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MILKTEAs are our happiness in a cup. It is what we call modern and enhanced tea, which the younger and older generation enjoys having. It is not new to us that Teas have been serving their purpose way back in the mid-’90s not until they swept into popularity in the 2000s. Milk and Tea combined to give us vitamin-rich drinks. I’m loving milk tea so much because it has so many flavors to choose from depending on your taste and wants. One of the brands that I like most is Bober Tea. All of its menus taste really great and I have started to get addicted to it. Now, in this post, we are going to discuss the Bober Tea menu, its best-seller, and many more. So, let’s start!

Bober Tea Menu Price List [Updated]

You can find the updated pricing information for the Bober Tea food items below.


Oolong Tea & Earl Grey Tea

Tea (M)$3.90
Chizu Tea(M)$4.90
Chizu Tea(L)$4.90
Milk Tea (Bestseller)(M)$5.60
Milk Tea (Bestseller)(L)$5.00
Fresh Milk(M)$5.00
Fresh Milk(L)$6.20

Green Tea

Honey (Bestseller)(M)$3.40
Honey (Bestseller)(L)$4.80
Chizu Tea(M)$4.30
Chizu Tea(L)$5.50
Milk Tea(M)$3.70
Milk Tea(L)$4.90
Lemon Lime(M)$4.40
Lemon Lime(L)$5.90
Grapefruit (Best seller)(M)$4.70
Grapefruit (Best seller)(L)$6.00
Passion Fruit(M)$4.30
Passion Fruit(L)$5.50
Mango (Best seller)(M)$5.60
Mango (Best seller)(L)$7.00
Lemon Guava (New)(M)$4.90
Lemon Guava (New)(L)$6.00
Honey Yuzu (New)(M)$4.90
Honey Yuzu (New)(L)$6.00
Peach Green Tea (New)(M)$5.20
Peach Green Tea (New)(L)$6.50

Brown Sugar

Fresh Milk(M)$5.10
Fresh Milk(L)$6.40
Roasted Oolong(M)$5.00
Roasted Oolong(L)$6.40
Milk Tea(M)$4.70
Milk Tea(L)$5.90
Crème Brulee(M)$5.40
Crème Brulee(L)$7.10
Matcha ( Bestseller)(M)$6.50
Matcha ( Bestseller)(L)$7.90
Oreo (Bestseller)(M)$6.50
Oreo (Bestseller)(L)$6.70

Fruit Blend

Coconut Shake(M)$5.00
Coconut Shake(L)$6.40
Coconut Strawberry Shake (M)$6.90
Coconut Strawberry Shake (L)$8.60
Coconut Mango Blend(M)$6.30
Coconut Mango Blend(L)$7.50
Coconut Rose Lychee Blend(M)$7.00
Coconut Rose Lychee Blend(L)$8.70
Yuzu Grapefruit Blend(M)$5.20
Yuzu Grapefruit Blend(L)$6.50
Nutella Milk Tea Blend(M)$4.50
Nutella Milk Tea Blend(L)$5.80
Rose Lychee(M)$6.90
Rose Lychee(L)$8.60
Chizu Coconut(M)$6.20
Chizu Coconut(L)$7.80
Chizu Grape(M)$7.40
Chizu Grape(L)$9.20
Chizu Strawberry(M)$7.10
Chizu Strawberry(L)$8.70

Milk Tea

Milk Tea(M)$3.40
Milk Tea(L)$4.80
Roasted Oolong(M)$3.80
Roasted Oolong(L)$5.20
Siganture Roasted(M)$4.10
Siganture Roasted(L)$5.40
Grape Green (M)$5.20
Grape Green (L)$6.50
Uji Matcha(M)$4.80
Uji Matcha(L)$6.20
Chizu Matcha Latte(M)$5.60
Chizu Matcha Latte(L)$6.60
Taro Latte(M)$4.70
Taro Latte(L)$6.30


Brown Sugar Pearl (M)$0.80
Brown Sugar Pearl (L)$1.20
Black Pearl(M)$0.70
Black Pearl(L)$1.00
White Sugar Jely Pearl(M)$0.60
White Sugar Jely Pearl(L)$0.90
Brown Sugar Jelly Pearl(M)$0.60
Brown Sugar Jelly Pearl(L)$0.90
Lychee Jelly Pearl (M)$0.90
Lychee Jelly Pearl (L)$1.10
Passion Fruit Pop Boba(M)$0.60
Passion Fruit Pop Boba(L)$0.90
Aloe Vera(M)$0.70
Aloe Vera(L)$1.00
Black Sugar Konjac(M)$0.80
Black Sugar Konjac(L)$1.10
Sakura Jelly Pearl(M)$0.90
Sakura Jelly Pearl(L)$1.10
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About Bober Tea

This brand aims to focus on providing affordable, high-quality, and tasty blends of tea that offer varieties of flavors. A fusion of Asia’s Best of the Best bubble teas and Bobas are now in a cup.

Bober Tea Menu Best Seller

Milk Tea – This milk tea was made thru a combination of sweet milk and quality ingredients. Along with this, it provides health benefits to each tea and comes with a very distinct taste which makes this one of their best sellers. If you want a simple taste then this flavor of milk tea is the best.

Photo Credit: Bober Tea FB Page

Honey – This Bober Tea menu is their other best seller due to its balanced taste and sweetness. This refreshes my mind and soul because of its richness in flavor. A taste of honey dip with tea is one of the best I’ve tasted so far. If you want to experience the balance of sweetness in a tea, then you better try this Honey milk tea.

Grapefruit – A real fruit squeezed in a cup with the rich flavor of grapefruit that brighten my day. I feel so relaxed upon drinking this grapefruit-flavored milk tea.

Mango – This is probably the best-flavored fruit milk tea one can have. The rich flavor of mango is so refreshing and so addicting. I can’t stop having this Bober Tea menu every day. Mango is an Asian fruit famous for its sweetness that other fruits can’t have. This only proves that mango is so versatile when it comes to flavor that people can’t say no to it. That Is why I believe that having mango will never be a bad choice.

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Matcha – Looks like nature and definitely tastes refreshingly delicious as Nature. The taste itself is so healthy and unique. Very distinct compared to other milk teas I had.

Oreo – My favorite flavor of milk tea. It has a smooth and crunchy flavor that kids and adults can enjoy. What I like about this Oreo milk tea is that it brings so much memory of what childhood is like. My all-time favorite dessert and drink in one are what make me want this again and again.

Bober Tea Toppings

Toppings are added which can help make your drinks look more appetizing and vibrant. There are many different choices of toppings that people can choose from. If you want something jelly-ish then they have so many choices.

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We can choose from Sugar Jelly Pearl, White Sugar Jelly Pearl, Lychee Jelly Pearl, and Sakura Jelly pearl. And if we want pearls, they have brown sugar pearls and black pearls. Other choices of toppings they have are passion fruit Boba, aloe Vera, and Sugar Konjac. Toppings make our drink taste sweeter and more interesting.

Bober Tea Menu Delivery

The Bober Tea menu also offers delivery for us. They made it easy for us to order without coming out of our respective houses or when we are stuck at work. They have delivery options. We can send a direct message to the following sites they posted. They do have Instagram and Facebook sites for deliveries.



How to order online?

We can just search online and will direct us to the Homepage of Bober Tea. Then click the delivery option, and choose the milk tea that you want to order. Then after placing your order input all the needed information, especially the address to where the order should be delivered.

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Bober Tea Promotion

Bober Tea offers Online Exclusive Promos. We can avail as much as 10 % and 8 % off of their Party Bundle For 4, Sweet Bundle for 2, and Bubble Tea Aromatherapy Wax. We can refer to the list below for their promos. We surely will not regret it will be refreshingly cool and delicious. So what are you waiting for? Try and avail yourself of their promos now!!!!

Available Promos

  • Party Bundle for 4 is now $19.00  from ($21.60)
  • Sweet Bundle for 2 is now $9.90 from (10.80)
  • Bubble Tea Aromatherapy Wax Workshop is only  $48.00


Milk tea has brought so many changes and impacts, especially on the beverage side. This only shows that people are prone and one hundred percent open to this kind of change happening on the food and beverage side. Though there are so many milk tea shops in town, the Bober Tea menu served their very best service and product. One of my favorites there is their Mango milk tea which is also one of their best sellers. It caught my interest because the flavor of mango is so rich that it feels like you’re eating a real mango but of course in a drink. Bober Tea is not just your mere Milk Tea in town. It is a thorough process and planning that made this taste be available to the public. A drink made especially for those who have a unique and healthy taste just like me. I am someone who wants to freshen up my mind and brightens my soul with some dripping sweets. Try this savory drink of Bober Tea for there are loads of flavors that match our taste buds. They have the original milk tea flavors for those who want to enjoy a regular drink in a cup. They also have fruit-flavored milk tea and many more.  If you are hesitant to pick it up at their store, We can just send them our order through the websites they posted. They will deliver it right in front of our doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy their healthy and flavourful MILK Tea.

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