages.

Forever Spring Oolong Cold Brew – This bottled tea has its leaves left in the bottle, making sure that it never loses its subtle green tea flavor. The tea has a unique preparation sequence that involves oxidation and baking, giving it hints of apricot, a sweet aroma.

Tangerine Pu Er Ice Drip – This special ice drip tea both comforts your soul and detoxifies your body. The Tangerine Puer Ice Drip will go along with your favorite meal or a nice book. This special blend features a special aroma that, together with aged tangerine peel, adds an extra touch of perfection to the tea.

Fresh Fruit Tea Series

Bawangchaji Signature Fruit Tea – This drink features freshly-squeezed orange juice mixed with different tasty Malaysian fruits which creates a refreshing beverage that you will enjoy on a hot day. The drink also features chunks of lime, lemon, and watermelon which helps bring out the tea’s flavor and fruity afternotes.

Tropical Fruits Oolong Tea – Bawangchaji’s twist on the classic jasmine tea features Durian, a wild but perfect addition to their jasmine tea. This iced beverage also features a simple Premium Oolong tea mixed with slices of other fresh fruit.

Peach Jasmine Green Tea – This Bawangchaji tea menu features Jasmine, which has a subtle flavor that helps it perfectly combine with the fresh peach fruit juice. The flavor of the tasty fruit juice poured into the drink will surely keep you coming back for more.

Grapefruit Frappe – This drink features a base made with jasmine tea. The tea is mixed with slices of fresh grapefruit, which fully brings out the drink’s potential.

Royale fruit tea
Photo Credits: Chagee Facebook Page

Cheezy Watermelon Oolong Frappe – This drink features oolong tea as its base because the subtle earthy tones of the oolong tea balance out the watermelon’s sweet flavor. Each cup of the Cheezy Watermelon Oolong Frappe uses freshly-squeezed juice, topped with chunks of fresh, crispy watermelon.

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Bawangchaji Menu Delivery

The establishment prioritizes each customer’s comfort, which is why they have made their services available online. If you want to order online and enjoy your tea at home, you can find the Bawangchaji menu on FoodPanda. Tea is always best served wherever you feel most comfortable, and where are people more comfortable than their own homes?

Social Media Pages

You can find Bawangchaji on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Bawangchaji’s Facebook and Instagram have promotional posts as well as some announcements about branch openings and such. On their YouTube channel, can find a few promotional videos, as well as some animated content. You can also visit their official website for even wider information.


What are some of the most popular drinks at Bawangchaji Singapore?

The most popular drinks at Bawangchaji Singapore are Tie Guan Yin Latte, Da Hong Pao Snow Top, and more! You can find all of them in the Bawangchaji Best Sellers Menu section.

Are there any promotions or loyalty programs available at Bawangchaji Singapore?

Yes! The establishment makes sure that not only the taste, but the experience makes their customers come back for more.

Does Bawangchaji Singapore have any outlets outside of Singapore?

Yes! You can find Bawangchaji in some areas of Malaysia as well. The brand is slowly moving towards other countries in Asia so stay tuned!

Does Bawangchaji Singapore offer customization options for its drinks?

Yes! Bawangchaji offers different customization options, such as an extra cheese snow top, cream top, making your drink hot, and nutritious KanTen Crystal Jelly. Bawangchaji likes to offer as much customization as possible to make sure that each drink is tailored to its customers.

Is Bawangchaji halal?

While some of the items on the Bawangchaji menu are halal-certified, not all of them have this certification. It’s important to check with the staff to make sure the specific item you want to order meets your dietary requirements.


The Bawangchaji Menu is known for its various unique blends of tea and fresh fruit. The establishment provides its customers with a wide variety of menu items, including classic blends, to more innovative and exotic flavors. Whether you visit one of their branches or order online, Bawangchaji will satisfy your cravings.

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