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Want to taste the crispylicious, juicylicious, Jollibee Chicken Joy? Visit them at the 14 outlets that expand across the beautiful land of Singapore! Enjoy the crispy bite of Jollibee Chicken Joy at your own convenience with minimum cost. This famous fast food chain doesn’t only invest all its spices and seasonings through its chicken but also in its variety of food variations; you can order a burger, fries, pasta, drinks, and a lot more that perfectly suits your taste. Jollibee menu also offers local and international foods, which perfectly fit the taste of individuals residing in each local place.

At Jollibee, you can enjoy foods that can be served instantly. Jollibee as a competitive fast food restaurant hops in the 21st-century trend. As of now, Jollibee can offer servings that can now be served by an AI waiter-robot! How cool isn’t it? They don’t only stay with a stagnant plan, but they evolved and developed their plan that corresponds to societal needs. Now, Jollibee invites you to visit its renowned fast-food restaurant! So visit them and enjoy the famous crispy chicken joy.

Jollibee Menu Price List [Updated]

You can find the updated pricing information for the Jollibee food items below.


Ala Carte

2pc Chickenjoy$7.20
3pc Chickenjoy$9.25
6pc Chickenjoy Bucket$18.50
8pcs Chickenjoy Bucket$24.00
Aloha Yumburger$6.00
Cheesy Yumburger$2.70
Double Yum w/ TLC$5.40
Extra Gravy$0.25
Jolly Chicken Fillet Burger$5.50
Jolly Chicken Hotdog$4.10
Jolly Spaghetti$4.00
Large Fries$3.70
Mashed Potato$1.70
Regular Fries$1.70
Yumburger w/ TLC$3.10


Coca Cola (1.5L Bottle)$3.50
Coca Cola (Canned)$2.60
Mineral Water$2.30
Pineapple Juice (Canned)$2.60

Bundles of Joy

6pc Chickenjoy Bucket Ala Carte$18.50
8pc Chickenjoy Bucket Ala Carte$24.00
Bucket Treat A$33.00
Bucket Treat C$25.00
More for 4$45.00
Value for 2$24.00

Chickenjoy Perfect Pairs (New)

1pc Chickenjoy (Original) with Fiesta Noodles and drink$9.20
1pc Chickenjoy (Spicy) with Fiesta Noodles and drink$9.20
1pc Chickenjoy Spaghetti Value Meal$8.00
2pc Chickenjoy Spaghetti Value Meal$11.25
2pc Steak & Joy Value Meal$11.25


Jolly Spaghetti A La Carte$4.75
Value Meal Jolly Spaghetti and Drink$5.00
1pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti A La Carte$7.00
1pc Chickenjoy (Spicy) with Jolly Spaghetti$7.00
1pc Chickenjoy (Original) with Jolly Spaghetti Value Meal$8.00
1pc Chickenjoy (Spicy) with Jolly Spaghetti Value Meal$8.00
Fiesta Noodles A La Carte$4.75
Fiesta Noodles Value Meal$5.75
1pc Chickenjoy (Original) with Fiesta Noodles$8.20
1pc Chickenjoy (Spicy) with Fiesta Noodles$8.20
1pc Chickenjoy with Fiesta Noodles Value Meal$9.20
1pc Chickenjoy (Spicy) with Fiesta Noodles Value Meal$9.20

Solo Value Meals

3pc Chickenjoy Value Meal$10.25
2pc Chickenjoy Value Meal$8.00
2pc Burgersteak Value Meal$7.00
Cheesy Yumburger Value Meal$5.20
Yumburger w/ TLC Value Meal$5.60
Double Yum w/ TLC Value Meal$7.90
Jolly Chicken Hotdog Value Meal$5.60
Jolly Chicken Fillet Burger Value Meal$7.00
Aloha Yumburger Value Meal$8.50
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About Jollibee

Every success has a unique narrative, and so does Jollibee. The story of Jollibee doesn’t start as a single chicken leg, it started as an Ice Cream shop that offers a variety of ice cream delights. However, people don’t settle for ice cream only, they crave something new, something like sandwiches. So Jollibee provided the demand of the locals, they offered hot meals and sandwiches that can be enjoyed by the residents.

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Not until 1978, Tan Caktiong – the CEO of Jollibee – transformed its ice cream shop into a renowned fast food shop which is now called Jollibee. To give an additional background, the logo of Jollibee came from the idea of a “Jolly” “Bee”. This mascot represents the Filipinos, as they bring Joy in every moment. Additionally, Jollibee ranked as a bestselling chicken joy in the USA! It was an award given by Eater to recognize the excellence of Jollibee, after beating the 15 brands that compete for the best chicken joy. Beyond that, Jollibee continues to dominate the food industry and can provide meals that are worth every penny.

What to eat at Jollibee Singapore?

To enjoy your best experience at Jollibee, you can choose from the variety of menus that Jollibee offers. To maximize your stay at the fine-dining and technological restaurant, below is the list of meals that you can purchase at Jollibee:

Photo Credit: Jollibee Singapore FB Page

Bucket Treat A – Enjoy your meal which consists of 6 pcs crunchy chicken joy, with 2 savory spaghetti, and a 1.5L Coca-Cola that can be enjoyed by 3 people. You can also choose from different sides which can be added to your meal, a supplementary of 4 sides can be added.

Aloha Yumburger – This Jollibee menu burger with a layer of beef, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and fluffy buns can only be enjoyed for only 6$. Aloha Yumburger can only be experienced at Jollibee, so get yours now!

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Value Meal Jolly Spaghetti and Drink – Craving for pasta while at Jollibee? You can enjoy the meaty pasta spaghetti at Jollibee at a minimum cost! Value meals consist of a regular drink that can be converted into an upsize drink and a spaghetti that you will never forget.

Jollibee Menu Best Seller

Jollibee certainly offers a variety of food that you can choose from. You may be tangled between enticing foods and may find it difficult to choose from a list of delightful menus. So if it is your first time visiting them, then the following list is the best-seller Jollibee menu that you can savor:

1pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti – This set of menus can be purchased for as low as $7. The best chickenjoy is now paired with the cheesiest, meatiest jolly spaghetti. You can taste Filipino-style spaghetti on every bite of this best-seller menu.

Photo Credit: Jollibee Singapore FB Page

Cheesy Yumburger – Do you crave something sweet that is hidden within the sesame buns? You can try this Jollibee menu burger and enjoy the 100% pure beef. The sweet mayonnaise combined with the cheese can certainly melt with every bite.

1pc Chickenjoy with Fiesta Noodles and Drink – Fiesta noodles formerly originated in the Philippines and are now served at the table in Singapore. Fiesta noodles consist of slices of eggs, shrimp, and shredded meat mixed with special fiesta sauce.

2pc Burger steak Value Meal – Dipped with flavorful Jollibee gravy, a burger steak value meal can only be savored for as low as $7. The 100% pure beef dipped with gravy is a perfect combination for beef hunger, this double patty is also offered with drinks that can also be converted into an upsize drink.

Jollibee Menu Singapore Promo

Are you a wise person who loves eating at a discounted price? Do you love special offers and promos? Then Jollibee is right here to give you a promo to maximize your stay at the fine-dining fast-food restaurant.

Jollibee Peach Mango Pie for $1.80 – For a limited-time purchase, Jollibee offers the crunchy and fresh peach mango pie for a very low cost! This promo can only run for a limited time; as of now peach mango pie promo can still be purchased but remember to follow the Facebook page of Jollibee Singapore for more updates.

Photo Credit: Jollibee Singapore FB Page

Spicy Chicken Joy with Fries – Are you one of those individuals who finds love in every spice and chills? Get your double spicy chicken joy paired with fries from the Jollibee menu.

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Other promos are already expired just as: the Jollibee Paya Lebar Square 5th Anniversary Promotion, Jollibee Lucky Plaza Anniversary Promotion, and Jollibee Breakfast Porridge for $3.50. So if you like promo and discounts, then stay tuned at Jollibee’s official Facebook page and Official Jollibee site.

Talk to Jollibee Singapore Staff

In love with the crispy chicken joy and want it to experience in your own backyard? Then you can talk to Jollibee’s staff at any branch! Note that delivery options only run from 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Jollibee’s number and delivery hours may vary from the store that you choose. Below is the list of numbers from different stores scattered across the land of Singapore.

  • Jollibee Suntec City | Phone: +65 6970 4226
  • Jollibee Tampines Cloud Kitchen | Phone: +65 9641 8941
  • Jollibee Clementi Cloud Kitchen | Phone: +65 8499 5096
  • Jollibee Jurong Point | Phone: +65 6970 7218
  • Jollibee Paya Lebar Square | Phone: +65 6908 4426
  • Jollibee Changi City Point | Phone: +65 6538 4518

Jollibee can also be found online! To visit Jollibee Singapore’s official social media pages, you can simply browse the following, otherwise, you can also go to their website to check for more updates:





Just like any other company story, Jollibee also started from scratch but look at the milestone that it currently created. From the origin of the company to the development of its name, up to the technological advancement that it currently faced. It is indeed a company that can compete with the trend and can offer a wide variety of food menus at an affordable price. Jollibee is a childhood memory that can always be reminisced once you stepped on its shiny and elegant floor. You can always recall all the good food memory that you’ve created together with your friends and your family. So if you are looking for a sign to visit Jollibee, then I think it is your best day to visit the store now! Grab your family and friends and create your Jollibee story now!

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