Hawkerman Street Kitchen Menu with Price

The Hawkerman Street Kitchen menu features a wide range of dishes that showcase the bold flavors and unique culinary creations of the bustling city which is inspired by the vibrant street food culture of Hong Kong. Their menu offers a delightful range of Hong Kong-inspired dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings for authentic street food flavors with each dish crafted with care and attention to detail, bringing the essence of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage to the vibrant dining scene of Singapore.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Hawkerman Street Kitchen menu below.


Specialty Hawker Noodles

Char Kuey Teow$6.00
Lala Hokkien Mee$8.00
Hokkien Chick$9.90
Chop Chop Mee$10.90

Wok Tossed Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice with Chicken Cutlet$7.50
Kampung Style Fried Rice$6.60
Laksa Chicken Fried Rice$7.00
Shrimp Paste Fried Rice$7.50
Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice$7.50
Tomato Chicken Fried Rice$6.50

Thin Crust Oyster Omelette

Crispy Oyster Omelette$6.00
Chilli For Oyster Omelette$0.50

Kedai Kopi Special Beverages

Bandung Grenade$3.90
Ribena Bandung$3.90

A La Carte

Extra Chilli$0.50
Carrot Cake Chilli$0.50

About Hawkerman Street Kitchen

Hawkerman Street Kitchen is a vibrant and popular eatery located in Singapore that was inspired by the bustling streets of Hong Kong. Hawkerman brings the authentic flavors of Hong Kong-style street food to the heart of Singapore both with its lively ambiance and a menu filled with delectable delights, Hawkerman offers a unique dining experience for locals and visitors alike. Hawkerman Street Kitchen offers a wide variety of selections to suit different tastes, making it the place whether you’re searching for a quick and filling lunch or a relaxed meal with friends.

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Hawkerman Street Kitchen Menu Specialty Noodles

This menu is made up of Hawkerman Street Kitchen’s specialty noodles each of which unique and delicious flavors.

Char Kuey Teow – It is a popular dish that features flat rice noodles stir-fried with a flavorful combination of ingredients that uses ingredients like prawns, Chinese sausages, bean sprouts, eggs, and a savory sauce. The noodles are well-cooked and have a nice texture, while the combination of flavors from the ingredients creates a delicious and satisfying dish.

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Lala Hokkien Mee – This dish combines two popular dishes, Hokkien Mee and Lala (clams), and features thick yellow noodles stir-fried with a rich and savory sauce, along with ingredients like lala clams, pork slices, squid, and vegetables. The dish has a strong umami flavor from the sauce and seafood, and the noodles have a nice chewy texture making it a flavorful and hearty choice for seafood lovers.

Hokkien Chick – The Hokkien Chick at Hawkerman Street Kitchen is a delightful dish that features tender and succulent chicken cooked in a flavorful sauce. The chicken is typically marinated to infuse it with delicious flavors and then braised until it becomes tender and juicy with a rich and savory sauce, enhancing the natural taste of the chicken.

Hokkien Chick
Photo Credits: Hawkerman Facebook Page

Chop Chop Mee – This is a unique dish that features a mix of ingredients such as noodles, meat, vegetables, and a savory sauce that uses ingredients like sliced pork, vegetables, mushrooms, and a tasty sauce that brings everything together. It is a comforting and satisfying dish that offers a medley of flavors and textures perfect for those who like a complete balance and a healthy meal.

Wok Tossed Fried Rice

This menu of Hawkerman Street Kitchen is made up of a different varieties of wok-tossed fried rice that are both satisfying and filling.

Egg Fried Rice with Chicken Cutlet – This dish utilizes a delicious combination of fluffy fried rice and crispy chicken cutlet. The fried rice is cooked with aromatic flavors and mixed with scrambled eggs, creating a rich and savory base while the chicken cutlet is tender and flavorful, coated in a crispy batter, and fried to perfection. Overall, The contrast of textures between the fluffy fried rice and crispy chicken cutlet makes this dish a satisfying and hearty choice.

Kampung Style Fried Rice – It is a flavorful and comforting dish inspired by traditional Malaysian cuisine that was cooked with a medley of ingredients such as vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and aromatic spices which the flavors of the ingredients and spices making it a popular choice for those seeking a satisfying and flavorful meal.

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Laksa Chicken Fried Rice – This is a unique dish that combines the flavors of laksa with fragrant fried rice which features chunks of chicken cooked in a creamy and aromatic laksa sauce, which is then mixed with fried rice resulting in a flavorful and hearty dish that offers the signature taste of laksa in a rice-based format.

Shrimp Paste Fried Rice – It is a savory and flavorful dish that showcases the umami-rich flavors of shrimp paste because the rice is cooked with shrimp paste, giving it a distinct and delicious taste. The dish is usually garnished with sliced cucumbers or spring onions, providing a refreshing contrast to the rich flavors of the fried rice.

Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice – It is a delightful combination of spicy and tangy flavors that was inspired by the popular Thai soup, tom yum, this fried rice is infused with the aromatic and zesty flavors of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and Thai chili paste.

Tomato Chicken Fried Rice – This is a comforting and flavorful dish that combines the natural sweetness of tomatoes with tender chicken and fragrant rice. The dish features diced chicken stir-fried with tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables, creating a colorful and appetizing plate. 

Thin Crust Oyster Omelette

This menu is made up of only two dishes but makes up for it with the uniqueness and delicious taste that it offers.

Crispy Oyster Omelette – It is a popular street food dish in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia which consists of a mixture of fresh oysters, eggs, and starch that is pan-fried until crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. 

Crispy Oyster Omelette
Photo Credits: Hawkerman Facebook Page

Chilli For Oyster Omelette – This dish offers a delightful contrast in textures, with a crispy exterior and tender oysters inside with an accompanying chili sauce that adds a hint of heat and acidity, enhancing the overall taste of the dish.

Kedai Kopi Special Beverages

This menu offers a range of classic drinks from Singapore, each with its own distinct tastes and qualities. These beverages have their own special flavors and ways of being made, which can differ from place to place.

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Hawkerman Street Kitchen Menu A la Carte

Our menu features an array of tantalizing options, from the succulent Hainanese Chicken Rice to the aromatic Nasi Lemak. Don’t miss the flavorful Char Kway Teow or the satisfyingly crispy Chicken Satay. Each dish is prepared with meticulous care, using traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients.

Char Kway Teow
Photo Credits: Hawkerman Facebook Page

Hawkerman Street Kitchen Menu Delivery

Hawkerman Street Kitchen now provides a menu delivery for their customers who doesn’t have the time to go out and visit their physical store because of work, school, and other activities. Customers can order their favorite dish at Hawkerman Street Kitchen with the help of delivery services like FoodPanda.

Social Media Pages

Calling all food enthusiasts! Experience the vibrant flavors of Singaporean street food at Hawkerman Street Kitchen. Follow their social media pages for exclusive updates on new menu additions, tantalizing promotions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their culinary adventures. Share your mouthwatering moments with them using #HawkermanStreetKitchen and be part of their food-loving community.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hawkermansg/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hawkermansg

Website: https://www.tenderfresh.com.sg/hawkerman


Where is Hawkerman Street Kitchen Singapore located?

Hawkerman Street Kitchen in Singapore is located at 12 Haig Rd, Singapore 430012.

What types of food are served at Hawkerman Street Kitchen?

Hawkerman Street Kitchen specializes in serving Hong Kong street food that was inspired by the vibrant street food culture of Hong Kong.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at Hawkerman Street Kitchen?

Yes, Hawkerman Street Kitchen offers vegetarian and vegan options.

Is Hawkerman Street Kitchen a halal-certified restaurant?

No, Hawkerman Street Kitchen is not halal-certified. 


The Hawkerman Street Kitchen menu reflects the authenticity and boldness of Hong Kong’s street food scene, with carefully crafted flavors and high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re seeking a comforting bowl of noodles, indulging in Hong Kong-style BBQ, or exploring the world of dim sum, Hawkerman Street Kitchen promises a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of Hong Kong’s vibrant street food culture with its variety of dishes ranging from noodles and rice bowls to dim sum and BBQ specialties, there is something to satisfy every craving.

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