WOK HEY Menu with Price

With the increasing demand for instant food, WOK HEY as a brand that radiates fun, energy, and excitement created its own set of menus that can be enjoyed at your own convenience. WOK HEY started as a small business that tries to overcome its gigantic competitors using its humongous dream. Harboring the idea of a fast-casual, convenient, and take-out-only kiosk concept, WOK HEY menu has started to become a success.

As the company promotes a customer-centered policy, WOK HEY tried its very best to be a certified Halal company. We serve not just food but also compassion to the ones who belong to different religions. So at WOK HEY you can get your hundred percent assurance that they don’t just serve food, they always serve love.

WOK HEY as of now has 31 stores that have been scattered across Singapore. So make your purchase today via the food servicing app, and enjoy your WOK HEY meal in your room, in your dining, or even on your veranda! 

Wok Hey Menu Price List [Updated]

You can find the updated pricing information for the Wok Hey food items below.


Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice$6.50
Egg Fried Rice With Braised Beef$8.30
Egg Fried Rice With Grilled Chicken$7.30
Egg Fried Rice With Premium Turkey Ham$8.30
Egg Fried Rice With Seasoned Prawns$8.30

Fresh Ramen

Fresh Ramen$7.50
Fresh Ramen With Braised Beef$9.30
Fresh Ramen With Grilled Chicken$8.30
Fresh Ramen With Premium Turkey Ham$9.30
Fresh Ramen With Seasoned Prawns$9.30

Fresh Udon

Fresh Udon$7.50
Fresh Udon With Braised Beef$9.30
Fresh Udon With Grilled Chicken$8.30
Fresh Udon With Premium Turkey Ham$9.30
Fresh Udon With Seasoned Prawns$9.30

Healthier Edition

Egg Fried Rice HE With Grilled Chicken 7.3
Egg Fried Rice HE$6.50
Egg Fried Rice HE With Braised Beef$8.30
Egg Fried Rice HE With Seasoned Prawns$8.30
Fresh Ramen HE$7.50
Fresh Ramen HE With Seasoned Prawns$9.30
Fresh Udon HE$7.50
Fresh Udon HE With Seasoned Prawns$9.30
Shanghai Fried Rice HE$7.00
Shanghai Fried Rice HE With Braised Beef$8.80
Shanghai Fried Rice HE With Grilled Chicken$7.80
Shanghai Fried Rice HE With Seasoned Prawns$8.80


Fresh Ramen With Seasoned Prawns$9.30
Fresh Udon With Seasoned Prawns$9.30
Shanghai Fried Rice With Braised Beef$8.80
Shanghai Fried Rice With Seasoned Prawns$8.80
Truffle Fried Rice with Premium Turkey Ham$11.30
Truffle Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns$11.30

Shanghai Fried Rice

Shanghai Fried Rice$7.00
Shanghai Fried Rice With Braised Beef$8.80
Shanghai Fried Rice With Grilled Chicken$7.80
Shanghai Fried Rice With Premium Turkey Ham$8.80
Shanghai Fried Rice With Seasoned Prawns$8.80

Truffle Fried Rice

Truffle Fried Rice MAX$12.30
Truffle Fried Rice with Braised Beef$11.30
Truffle Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken$10.30
Truffle Fried Rice with Premium Turkey Ham$11.30
Truffle Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns$11.30

Truffle Udon

Truffle Udon MAX$13.30
Truffle Udon with Braised Beef$12.30
Truffle Udon with Grilled Chicken$11.30
Truffle Udon with Premium Turkey Ham$12.30
Truffle Udon with Seasoned Prawns$12.30
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The story of WOK HEY began with their concept to give birth and have a modern interpretation of the old and classic Asian stir-fry staples. Inspired by its Cantonese-style cooking, WOK HEY brought a surfeit of a menu that can be enjoyed by everyone. This food brand envisions that one day Asian stir-fry staples can become and should always be part of a significant mainstream segment anchoring the fast-casual category globally.

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As an idealist, WOK HEY believe that they should focus on the relationship that circulates among their customer, co-workers, business partners, and community a wide spectrum. The company desire to connect people using the memory that they can generate while eating their special wok – people from a different era aren’t exempted from the rule of love that radiates by the company.

To know more about the WOK HEY menu best sellers and what to expect from them, the succeeding paragraphs will tell you how to fully enjoy your WOK HEY experience. While reading you can grab your phone and order a wok of happiness now!

WOK HEY Menu Best Seller

Due to the high demand that the company currently experiences, WOK HEY listed four (4) recommended menus that you should try. Experience a healthy, nutritious, natural, and tasty serving with the following meal.

Shanghai Fried Rice with Braised Beef and Brussels Sprouts – Just the name itself already speaks flavor and delight. Be chilled with its chili flakes and crunchy vegetables, especially Brussels. Savor its meaty texture at a price of $8.30 only!

Photo Credit: WOK HEY FB Page

Egg Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns – Do you love the sweet and sour taste of seasoned prawns? Then this WOK HEY menu is certainly your food choice! Be in love with WOK HEY Egg fried rice as it brings back your old – traditional memory.

Fresh Udon with Grilled Chicken – Of course, udon will be enlisted here due to the quality and oily strips of joy that it can give. Bewildered with grilled chicken that is surely seasoned with spices and pepper. I also assure you that the chicken used in this meal is Halal-certified.

Fresh Ramen with Seasoned Prawns – This WOK HEY menu is partnered with seasoned prawns and is certainly a delectable relish dish that can soothe your trench. You deserve this ten-dollar ramen, especially during rainy hours. So give this meal a try and enjoy your safe stay at home.

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WOK HEY Menu Delivery

WOK HEY now offers an island-wide delivery! Enjoy this treat with your loved ones at the convenience of your own dining! To purchase orders at WOK HEY, you can try the local food servicing app just like food panda. You can also look at your browser and search for wokhey.getz.co and order your meal today.

Photo Credit: WOK HEY FB Page

For starters, I will give very short instructions that you can follow so that you can successfully place your order.

  1. Visit wokhey.getz.co and click the menu.
  2. After clicking the menu, choose your favorite meal, and indicate the quantity that you want to purchase.
  3. Scroll down and select the option on what add-ons that you would like to be present at your meal.
  4. On the home button, you can see a delivery slip on the right side of your screen, which indicates a virtual receipt of what you bought.
  5. After doing the above procedure, you can just check out right away and wait for your hot wok to arrive.


People are always curious about something, they always have queries that can really affect their way of living. Just like “what are your ingredients because I am allergic to this and that”, “what is your best seller” and such. In order to answer queries in a faster and smoother method, below is a list of frequently asked questions by people online and those who visit the WOK HEY.

What does WOK HEY mean?

In Chinese literacy, WOK HEY has a simple meaning. WOK in WOK HEY is defined as “a deep-frying pan” or “skillet”, while HEY defines as an “energy” or is most commonly described as “breath”. Other than its Chinese meaning, WOK HEY refers to the flavor and unique taste that can be divulged by a hot wok when stir-frying.

Where does WOK HEY come from?

WOK HEY originated in the heart of China and serves nourishment to hunger. However in the year 1990, famed American Chinese cuisine writer Grace Young introduced the taste of WOK HEY internationally. On the other hand, the brand WOK HEY has only been introduced to the world recently in the year 2017 as a take-out-only kiosk concept offering delicious customizable fry-to-order wok dishes.

Is WOK HEY Halal?

Due to the unending love and acknowledgment at WOK HEY, they can certainly assure you that the meat and other ingredients that they are using are Halal certified. The aim of the company is not only to serve food, but they aim for a higher purpose – to serve everyone with food that harbors their belief, attitude, and religion.

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Can WOK HEY be microwaved?

This Asian fast-casual food service brand always exceeds what the customer expected. Of course, a take-home WOK HEY wouldn’t be as good as new if it wasn’t hot. Who would like a cold-dead meal right? So here at WOK HEY, they manage to innovate at the highest level and made their meal microwavable. It is indeed a challenge to the company, however just like any other obstacle, the company overcome this struggle and continued to rise to the top.

WOK HEY Social Media Pages

Like, Heart, Care, and other emoji are now used to express different emotions. At WOK HEY, I think peoples’ emoji would be hungry and wow. WOK HEY as an international brand expands its reach and now steps into social media. To know what account you should follow then below is the list of sites, pages, or accounts that you should follow.

  • Official Website – www.wokhey.sg. With their official website, you can know more about what WOK HEY promotes, what WOK HEY believes, and How WOK HEY started. So if you are an entrepreneur and want to know their story, then going to their official website is recommended.
  • Facebook – The happiness in each pack can now be reached through your mobile or computer via Facebook. Enjoy your Facebook experience while looking at the WOK HEY post. You can read suggestions and comments on how to level up your WOK HEY experience. Link – https://www.facebook.com/wokheysg/
  • Instagram – @wokheysg. Love browsing on Instagram? Then follow our official Instagram and starve with our mouthwatering post!


As our life continues to expand and grow, our means and our needs also mature which now requires a new and innovative solution. We may encounter alien-like technology today if we weren’t aware of the new society that we are currently living and the society we would be living in decades from now. As a new approach to old solutions blooms, people now become impatient. I would not like to give a hasty generalization, however as I observe the situation where I am currently residing, I did observe that people don’t like to wait anymore. They want instant solutions and instant foods that can cure their hunger which can give remedy their problem. In order to combat hunger with instant food, WOK HEY develop its own unique brand which now solves not just hundreds of peoples’ hunger, but thousands globally.

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