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Coconut shake stands can be found in various locations across Singapore, especially in areas with vibrant food culture and popular tourist destinations. However, there is one that stands out amongst the many stands out there, the Coconut Shake beverage shop from Tanjong Tagar Plaza in Singapore. Their coconut shake is made by blending fresh coconut flesh, coconut water, ice, and sometimes sweeteners like sugar or condensed milk. The combination is then blended until it becomes smooth and creamy which results in a cool and satisfying beverage.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Coconut Shake menu below.


Classic Coconut Shakes

Orange Pulpy Coconut Shake (Signature)$6.90
Original Coconut Shake$5.60
Yakult Coconut Shake$6.90
Oreo Coconut Shake$6.20
Taro Coconut Shake$6.60
Avocado Coconut Shake$6.90
Bandung Coconut Shake$6.20
Strawberry Coconut Shake$6.60
Mango Coconut Shake$6.60
Roasted Coconut Shake$7.30
Banana Coconut Shake$6.60
Blueberry Coconut Shake$6.60
Black Glutinous Rice Coconut Shake$6.20
Roasted Chestnut Coconut Shake$6.60
Black Sesame Coconut Shake$6.90
Gula Melaka Chendol Coconut Shake$6.60
Caramel Biscoff Coconut Shake$6.90
Passion Fruit Coconut Shake$6.60

Coffee & Tea Series

Hot Coffee (With Creamer)$2.80
Cappuccino Coconut Shake$7.30
Thai Milk Tea Coconut Shake$6.20
Iced Mocha$5.20
Iced Latte$4.90
Iced Cappuccino$4.90
Hot Latte$3.30
Hot Cappuccino$3.30
Hot Mocha$4.20
Iced Coffee (With Creamer)$3.80


Orange Peel Coconut Juice (Signature)$6.10
Osmanthus Wolfberry Fresh Coconut Juice (Signature)$6.10
Classic Coconut Juice$5.80
Hibiscus Roselle Juice$2.90
Snow Pear Osmanthus Juice$2.90
Passion Fruit Green Tea$3.60


Coconut Ice Cream$6.20

About Coconut Shake

Coconut Shake at Tanjong Pagar Plaza provides locals and tourists with a comfortable place to enjoy the refreshing and tropical taste of coconut shakes. This beverage shop is one of the most popular brands in Singapore that offer coconut shakes due to the end result of their products that came from well-curated recipes and procedures that were followed to make them. Every shake that they offer at this beverage shop is bound to be authentic, fresh, and most of all, delicious tasting!

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Coconut Shake Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of a selection of beverages from the best-sellers menu of the Coconut Shake beverage shop.

Hot Coffee (With Creamer) – This is a classic hot coffee beverage that is made with brewed coffee and topped with creamer for added richness and creaminess which results in comforting and familiar coffee flavors.

Cappuccino Coconut Shake – This beverage has a unique twist on the traditional coconut shake, this beverage combines the creamy and refreshing taste of coconut shake with the frothy and espresso-based cappuccino. It offers a blend of coconut and coffee flavors for a delicious and unique combination of flavors.

Yakult Coconut Shake – This Coconut Shake menu combines the probiotic goodness of Yakult with the creamy texture and flavor of a coconut shake and offers a tangy and sweet taste with the added health benefits of Yakult.

Black Sesame Coconut Shake – This beverage features the nutty and toasty flavor of black sesame blended with the creamy and refreshing coconut shake. It is one of the best-selling beverages at Coconut Shake thanks to the unique and indulgent taste experience that it offers.

Black glutinous rice coconut shake
Photo Credits: Coconut Shake Facebook Page

Passion Fruit Green Tea – This beverage combines the tropical and tangy flavor of passion fruit with the refreshing and earthy notes of green tea to offer a sweet and slightly tart taste profile that also has a hint of bitterness from the tea.

Classic Coconut Shakes Menu

This menu is composed of a wide variety of coconut shakes which are considered to be the shop’s signature offerings.

Original Coconut Shake – This beverage is a classic and traditional coconut shake, made with fresh coconut blended with ice and possibly some sweeteners or flavorings. It offers a creamy and refreshing taste with the natural sweetness of coconut that is perfect for those who are looking for a tropical drink.

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Roasted Chestnut Coconut Shake – This beverage features a combination of roasted chestnut flavors with the creamy coconut shake. It has a nutty and toasty taste profile with the natural sweetness of coconut which makes the drink unique and exciting.

Roasted chestnut coconut shake
Photo Credits: Coconut Shake Facebook Page

Gula Melaka Chendol Coconut Shake – This beverage is made from a fusion of flavors, combining the traditional Southeast Asian dessert, Chendol, with the creamy coconut shake. It has ingredients such as gula melaka, green pandan jelly, and possibly red beans or other toppings.

Coffee and Tea Series

This menu of Coconut Shake is made up of a wide selection of coffee and tea items that can be ordered hot or cold, depending on the customer’s preference.

Thai Milk Tea Coconut Shake – This beverage combines the rich and creamy flavors of Thai milk tea with the refreshing twist of a coconut shake. It offers a unique blend of sweet and aromatic Thai tea flavors with the creamy texture and natural sweetness of coconut which makes this beverage both satisfying and refreshing.

Iced Mocha – The iced mocha from Coconut Shake consists of a shot of espresso, milk, and chocolate syrup or powder, served over ice which results in a cool and refreshing drink with a balanced combination of the bitter notes of coffee and the sweetness of chocolate. 

Iced Latte – This latte is made with a shot or two of espresso, milk, and a touch of sweetener that elevates the overall taste of the beverage but can be done so depending on the customer’s preference. The milk helps in lightening the strong flavor of the espresso which makes this drink more balanced and refreshing.

Coconut Shake Menu Juices

This menu consists of a wide variety of juice items that range from classic, tropical flavors to a more unique combination of fruit flavors. This isn’t an ordinary juice menu as it is made up of a selection of beverages that are exciting, refreshing, and above all, affordable.

Osmanthus wolfberry fresh coconut juice
Photo Credits: Coconut Shake Facebook Page

Coconut Shake Menu Delivery

Coconut Shake now provides their customers with a menu delivery to order from anywhere and anytime they want. This option makes it very convenient for customers who do not have the time to visit the shop themselves. Instead, they can order their favorite beverages at Coconut Shake with the help of third-party delivery services like FoodPanda or GrabFood through their mobile devices, laptops, tablets, or PCs.

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Coconut Shake Social Media Pages

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What is Coconut Shake and where is it located?

Coconut Shake is located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza in Singapore.

What types of drinks does Coconut Shake offer?

Coconut Shake provides its customers with a wide variety of delicious and affordable fruity-flavored beverages.

Are the drinks at Coconut Shake made with real coconut?

Yes, Coconut Shake’s coconut sakes are made from real coconut extracts.

Can I customize the sweetness level of the drinks at Coconut Shake?

Yes, Coconut Shake gives its customer the freedom to customize their beverage depending on their preference.

Is Coconut Shake halal-certified?

There is no information on whether Coconut Shake has any halal certifications.


Coconut Shake’s menu is not only composed of their signature beverage which is the coconut shake but is also made up of a wide variety of refreshing and authentic fruity-flavored drinks. Coconut Shake has become one of the most popular and most-visited beverage shops due to the taste and affordability of its beverages. One can argue that this shop has the best coconut shakes in all of Singapore, hence it is one of the must-visit places when you visit Singapore, especially as a tourist. And it also goes without saying that their coconut shake is also one of the must-tried beverages to complete your Singapore experience.

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