CRAVE Nasi Lemak Menu with Price

The CRAVE Nasi Lemak menu offers a variety of Nasi Lemak dishes, including the classic Nasi Lemak with fried chicken, fried fish, and more. One of the unique features of CRAVE Nasi Lemak is that it uses fragrant basmati rice in its Nasi Lemak dishes.

You can find the updated pricing information for the CRAVE Nasi Lemak menu below.


Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak With Chicken Wing$6.80
Nasi Lemak Royale$8.60
Nasi Lemak Jewel$8.60
Nasi Lemak Saver$5.20
Nasi Lemak With Fish Fillet$6.20
Nasi Lemak With Selar Fish$6.60
Nasi Lemak With Chicken Cutlet$6.80


Chicken Wing$2.00
Chicken Cutlet$2.00
Selar Fish$2.00
Fish Fillet$2.00
Chicken Strip$1.00
Sambal Long Beans$1.00
Extra Sambal Chilli$0.30


Sambal Long Beans$1.50
Chicken Strip$2.00
Fish Fillet$2.10
Selar Fish$2.50
Chicken Cutlet$2.50
Chicken Wing$2.50

About CRAVE Nasi Lemak

The establishment was founded in Singapore and specializes in serving traditional Nasi Lemak. The restaurant chain was established in 2015. CRAVE Nasi Lemak has several locations across Singapore, including in shopping malls and hawker centers. The establishment is also a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

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Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing

This menu item is CRAVE Nasi Lemak’s signature meal. The Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing features Coconut rice, a piece of chicken wing. On top of the rice, you’ll find an egg cooked to perfection. The meal is served with sambal chili, sambal long beans, and cucumber on the side. If you want to add some extra spice to your dish by adding more sambal chili, you can pay extra to do so. On the other hand, if you want more add-ons for your dish, you can also pay extra.

CRAVE Nasi Lemak Royale Menu

If you want something even more filling than the Nasi Lemak with Chicken wing, the Nasi Lemak Royale is the one for you. This menu item features coconut rice topped with a fried egg and served with a piece of a chicken wing. The Nasi Lemak Royale features different sides including cucumber slices, sambal chili, sambal long beans, bergedil, and fish fillet. This menu item is the establishment’s best seller. By paying a small additional fee, you can add more sambal chili to your dish to level up the spice. You can also pay a small additional fee to get more add-ons for your dish.

Photo Credit: CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik FB Page


This monstrous serving features all the add-ons on the menu. The difference between the Nasi Lemak Jewel of CRAVE and the first two menu items is that this features a piece of the chicken breast rather than a chicken wing portion. This dish also features a fish fillet, bergedil, samba long beans, samba chili, and cucumber slices. By paying a small additional fee, you can add more samba chili which will add more kick to the meal. You can also get more add-ons for this menu item by paying a small additional fee for every add-on you wish to get.

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If you’re looking for something light on the tummy and the wallet, the Nasi Lemak Saver is a great option for you. This meal boasts a number of items that make this meal a great option for such an affordable price. The meal features coconut rice topped with fried egg, a single chicken cutlet, sambal chili, sambal long beans, and cucumber slices. To get an extra kick to your dish, you can pay to add more sambal chili to your meal. You can also choose to top up your dishes with sides. These sides include fish fillet, selar fish, chicken cutlet, and chicken wing.

Photo Credit: CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik FB Page

CRAVE Nasi Lemak with Fish Fillet Menu

A great meal to order when dining at CRAVE is the Nasi Lemak with Fish Fillet. This menu item introduces a new ingredient into the mix, the fish fillet. The Nasi lemak with Fish Fillet features sambal long beans, sambal chili, and sliced cucumbers. By paying the samll additional fee, you can also choose to add one of the following: fish fillet, selar fish, chicken cutlet, and chicken wing. The dish also comes with coconut rice, which is the main feature of this dish. You can also order extra Sambal Chilli for an additional fee.

Selar Fish

If you’re looking for something with that classic SouthEast Asian feeling, look no further. The Nasi Lemak with Selar Fish features signature coconut rice topped with a fried egg. The dish also features other sides such as sambal chili, sambal long beans, and sliced cucumbers.

Chicken Cutlet

If you’re looking for something closer to the classic Western diet, the Crave Nasi Lemak With Chicken Cutlet menu will be your best bet. This dish features signature coconut rice with a fried egg on top, as well as other sides such as sliced cucumbers, sambal chili, and sambal long beans.

Photo Credit: CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik FB Page


If you think you can eat more than your serving, order sides now! These sides menu from CRAVE will bring out the best in your Nasi Lemak dishes!

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Chicken Strips – These are strips of chicken breast that are coated in seasoned flour or breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. They compliment the Nasi Lemak’s favor perfectly, making it a very good side.

Bergedil – This is a traditional potato fritter that is popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. The fritter is made from mashed potatoes, mixed with different spices like shallots, garlic, and coriander, The Bergedil works beautifully as a side for the Nasi Lemak dishes.

Sambal Long Beans – The sambal sauce used for the long beans is typically made with a mixture of chilli peppers, shallots, and garlic. The long beans are cooked in the sauce which provides the beans with a light and satisfying flavor. The beans are soft and tender, making them the perfect side dish for your Nasi Lemak dishes.

Top Up Sides

Looking for more dishes to be served with your Nasi Lemak? These top-up sides are for you. Each side is proven to be the best side dish to pair your Nasi Lemak with.

Chicken WingsWho doesn’t like good chicken wings? This CRAVE menu is perfect for the Nasi Lemak dishes. The strong, yet not overpowering flavor of the chicken wings accentuates the flavor of the Nasi Lemak perfectly, bringing out its potential.

Chicken Cutlet – If you want something easier to eat than the wings, then the chicken cutlet is the side for you. The chicken cutlet is meaty and savory, further enhancing the Nasi Lemak’s flavor.

Selar Fish – This fish is a familiar dish found on the tabletops of Southeast Asians, particularly Singaporeans. Staying true to its Southeast Asian nature, the establishment serves Selar Fish to partner with their Nasi Lemak

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Nasi Lemak Menu Delivery

You can find their menu on their website and their official Facebook page. Be sure to check out their online menu before heading on to their establishment. Do this to ensure that dining at CRAVE Nasi Lemak is as smooth as it can be.

Photo Credit: CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik FB Page

Social Media Pages

You can find the establishment on Facebook. Their official social media pages feature their menu, as well as their regular advertisements. They also use this platform to check out what the people want. They keep their items and services up to date, to make sure that they are catering with relevance.




The CRAVE Nasi Lemak Menu features different traditional Nasi Lemak dishes. They use fresh and high-quality ingredients to produce the highest quality dishes which have received positive reviews for their delicious and authentic Nasi Lemak dishes. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to try out CRAVE Nasi Lemak.

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