Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea Menu with Price

When roaming around Singapore, there will come a time that you will be parched and would love to have a refreshing and tasty drink. There are many beverage spots in Singapore, but none stands out more than Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea. Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea offers a diverse menu of delightful desserts and refreshing bubble tea beverages with a fusion of Asian flavors and creative combinations. Their dessert menu features a variety of traditional Chinese tong sui or sweet soup options and in addition to the tong sui, they also offer a selection of shaved ice desserts that are perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea menu below.



Strawberry Peach Gum Rice Wine Tea$6.90
Grapefruit Green Tea$4.90
Camellia Lemon Tea
Peach Lime Camellia Tea$6.90
Peach Camellia Fresh Milk Tea$6.90
Taro Milk (Bottle)$5.50
Lime Passion Tea (Bottle)$5.80

Cheese Cream Mochi

Mix Mochi With Cheese Cream$13.90
Sweet Potato Mochi With Cheese Cream$6.80
Oreo Mochi With Cheese Cream$6.80
Matcha Mochi With Cheese Cream$6.80
Bean Powder Mochi With Cheese Cream$6.80


QQ Yam Set 1$4.90
QQ Yam Set 2$4.90
QQ Yam Set 3$4.50
QQ Yam Set 4$4.90
Passion Osmanthus Jelly$3.90
QQ Yam Set 5$4.90
Mango Sago Ice Jelly$6.90
Strawberry Ice Jelly$6.90
Osmanthus Rice Wine Rice Ball$5.90
Tranditional Ice Jelly$5.90


Pepermint Smoothie$5.50
Chocolate Smoothie$5.50
Coffee Smoothie$5.50
Strawberry Smoothie$5.50
Matcha Smoothie$5.50
Passion Fruit Smoothie$5.50

Cheese Tea

Cheese Black Tea$3.80
Cheese Green Tea$3.80
Cheese Oolong Tea$3.80
Cheese Pearl Milk Tea$4.80
Cheese White Peach Oolong$5.90
Cheese Earl Grey Milk Tea$5.50
Cheese Mango Creme Tea with Pomelo$6.50
Cheese Matcha Milk Tea$5.50

Brewed Tea

Black Tea$3.30
Green Tea$3.30
Oolong Tea$3.30
White Peach Oolong Tea$4.90

Milk Tea

Milk Tea$4.00
Pearl Milk Tea$4.00
Milk Green Tea$4.00
Oolong Milk Tea$4.00
Earl Grey Milk Tea$4.00
Honey Milk Tea $5.00
Honey Milk Green Tea$4.20
Hazelnut Milk Tea$4.20
Caramel Milk Tea $4.80
Brown Sugar Milk Tea$4.80
Strawberry Milk Tea $4.80
Wintermelon Milk Tea$4.80
Chocolate Milk Tea$4.80
Taro Tea $4.80
Mint Milk Tea$4.80
Honeydew Milk Tea$4.80
Fresh Milk Tea$4.80
Matcha Milk Tea $4.80
Flaming Tiger $6.50

Healthy Fruit Tea

Grass Jelly Winter Melon Tea$3.80
Honey Aloe$3.90
Passion Fruit Osmamthus Jelly$3.90
Honey Tea$4.20
Kumquat Lemon$4.60
Mango Tea$4.60
Passion Fruit Tea$4.60
Honey Peach Tea$4.60
Strawberry Tea$4.60

Tea and Coffee

Taiwan Ginger Tea$3.80
Classic Coffee$3.50


Strawberry Yakult$6.20
Yakult Green Tea$4.60
Passion Fruit Yakult$5.20
Lemon Yakult $5.20

Osmanthus Rice Wine Milk Tea

Grapefruit Green Tea$6.90
Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo$4.90
Peach Gum Strawberry Passion Fruit Tea$5.80
Thai Green Lemon Tea$7.96
Fresh Strawberry Green Tea$5.50


Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearl $5.80
Brown Sugar Black Tea$4.20
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk$5.80
Brown Sugar Latte Black Tea$4.80
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Oolong Tea with Pearl$5.80
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About Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea is a popular dessert and beverage spot in Singapore that specializes in a wide range of sweet treats and refreshing drinks. Their menu features a variety of delectable desserts, including traditional Chinese tong sui or sweet soup with ingredients like red bean, black sesame, and lotus seed. Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea is a great place to satisfy your sweet cravings or enjoy a refreshing drink with friends due to its cozy and inviting ambiance.

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of the most popular and best-selling items that Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea offers.

Oreo Mochi With Cheese Cream – This dessert combines the chewy texture of mochi with the delightful flavor of Oreo cookies and the cheese cream adds a creamy, creating a unique and enjoyable dessert experience.

Strawberry Smoothie – It is a truly refreshing and fruity beverage that is perfect for those who enjoy the natural sweetness of strawberries. This smoothie is blended to a smooth and creamy consistency to offer a burst of strawberry flavor with every sip.

Cheese Earl Grey Milk Tea – This beverage combines the classic flavors of earl grey tea with creamy cheese foam, creating a unique and indulgent drink. The slight bitterness of Earl Grey tea is balanced by the rich and creamy cheese foam topping, resulting in a delightful combination of flavors.

Taiwan Ginger Tea – Taiwan Ginger Tea offers a comforting and aromatic experience and is known for its warming properties which makes it a comfortable drink. This tea is made from ginger infused with hot water, to provide customers with a soothing and invigorating beverage option.

Yakult Green Tea – This beverage combines the probiotic goodness of Yakult with the refreshing taste of green tea. Yakult Green Tea offers a balance of sweetness and a tangy flavor, making it a popular choice for those seeking a healthy and flavorful drink.

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Cheese Cream Mochi

This menu of Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea is composed of a wide selection of desserts that uses cheese cream mochi as their base.

Mix Mochi With Cheese Cream –  This offering combines a variety of flavors and textures in one delightful dessert that provides a fun and diverse experience. It’s a great choice for those who enjoy a combination of flavors and want to try a variety of mochi in one serving.

Sweet Potato Mochi With Cheese Cream – This unique dessert features the earthy and sweet flavors of sweet potato combined with creamy cheese cream. The mochi is soft and chewy which pairs perfectly with the cheese cream, thus creating a satisfying and indulgent treat.

Matcha Mochi With Cheese Cream – The slightly bitter notes of matcha in this dessert is complemented by the smooth and creamy cheese cream, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. The soft and chewy matcha mochi adds a delightful texture making it a great choice for matcha lovers that visit.

Matcha mochi

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea Menu Desserts

This menu is composed of a wide variety of desserts item that can cater to every customer’s choice and preference.

Passion Osmanthus Jelly – This refreshing dessert from Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea combines the tropical and tangy flavor of passion fruit with the delicate floral notes of osmanthus. The combination of passion fruit and osmanthus creates a delicious and unique balance of sweet and fragrant flavors.

Passion fruit agar jelly
Photo Credits: www.tasteadessert.com/

Mango Sago Ice Jelly – The Mango Sago Ice Jelly features juicy and ripe mango chunks combined with creamy sago pearls and a refreshing jelly base. The combination of the creamy and fruity elements creates a luxurious, great-tasting, and satisfying dessert. 

Strawberry Ice Jelly – This offering is a delicious combination of sweet strawberries and a refreshing jelly base. The Strawberry Ice Jelly features fresh and juicy strawberry pieces mixed with a chilled jelly texture, creating a cool and fruity dessert.


This menu offers a delightful selection of refreshing and flavorful blended beverages that are made with high-quality ingredients which make each one of them the perfect choice for those seeking a cool and creamy drink. 

Cheese Tea

This menu offers a great twist to your everyday tea experience with the added cheese on each of these beverages. Every innovative beverage that is part of this menu provides a perfect balance between the rich and creamy cheese layer and the aromatic tea base.

Milk Tea

This menu offers a wide variety of delicious and refreshing milk tea options that are made with high-quality tea leaves and blended with creamy milk that is perfect for milk tea lovers in Singapore. 

milkvtea flavors
Photo Credits: Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea IG Page

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea Menu Delivery

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea now provides a menu delivery for anyone living in Singapore for a more convenient ordering option. This allows customers to satisfy their thirst and cravings without having the need to go outside of their own homes.

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Social Media Pages

Treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss with every sip and bite. Connect with them on social media and visit our store to experience the ultimate fusion of flavors, where taste meets imagination. Join their online community of dessert enthusiasts and bubble tea lovers to discover new flavors, share your favorite combinations, and stay updated on exclusive promotions and discounts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tastea_dessert_and_bubble_tea/

Website: https://www.tasteadessert.com


What is Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea and where is it located in Singapore?

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea is a dessert and beverage shop located in People’s Park Centre in Singapore.

What type of desserts does Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea offer?

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea offers a wide selection of desserts that can cater to different tastes and preferences of every customer that visits.

Can I customize the sugar level and ice level in my bubble tea?

Yes, customers are given the option to customize their orders at Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time flavors available at Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea?

Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea does offer a variety of seasonal and time-limited flavors from time to time.

Is Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea halal-certified?

There is no information on whether Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea is halal-certified or not, you can directly ask the staff at the said shop in regards to this matter for more accurate information.


Tastea Dessert & Bubble Tea is a delightful destination for dessert and bubble tea lovers in Singapore. It has a wide selection of traditional and creative desserts, as well as a variety of flavorful bubble tea beverages that will surely satisfy every customer with a sweet tooth that comes to visit. The fusion of Asian flavors in their offerings as well as the option to customize your order ensures a personalized and enjoyable experience. Overall,  Tastea offers a range of delicious and affordable options that will satisfy anyone whether they are looking for a comforting bowl of tong sui or a simple shaved ice dessert

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