NKS Restaurant Menu with Prices

Have you ever tried Indian cuisine? Are you intrigued by how it tastes like? In our article today, we are going to talk about a place that offers Indian cuisine and that’s nonother than NKS restaurant. NKS restaurant menu has a lot of delicious and interesting items on their menu and if you’re intrigued enough to know about this restaurant then stay here with me and let’s take a look at their menu prices and of course about them, let’s go. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the NKS Restaurant menu below.



Mutton biryani set$7.22
Chicken set meal$5.78
Coin prata$2.89
Kothu prata chicken $5.95
Popcorn chicken $4.59
Fried chicken $3.40

Ayam & Daging

Ayam masak merah$9.18
Ayam paprik merah$9.18
Daging merah$9.18
Daging black pepper $9.18
Daging ketchup$9.18
Daging seafood$9.18

Udang & Sotong

Udang sambal$9.18
Sotong sambal$9.18

Vadai & samosa

Medu vadai$0.85
Curry puff potato $1.19
Curry puff sardine$1.19
Samosa potato$1.19


Omelette $1.70
Boiled egg $1.19
Sunny side egg$1.19
Egg burji$2.29


Baby kailan$8.03
Kangkung belacan$8.03
Chap chye-mixed vegetable $8.03


Plain uttapam$1.87
Onion uttapam$2.55
Cheese uttapam $3.06
Vegetable uttapam $3.23
Egg onion uttapam $3.57
Mushroom uttapam $2.98
Egg uttapam$2.80
Egg cheese uttapam $3.83

Kothu prata

Kothu prata egg$5.10
Kothu prata chicken $5.95
Kothu prata mutton $6.38
Kothu prata vegetable $5.10


Plan dosa$1.87
Ghee dosa$2.29
Masala dosa$2.89
Onion dosa$2.29
Egg onion dosa$3.23
Egg masala dosa$3.40
Onion masala dosa$3.40
Cheese masala dosa$4.08
Egg dosa$2.29
Double egg dosa$2.89
Paper dosa$2.72
Cheese dosa$3.17
Egg ghee masala dosa$4.76
Egg cheese masala dosa$5.10


Plain prata$1.02
Cheese prata$2.29
Egg prata$1.70
Egg onion cheese prata$3.74
Plaster prata$1.87
Mushroom prata$2.89
Mushroom cheese prata$4.00
Double egg prata$2.38
Egg cheese prata$2.89
Egg onion prata$2.89
Egg garlic prata$2.98
Egg garlic cheese prata$3.74
Roti bomb $3.40
Chocolate prata$2.29
Honey prata $2.29
Milk prata $2.29
Tissue prata $2.89
Onion prata $1.70
Onion cheese prata $2.89
Banana prata$2.29
Banana cheese prata$3.23
Butter cheese prata$3.57
Cheese hotdog prata $3.31
Tissue prata with milk on chocolate $3.40
Coin prata$2.89
Garlic prata$2.89
Butter prata $2.64

Soups & kuah

Tom yam soup campur$8.03
Tom yam soup ayam$8.03
Tom yam soup udang$8.03
Tom yam soup daging$8.03
Soup sotong$8.03
Soup campur$8.03
Soup ayam$8.03
Soup Daging $8.03
Seafood soup $8.03
Soup sayur$8.03
Mutyon soup$8.03
Soup tulang$7.46
Soup meat tulang mixed $8.03
Mee kuah$6.32
Maggi soup$5.74

Western dishes

Mushroom soup $3.36
Chicken wings $3.91
Grilled sausage $1.27
Mac & cheese $5.95
Cajun chicken $7.31


Fish & chips $8.61
Fish & chips with cheese $9.76
Grilled salmon fillet $13.77
Grilled salmon with cheese $14.92


Grilled chicken chop$8.61
Cajun grilled chicken chop $8.61
Black pepper grilled chicken chop $8.61
Mushroom grilled chicken chop $9.76
Cheese grilled chicken chop $9.76
BBQ grilled chicken chop $9.18
Chicken cutlet $8.61
Chicken cutlet with cheese $9.76

Poori & chapati

Chapati set meal A$2.46
Chapati set meal B$2.89
Chapati with chicken $6.54
Chapati with mutton $6.54


Chicken murtabak$6.80
Mutton murtabak$6.80
Sardine murtabak $6.80

A la Carte

Curry chicken $3.40
Fried chicken $3.40
Mutton $4.08
Fish curry $3.40
Fried fish$3.40

Goreng items

Mee goreng vegetables$5.17
Mee goreng ikan bilis$5.74
Mee goreng seafood $7.46
Mee goreng Daging $7.46
Mee goreng ayam$7.46
Mee goreng thai$7.46
Mee goreng tom yam$8.03
Mee goreng pattaya$7.46
Mee hong kong$8.03
Been hoon tom yam$8.03
Bee hoon hong kong$8.03
Bee hoon hailam$8.03
Hokien mee udang$8.03
Hor fun seafood $8.03
Maggi tom yum$8.03

NKS combo

Chicken chop with aglio olio$11.47
Chicken chop with carbonara $11.47
Chicken chop with mac n cheese $11.47
Fish & chop with aglio olio$11.47
Fish & chop with carbonara $11.47
Fish & chop with mac& cheese $11.47
Chicken cutlet with aglio olio$11.47
Chicken cutlet with carbonara $11.47
Chicken cutlet with mac & cheese $11.47
Grilled salmon with aglio olio$17.21
Grilled salmon with carbonara $17.21
Grilled salmon with mac & cheese $17.21


Aglio olio$5.74
Aglio olio with sosej$6.32
Aglio olio with chicken $6.88
Aglio olio with seafood $7.46
Aglio olio with prawn$8.03
Aglio olio with smoked duck$8.03
Aglio olio with smoked salmon $9.18
Carbonara with sosej$6.32
Carbonara with chicken $6.88
Carbonara with seafood $7.46
Carbonara with prawn$8.03
Carbonara with smoked duck$8.03
Carbonara with smoked salmon $9.18


Nasi goreng seafood$7.46
Nasi goreng pattaya$8.03
Nasi goreng vegetable $5.74
Nasi goreng daging$7.46
Nasi goreng ayam$7.46
Nasi goreng kampung$6.88
Nasi goreng petai$6.88
Nasi goreng thai$7.46
Nasi goreng ikam masin$6.88
Nasi hong kong$8.03
Nasi goreng kns$8.03
Nasi goreng tom yam$8.03
Nasi goreng paprik$8.03
Nasi goreng udang sambal$8.03
Nasi goreng ayam kunyit$8.03
Nasi goreng Daging merah$8.03
Nasi goreng cendawan$8.03

Combo sets

Combo set A$29.72
Combo set B$29.72
Combo set C$48.08


Vegetable biryani set$5.95
Chicken biryani set$6.71
Mutton biryani set$7.22
Fish biryani $7.22

Set meals

Vegetarian set meal$5.10
Chicken set meal$5.78
Mutton set meal$6.38
Fish set meal$6.38

Combo meals

Bee hoon goreng combo$8.50
Mee goreng combo$8.50
Nasi goreng combo $8.50
Kuey teow goreng combo $8.50
Maggi goreng combo$8.50

Roti john

Roti john chicken$5.10
Roti john mutton $5.10
Roti john sardine$5.10
Roti john kari$5.10

Nasi goreng

Nasi goreng$4.59
Nasi goreng chicken $6.38
Nasi goreng mutton $6.38
Nasi goreng ikan bilis$5.10

Nasi goreng pattaya

Nasi goreng pattaya chicken $6.80
Nasi goreng pattaya mutton$6.80
Nasi goreng pattaya ikan bilis$5.53

Mee goreng

Mee goreng $4.59
Mee goreng chicken $6.38
Mee goreng mutton $6.38

Maggi goreng

Maggi goreng$4.59
Maggi goreng chicken $6.38
Maggi goreng mutton $6.38
Maggi goreng ikan bilis$5.10

Bee hoon goreng

Bee hoon goreng$4.59
Bee hoon goreng chicken $6.88
Bee hoon goreng mutton $7.48
Bee hoon goreng ikan bilis $5.10

Kuey teow goreng

Kuey teow goreng $4.59
Kuey teow goreng chicken $6.38
Kuey teow goreng mutton $6.38
Kuey teow goreng ikan bilis $5.10

Sides and fried items

Chicken nuggets $4.59
Onion rings $4.59
Calamari $4.59
Popcorn chicken $4.59
Mashed potato $4.59
Mozzarella cheese sticks $5.17
Coleslaw $2.29
French fries $3.44
Cheese fries $4.59
Wedges $3.44
Cheese wedges$4.59
Middle chicken wings $5.17

Canned beverages

Coke light$1.61
Coke zero$1.61
Pepsi $1.61
Sprite $1.61
Redbull $1.61
Fanta orange$1.61
Fanta grape$1.61
A&W root beer $1.61
Iced lemon tea$1.79
Green tea $1.61
Iced lemon tea $1.79
Oolong tea $1.61
Coconut water$1.61
Sparkling water $1.61
Soya bean$1.61
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About NKS Restaurant

NKS Restaurant is quite popular in Singapore. They serve Indian cuisine that is specially made for our Muslim friends. The restaurant is known for serving authentic Indian Muslim cuisine that is not just flavorful but delicious as well. The restaurant has a cozy and customer-friendly atmosphere aside from that they have an approachable and friendly staff that’s why even though the cuisine is not widely eaten in Singapore the customers are coming to try the food.

menu dishes
Photo Credits: NKS Restaurant SG Facebook Page

Their menu features a wide selection of Indian food and the food is cooked fresh even the ingredients. Aside from food NKS also offers drinks like beer, cocktails, and wines. They also have a vegan option on their menu for customers who is vegetarian. Their prices are reasonable and the portions that they serve are huge. NKS also offers catering services. 

NKS Restaurant Menu Best Seller

Here are some examples of NKS best sellers. We conducted research to gather all the data. 

Fried Chicken – NKS version of fried chicken is deliciously good and really crispy. We all know that the best fried chicken has those qualities and NKS fried chicken is the perfect example of the best Indian-style fried chicken. The crust on this fried chicken is also very flavorful because of the herbs and spices that they used by making their fried chicken. 

Fried chicken

Popcorn Chicken – NKS’s version of popcorn chicken is something that you will be wanting if you love bite-size fried chicken without the bone. Flavorful and recommended if you’re going with kids. 

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Kothu Prata Chicken – if you’re looking for an awesome meal then NKS’s version of kothu prata chicken is just the right dish for you. This one is made with stir-fried chicken in Shredded prata with delicious and rich curry sauce. One that you should order if you love curry flavor. 

Chicken Set Meal – NKS’s chicken set meal consists of Steamed White rice, their delicious and juicy fried chicken, some freshly cooked vegetable, and papadam. Great for those who are looking for a complete meal. 

NKS Restaurant Menu Western Dishes

NKS restaurant is also serving Western dishes for you to try. They have 6 dishes to choose from and to be quite fair those dishes are also good. First on the list is their mushroom soup this classic and creamy mushroom soup is delicious. They also have fries that they serve with your choice of dip. Another item is their chicken wings which they serve 3 pcs per serving. Other options are grilled sausage, mac & cheese, and cajun chicken

NKS Restaurant Menu Vadai & Samosa

On their vadai & samosa menu, they have 4 different options to try. They have a menu vadai which is the cheapest and most simple. They also have curry puff potato, this is really crispy and flavorful. They also have curry puff sardine for different flavors and lastly, their samosa potato which is deliciously amazing and flavorful as well. 



The dosa menu of NKS Restaurant is basically a coconut chutney, they have plan dosa, ghee dosa, masala dosa, and onion dosa. Other different flavors are egg onion dosa, egg masala dosa, onion masala dosa, cheese masala dosa, egg dosa, double egg dosa, paper dosa, cheese dosa, egg ghee masala dosa, and egg cheese masala dosa. 

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Ayam & Daging 

Ayam & Daging’s menu has 6 delicious dishes to choose from. They have ayam masak merah which I high recommend. The next item on this menu is their ayam paprik merah. They also have daging merah and daging black pepper. Other options are daging ketchup and daging seafood. 


They also have different egg dishes. The first item on this menu is their omelet which is a fried scrambled egg with green pepper, tomatoes, and onions. If you want to keep it simple they have a plain boiled egg. They also have sunny side egg that is great with any food. Egg burji is also present on this menu, this one is really delicious lastly their Kalaki which is also an egg dish. 

NKS Restaurant menu delivery

Wanting to order your favorite item of NKS? No worries since you can use third-party delivery services like Food Panda, Deliveroo, or Grab Food. All you have to do is to book your favorite food courier. 

Social Media Pages

Follow their social media pages to stay connected with their latest updates, including seasonal menu offerings, chef specials, and exclusive promotions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nks_restaurant/


What type of cuisine does NKS Restaurant serve?

NKS restaurant is serving Muslim Indian cuisine. 

What are the operating hours of NKS Restaurant?

NKS restaurant operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Is it necessary to make a reservation at NKS Restaurant?

There’s no need for a reservation if you’re planning on visiting NKS restaurant though if you want a reservation you may contact them. 

Is NKS Restaurant halal certified?

Yes. NKS restaurant is serving Muslim Indian cuisine therefore NKS is a halal-certified restaurant. 


NKS restaurant menu has a lot of options specifically if you’re looking for Indian cuisine. There’s no need to worry if you’re a Muslim since they only serve halal-certified foods. The prices of the food that they offered are affordable and easy to enjoy, don’t have odd tastes, and really flavorful because of the herbs and Indian spices that they use. The place is okay can’t tell that it is perfect but just right also the place is neat and has that cost however I can’t complain about their service crew since they are polite very approachable and fast to serve. The ambiance inside their restaurant is also good. A place that is highly recommendable, especially for Indian cuisine lovers. 

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