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Located at 112 Middle Road, #01-00A Midland House, Singapore 188970, En Sushi restaurant is led by Sushi Master Chef Nogawa and company. Head chef Nogawa, a chief chef of multiple restaurants, had his polished palate allay a new trail of contemporary Japanese food conceptions that was highly appreciated by various well-known food critics in Singapore. Furthermore, his two-decade experience, with his partner, Kenneth Koh, continued to develop a path of scrumptious food creations with a new goal to attain excellent Japanese food that provides the worth of money at the En Sushi menu.

En Sushi Restaurant is not only cozy for dining with friends and family, but it is also perfect for parties, corporate meetings, networking occasions, and more – submerge yourselves and indulge in the eminence of Japanese cuisine at En Sushi when you host your event with them. Space for your events is perfect, amiable, and convenient.

En Sushi Menu Price List [Updated]

You can find the updated pricing information for the En Sushi food items below.



Wakame Kyuri Su -Wakame seaweed & cucumber with vinegar sauce$5.80
Tako Su -Boiled octopus with vinegar sauce$7.10
Fugu Mirin Boshi -Dried pufferfish$17.50
Eihire--Dried stingray fin$9.50
Edamame--Boiled edamame beans$6.30
Age Kaisen Tofu--Deep fried seafood tofu$7.40
Age Dashi Tofu--Deep-fried silken tofu in fish broth$5.10
Pitan Tofu--Century egg with steamed tofu$6.30
Tori Karaage--Deep-fried chicken$9.80
Amaebi Karaage--Deep-fried sweet shrimp$7.90
Uni Ikura Onsen Tamago--Hot spring egg with sea urchin & salmon roe$13.30
Green Daikon Salad$11.80
Cha Soba Salad--Green tea buckwheat noodles salad$19.80
Salmon Hamachi Carpaccio--Delicate salmon & hamachi sashimi slices in wasabi dressing$20.30
Chuka Kurage--Seasoned jellyfish$6.80
Chuka Hotate--Seasoned scallop skirt$6.80
Chawanmushi--Savoury steamed egg custard$3.80
Sashimi Salad$17.90
Chuka Wakame--Seasoned seaweed$6.80
Gobo Fry--Deep-fried silken tofu in fish broth$7.40
Spicy Salmon Belly--Salmon belly sashimi in spicy sauce$7.10
Sakana Cheese--Deep-fried fish stick with cheese$17.90
En Drum Sticks--Deep fried chicken drumettes$11.90
Kimchi Gyoza--Deep-fried kimchi dumplings$10.90
Yuba Tofu--Bean curd skin sheets$17.50
Ankimo Tofu--Monk fish liver tofu$6.90
Ebi Fry--Deep-fried prawns$17.90
Sweet Potato Fry--Deep-fried sweet potato fries$8.60
Soft shell Crab Karaage--Deep-fried soft shell crab$20.30
Kakiage--Deep-fried tempura mixed vegetables$17.90


California Maki--Salmon, avocado, crab stick & cucumber in fish roe rice roll$12.80
Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki--Avocado, crab stick & cucumber in torched salmon rice roll$23.40
Tekka Maki--Tuna Sashimi Rice Roll$8.70
Kappa Maki--Cucumber rice roll$5.90
Negitoro Maki--Minced tuna belly sashimi rice roll$21.80
Softshell Futomaki--Deep-fried soft shell crab & thick rice roll$21.50
Spicy Salmon Maki--Spicy salmon sashimi rice roll$8.60
Spicy Maguro Maki--Spicy Tuna Sashimi Rice Roll$8.60
Unagi Avocado Futomaki--Seasoned eel & avocado thick rice roll$22.90
Unagi Cheese Salmon Aburi Maki--Seasoned Eel and Cheese in Torched Salmon Rice Roll$25.30
Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Maki --Spicy, deep-fried prawn in torched salmon rice roll$24.90
Soft Shell Crab Salmon Aburi Maki--Spicy, deep-fried soft shell crab in torched salmon rice roll$25.90
Sakana Hotate Aburi Mentai Maki--Deep-fried fish cheese stick in torched scallop rice roll$27.90
Unagi Ebi Aburi Maki--Tanuki in torched seasoned eel & prawn rice roll$25.20
Oshinko Maki--Japanese yellow pickle rice roll$8.70
Kanpyo Maki--Dried calabash rice roll$8.70
Futomaki--Traditional thick rice roll$20.80
Kani Maki--Crab stick rice roll$6.20
Tamago Maki--Japanese omelette rice roll$7.40


Otoro Sashimi--Premium Tuna Belly$47.30
Chutoro Sashimi--Tuna belly$34.50
Akami Sashimi--Premium tuna$22.80
Shimaaji Sashimi--Striped horse mackerel$16.90
Madai Sashimi--Sea bream$16.90
Hirame Sashimi--Olive flounder$16.90
Hamachi Sashimi--Yellowtail$9.80
Hamachi Belly Sashimi--Yellowtail belly$11.10
Salmon Sashimi$7.40
Salmon Belly Sashimi$9.80
Maguro Sashimi--Tuna$7.40
Mekajiki Sashimi--Swordfish$9.80
Hotate Sashimi (1 Pc)--Scallop$7.50
3 Kind Sashimi--Maguro, salmon & hamachi$22.90
En Sashimi--Salmon, maguro, hamachi, mekajiki & tako$36.90
En Premium Sashimi Mori$104.10
En Sashimi Mori$61.90
Triple Salmon Sashimi$26.80
Aka Ebi Sashimi--Argentina red shrimp$11.10
Tobiko Sashimi--Flying fish roe$12.20
Ikura Sashimi --Salmon roe$12.20
Tako Sashimi--Octopus$6.40


Otoro Sushi--Premium tuna belly$18.10
Chutoro Sushi--Tuna belly$14.60
Akami Sushi--Premium tuna$9.90
Uni Sushi--Sea urchin$16.90
Shima Aji Sushi--Striped horse mackerel$8.70
Madai Sushi--Sea bream$8.70
Hirame Sushi--Olive flounder$8.70
Hamachi Sushi--Yellowtail$3.60
Hamachi Belly Sushi--Yellowtail belly$4.60
Salmon Sushi$2.95
Salmon Belly Sushi$3.60
Maguro Sushi--Tuna$2.90
Mekajiki Sushi-Swordfish$4.20
Hotate Sushi--Scallop$4.70
Tako Sushi--Octopus$2.90
Tobiko Sushi--Flying fish roe$2.90
Ikura Sushi--Salmon roe$6.40
En Premium Sushi--Madai, shimaaji, hirame, uni, ikura, tamago$34.50
9 Kind En Premium Sushi Mori--Otoro, chutoro, akami, madai, shimaaji, uni, ikura, aka ebi & hirame$86.10
7 Kind Aburi Sushi Moriawase--Salmon, hotate, uni, madai, hirame, shimaaji & maguro$71.80
10 Kind En Sushi Mori--Salmon, hotate, uni, ikura, tako, madai, hirame, shimaaji, maguro & tamago$71.80
Aka Ebi Sushi--Argentina red shrimp$11.10
Tamago Sushi--Japanese pan-fried omelette$4.00
Unagi Sushi--Grilled unagi eel with teriyaki sauce$8.70
Kani Sushi--Crab stick$4.00


Chirashi Don--Salmon, torched salmon belly, maguro, hamachi, mekajiki, hotate, ikura, tako & tamago with rice$35.90
Bara Chirashi Don--Mixed sashimi with rice$28.90
Mekajiki Goma Zuke Don--Marinated swordfish sashimi with rice$26.20
Salmon Ikura Don--Salmon sashimi & salmon roe with rice$32.60
Salmon Don--Salmon sashimi with rice$28.60
Salmon Aburi Mentai Don--Torched salmon & salmon roe with rice$29.90
Mekajiki Aburi Don--Torched swordfish with rice$27.30
Mekajiki Aburi Mentai Don--Torched swordfish & fish roe with rice$28.80
Hamachi Goma Zuke Don--Marinated yellowtail sashimi with rice$28.80
Salmon Mekajiki Don--Salmon & swordfish sashimi with rice$28.80
Negitoro Don--Minced tuna belly sashimi with rice$29.90
Unagi Don--Grilled unagi eel with rice$30.90
Aburi Chirashi Don--Torched premium mixed sashimi with rice$38.80
Buta Kakuni Don--Braised pork belly & onsen egg with rice$29.70

Hot Food

Salmon Pan-fried$20.80
Wakatori--Deep-fried chicken with teriyaki sauce$20.80
Buta Kakuni--Braised pork belly$21.90
Curry Katsu Spaghetti--Deep-fried chicken & Japanese curry with spaghetti$15.90
Chicken Katsu Rice--Deep-fried chicken with rice$15.90
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice--Deep-fried chicken & Japanese curry with rice$17.90
Oyakodon--Onions, stewed chicken & egg with rice$25.30
Tori Katsudon--Deep-fried chicken, egg & sauce with rice$25.80
Miso Soup$4.60
Salmon Fish Head Miso$8.60
Hamburg Don--Ground beef steak patty in charcoal sauce with rice$27.80
Tori Nanban Don--Deep-fried chicken in sweet & sour nanban sauce & tartar sauce with rice$24.80
Foie Gras Yaki--Pan seared duck liver$36.50
Tamagoyaki--Japanese pan-fried omelette$4.10


Hotate Bacon Yaki--Grilled scallop & bacon$11.70
Enoki Bacon yaki-Grilled enoki mushroom & bacon$10.80
Yakitori-Grilled chicken$8.60
Ika Shio-Grilled squid with salt$19.90
Ika Teriyaki -Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce$19.90
Salmon Shio -Grilled salmon with salt$18.50
Salmon Teriyaki -Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce$18.50
Salmon Mentai -Grilled salmon with fish roe$21.80
Unagi Kabayaki -Grilled unagi eel with teriyaki sauce$28.90


Hokkaido Crepe Cake$6.80
Belgium Chocolate Cake$11.70


Coke Zero$2.14
Root Beer$2.14
Qoo White Grape$2.14
Qoo Apple$2.14
Mineral Water$2.14
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About En Sushi

With over 25 years of cookery skills and experience in Japanese cuisine, Chef cooks had displayed their expertise in the field of cooking by making each dish delicate that will bring about an excellent taste and mouth-watering flavors of Japanese cuisine.

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With the established friendship raised with confidence in the food suppliers in Japan, En Sushi brings a menu that is supremely respectable in its freshness and quality, with a very affordable price making Japanese meals easy on the pocket.

The heartfelt decorations of stylish modern Japanese furnishings, add coziness’ to the atmosphere. En Sushi takes customers to a serene, placid, and casual culinary experience of quality Japanese cuisines that reveal their culture and food styles. Come and visit En Sushi restaurant, to see and believe.

En Sushi Menu Best Seller

Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki – A combination of crab, ripe avocado, & cucumber in incinerated salmon rice roll. This popular meal is the most loved of many for the unique blend of the taste of avocado plus cucumber.

(Picture for reference only)

California Maki – It tastes just like MAKI Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki, but it is combined in a Fish Roe Rice roll rather than a Salmon Rice roll. This is also amazing in its savor.

Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Maki – The elegance of deep-fried prawn excels in the flavor with its enticing spiciness. You must try this En Sushi menu.

Unagi Avocado Futomaki – I like the combination of the seasoned eel and avocado thick rice roll. Avocado is one of its spices that makes it taste unique and fabulous.

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(Picture for reference only)

Salmon Sashimi – It is one of the best sellers of En Sushi. It is best in its flavorsome ingredients, the tangy flavor that remains in your aftertastes.

Akami Sashimi – Tuna is one of my favorites. This menu from this Japanese restaurant made me fall in love with tuna. You should order tuna made by this restaurant and you will surely wonder how they make each meal indescribable and palatable.

Signature Moriawase

Seasonal Sashimi Moriawase– This Sushi Signature is skillfully handcrafted with a unique design and presentation that will make you wonder how they made it. This is the favorite of most of their customers who love Sushi. This En Sushi menu set can be customized to how you desired it. It is a combination of bluefin otoro, scallop, snow crab leg, ikura, ebi, and kampachi, or uni, So, if you are craving for this, you know where to find it! Have if from En Sushi.

En Premium Shashimi Moriawase – This is a combination of Chutoro (from tuna’s belly), madai or sea bream, uni or sea urchin, shimaaji hirame hotate or scallop. This menu is right for those who really love seafood’s. Taste the beauty of each seafood’s savor, and you will surely love it like I do.

En Sushi Lunch Set

During our visit at En Sushi, we have these lunch menu served on our table:

Photo Credit: ensushisg.com

Mekajiki Goma Zuke Don – soaked in spices swordfish sashimi with rice. The meal is just right to satisfy one tummy.

Chirashi Don – a combination of salmon’s belly, mekajiki, hamachi, hotate, tako, maguro,tamago with rice &  ikura,. Raw fish were cut in cube and infused in soy sauce, stapled with mirin. It taste good and appetizing.

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Hamachi Goma Zuke Don – Marinated yellowtail sashimi with rice is well designed and of course taste well and scrumptious.

Buta Kakuni Don – Braised pork belly & onsen egg with rice. Pork belly is tender and savory. Coated and marinated in spices that makes it very edible and enticing.

En Sushi Menu Delivery

Place your orders or future orders from En Sushi. Simply click this link : https://www.ensushisg.com/online-ordering/dispatch, to have your meal deliver right to your doorstep. See this step by step procedure in placing your En Sushi menu:

  1. Click or type the link on your browser and search
  2. When you arrive at the page for delivery, choose the menu that you want to place in your cart by clicking the menu.
  3. Choose the number of your desired order and click “add to my order”
  4. Go to your cart to view order/s.
  5. If you have Promo Code, simply apply it to have a discount of your total payment.
  6. Continue to Check Out.
  7. Choose whether you want your order to be DELIVERED of PICK-UP.
  8. Enter the needed information asked.
  9. Now, you can place your ORDER by Confirmation
  10. Wait for your orders to arrive right at your Palace and Enjoy the Sushi Meal.

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For more concerns like comments, or suggestions, you can also send them your email @ [email protected].


I love the dishes that this restaurant prepared for customers like me. Aside from their excellent chef, their facilities and amenities were outstanding too. Well-sanitized area from their kitchen, comfort rooms, and dining rooms is evident and well-maintained. Their tables were all well-organized and neat. You can feel the coziness of the place. In addition, customers are well-attended by their service crews. What’s more? They also have promotions like price discounts and free-delivery promos. I commend this restaurant, especially for those who love to eat Japanese cuisine. For me, the menus of En Sushi Restaurant are great!

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