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Singaporeans seem to be insatiably bubble tea fueled. In Singapore, there have been several bubble tea franchises opening. Taiwanese bubble tea is synonymous with CHICHA San Chen menu, which features a broad selection of high-quality tea. CHICHA San Chen menu has been around since 1998 and presently operates over 200 outlets in Taiwan and China. They will open their first location outside of Taiwan and China at this new location in Singapore. The best-selling books by Chicha San Chen are examined in this article. This also aims to address the majority of your inquiries on Chicha San Chen.

Chicha San Chen Menu Price List [Updated]

You can find the updated pricing information for the Chicha San Chen food items below.


Chicha San Chen Popular

Bubble Milk Tea$6.30
Tea with Mango$5.70
Tea with Fresh Milk$6.20
Tea with Cream$5.70
Tea with Honey$5.70
Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble$7.00

Chicha San Chen Cold Beverages

Pineapple Tea with Honey$8.50
Creamy Lemon Tart$7.20
Mango Cream Pie$7.50
Iced Fruit Tea$7.00
Taro Bubble Milk Tea$6.70
Bubble Milk Tea$6.30
Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble$7.00
Tea with Mousse$6.20
Tea with Honey$5.70
Tea with Lemon Juice$5.70
Tea with Mango$5.70
Tea with Fresh Milk$6.20
Tea with Passion Fruit$5.70
Tea with Cream$5.70
Pure Tea – Iced$4.70

Chicha San Chen Tea Leaves And Gift Sets

CHICHA San Chen Package Loose Leaf Tea (6/box)$26.00

Chicha San Chen Local Pau-rade Exclusives

Fruit Tea Bundle$14.00
Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble Bundle$14.00
Fruit Tea & Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble$14.00

Chicha San Chen Hot Beverages

Fruit Tea$7.00
Taro Bubble Milk Tea$6.70
Bubble Milk Tea$6.30
Fresh Milk With Brown Sugar Bubble$7.00
Tea with Honey$5.70
Tea with Fresh Milk$6.20
Tea with Cream$5.70
Pure Tea – Hot$4.70

About Chicha San Chen

With a focus on providing discriminating tea lovers with access to high-quality freshly brewed teas, Taiwan-based CHICHA San Chen was established in 1998. It has its own tea mountain, as well as skilled tea tasters and roasters. With premium tea as its foundation, CHICHA San Chen combines the best of bubble tea with conventional tea to provide the world with one of life’s greatest joys.

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YouTube video

ChiCha San Chen, which means “consume tea three thousand,” is the literal translation. It is a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise that has quickly spread around Singapore, with just under 20 sites. It is well known for its acclaimed Dong Ding Oolong Tea. Over 200 locations in Taiwan and China make up this bbt business, which began in Taichung City, Taiwan, in 1998. Their cocktails made with freshly brewed tea are well known.

Chicha San Chen Menu Best Seller

Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea – has a taste that is deep, sweet, and fragrant. Many Singaporeans enjoy the sweet flavor of the fresh milk bubble tea drink. Even though their tapioca pearls are created in Taiwan, and Singapore, they are freshly prepared. It is also tasty. It has a layer of caramel on top and is soft, chewy, and soft. This is undoubtedly one of many Singaporeans’ favorite bubble tea concoctions.

Osmanthus Oolong Tea with Mango – This Chicha San Chen menu tea has a really excellent flavor, and the mango flavor gives it more shine and makes it much tastier. The hot climate in Singapore is ideal for this beverage.

Photo Credit: chichasanchensingapore FB Page

High Mountain Pouchong Tea – Pouchong tea, an oolong tea made in northern Taiwan that has undergone light oxidation, is distinguished by its scent and delicate mouthfeel. Although it has the flowery flavor and sweetness of oolong tea, it tastes more like green tea. High mountain teas have similar health benefits as green tea without the overpowering grassy flavor since they have only been gently oxidized. High mountain oolongs have amounts of polyphenols comparable to green teas.

Green Tea – Although drinking green tea has numerous advantages, few people enjoy its flavor and consider it uninteresting. If not brewed properly, its taste might even become harsh. It has a bland flavor. Green tea should never be bitter; instead, the ideal flavor should be herbaceous with a hint of grass.

Black Tea – Black tea is typically described as having a robust, malty flavor and a deeply scented sense to set it apart from other teas. This indicates that it is evocative of malt, a germinated grain that can impart flavors of fresh bread and caramel. Coffee enthusiasts also like the robust flavor of black tea. Despite coming from the same Samellia Sinensis plant, the leaves are processed differently, resulting in two very distinct tea tastes.

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Chicha San Chen Bubble Tea Menu

Chicha San Chen has a lot to offer. If you wish to know about more of their bubble tea menu other than the best sellers, here are other options you could try:

Photo Credit: chichasanchensingapore FB Page

Chicha San Chen Bubble Milk Tea – Customers may drink bubble milk tea every day since the flavor combination of milk, tea, and tapioca pearls is just delicious. The drink has a mouthfeel that you can’t get from simply drinking normal tea because of the tapioca pearls, which are also a lot of fun to eat. The tea itself is decent as well; it has a wonderful mix of bitterness and sweetness and is powerful and assertive. It seems more like a dessert than merely a drink because of the addition of the milk’s richness.

Chicha San Chen Tea with Mango – Even more wonderful than the scent is the flavor. You can still taste the mango and flower petals’ inherent tastes because it is sweet but not too so. The flavor stays on your tongue for a while after you’ve taken a drink, adding to the beverage’s opulent feeling.

Chicha San Chen Creamy Lemon Tart – This Chicha San Chen menu is made of a thick, sweet, and creamy lemon tart flavor that is comparable to pudding. The filling is creamy and silky, and the buttery crust is flawlessly flaky. You won’t want to share this rich, luscious tea with anybody. It’s a delightful tea that’s ideal for lemon lovers. This is the tea for you if you want something sweet with a touch of acidity. You’ll want more of the thick, silky lemon curd filling because it is so good.

Chicha Menu Delivery

During a hot day, it is always good to drink bubble tea. Not only on hot days but on days when customers feel like they need it. Sometimes, it would be inconvenient for the thirsty customer to fall in line or wait for the drink they have been craving all day long. Luckily there are many ways to order the Chicha San Chen menu via delivery. The most famous method is to order it through the GrabFood or Foodpanda app.

Chicha San Chen Birthday Promo

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Chicha San Chen does not offer any birthday promos. This is not a shock for this is a bubble tea store and not a fine dining or buffet restaurant. However, there are still different promos that you could avail of. In case you were unaware, the well-known bubble tea company CHICHA San Chen with locations in Taiwan has just introduced a new Rewards Program with exclusive member incentives and free beverages.

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Social Media Pages

Are you a fan of Chicha San Chen and you do not want to miss the hottest trends of their menu, promo, and the current price? In that case, you need to follow them on their social media pages. Following them means you won’t miss any latest information about them. Below, we have collected their official social media pages that you should follow:




What is chicha famous for?

It is a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise that has quickly spread around Singapore, with just under 20 sites. It is well known for its acclaimed Dong Ding Oolong Tea. Over 200 locations in Taiwan and China make up this bbt business, which began in Taichung City, Taiwan, in 1998.

Why is Chicha San Chen so popular?

The flavor of its drinks contributes to its popularity. In addition, the businesses there have a wonderful atmosphere. Any view of this shop while enjoying your favorites would be wonderful to share on Instagram. It is well known for its acclaimed Dong Ding Oolong Tea.

Who owns chicha San Chen?

Kun Miao and Qin Quan, proprietors of the Yu Kee Group in the second generation, are the minds behind the now well-known Yu Kee Duck x Chicha San Chen idea. The brother-sister team took a risk and updated the 60-year-old braised duck rice idea with what they knew Singaporeans preferred most.


Although relatively new to Singapore’s market, the Taiwanese brand CHICHA San Chen menu has quickly expanded to more than 10 outlets. They are one of those BBT brands that, while not very well-known in Taiwan, have managed to become quite well-liked there. Its success may be attributed to a variety of factors including the high caliber of the tea, the branding and marketing, uniform, packaging (that rope), and the use of the Teapresso method to brew the tea, albeit they were not the first in Singapore to do so.

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