Yishun 925 Chicken Rice Menu with Price

If you are wandering around Singapore looking for an eatery that offers a unique and filling meal for a new experience, then the menu of Yishun 925 Chicken Rice is for you! Located in Yishun, this eatery has become a go-to destination for people who crave the classic flavors of Singaporean dishes. The star of their menu is the tender and juicy chicken that was cooked to perfection and served atop fragrant rice Additionally, you can complement your meal with an assortment of flavorful side dishes, including vegetables, tofu, and other delectable options.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Yishun 925 Chicken Rice menu below.


A La Carte

Chicken Only$10.00

Combo Meals

White Chicken Set Meal for 2 Pax$15.00
Roasted Chicken Set Meal $15.00

Signature White Chicken / Roasted Chicken

Signature Roasted Chicken for 1 Pax$5.80
Signature White Chicken for 2 Pax$5.80
Signature Roasted Chicken for 2 Pax$12.20
Signature White Chicken for 3 Pax$12.20
Signature Roasted Chicken for 3 Pax$18.20
Signature White Chicken for 4 Pax$18.20
Signature Roasted Chicken for 4 Pax$24.20
Signature White Chicken for 5 Pax$24.20
Signature Roasted Chicken for 5 Pax$30.20
Signature White Chicken Wings$30.20
Signature Roasted Chicken Wings$5.50
Char Siew rice$5.80
Signature Roasted Chicken Thighs$6.00


Chicken Rice$1.50


Shredded Chicken Hor Fun$5.50
Wanton Soup$6.00


Char Siew (Small)$8.20
Char Siew (Big)$12.20


Oyster Sauce Vegetable$5.00
Chilli Sauce$0.50
Black Soya Sauce$0.40

About Yishun 925 Chicken Rice

Yishun 925 Chicken Rice is a popular eatery in Singapore known for its flavorful and authentic chicken rice. It is located in Yishun and has gained a reputation for serving delicious and satisfying chicken rice dishes that keep customers coming back for more.  Their signature dish which is the Hainanese Chicken Rice is a juicy chicken that is served with hot and fragrant rice which makes for a filling meal. The restaurant takes great satisfaction in providing a wonderful dining experience with kind service.

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Yishun 925 Chicken Rice Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of a wide selection of delicious and affordable dishes that are sure to fill and satisfy customers.

Char Siew Rice – This dish is packed with a unique flavor which is perfect for those who are looking for a satisfying filling meal. The grilled pork, or char siu, is soft and has a flavor that is just a little bit sweet and charred due to it being smoked.

Roasted Chicken Set Meal – It is a popular choice for many locals when they visit Yishun 925 Chicken Rice. The roasted chicken is perfectly cooked, with crispy skin and tender meat, and then served with aromatic rice and a side of vegetables, providing a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Chicken Rice – This dish is known for its delicious and traditional Hainanese-style chicken rice. The chicken is poached to perfection, resulting in tender and juicy meat while the fragrant rice is cooked with chicken broth and aromatic spices to complement the chicken well and make it a classic dish that shouldn’t be missed.

Chicken rice
Photo Credits: Yishun 925 Chicken Rice FB Page

Shredded Chicken Hor Fun – It is one of the many comforting and hearty noodle dishes at Yishun 925 Chicken Rice. The smooth rice noodles are stir-fried with shredded chicken, vegetables, and a flavorful sauce which is why this dish is packed with umami flavors and textures, making it a satisfying choice for noodle lovers.

Wanton Soup – This soup dish is a comforting dish that is perfect for those who want to go on a different route and prefer something light on their meal. The wantons, filled with a mixture of minced pork and shrimp, are delicate and flavorful. Served in a clear broth with vegetables and garnished with spring onions, it is a comforting and satisfying soup option.

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Signature White Chicken / Roasted Chicken

This menu of Yishun 925 Chicken Rice is composed of dishes that make Yishun 925 Chicken Rice popular, their signature chicken offering.

Signature White Chicken Wings – Yishun 925 Chicken Rice’s signature chicken wings are tender, juicy, and packed with flavor. The wings are perfectly cooked, with a moist and juicy texture as it was seasoned with aromatic spices and herbs which gives it a delicious and fragrant taste. 

Signature Roasted Chicken Wings – These roasted chicken wings are a delightful twist on the classic chicken wings. The wings are roasted to perfection, resulting in crispy skin and juicy meat while the roasted flavor adds a smoky and savory element to the dish, making it a flavorful and satisfying option.

Signature Roasted Chicken Thighs – These chicken thighs are an absolute must-try for chicken lovers in Singapore. The taste of the chicken is enhanced during roasting, giving it a deep and delicious flavor.

Yishun 925 Chicken Rice Menu Noodle

This menu offers a variety of noodle dishes featuring their flavorful chicken. All noodles are cooked to perfection and complemented with tender and succulent chicken slices or chunks. The flavors are expected to be well-balanced and enhanced by aromatic sauces or broths.

Combo Meals

This menu is made up of a selection of combo meals which allows customers to have a convenient meal that is both satisfying and filling at a very affordable price. Each combo meal that is part of this menu is composed of wholesome Asian dishes that complement each other well providing a balanced meal.

Hainanese and roasted chicken rice set meal
Photo Credits: Yishun 925 Chicken Rice FB Page


This menu at Yishun 925 Chicken Rice refers to additional dishes that may not fall into a specific category. The menu is mostly made with sauce items and other appetizers and meal ad-ons. These dishes are meant to complement the main offerings and provide a variety of flavors and textures.

Sauteed prawns
Photo Credits: Yishun 925 Chicken Rice FB Page

Yishun 925 Chicken Rice Menu Delivery

Yishun 925 Chicken Rice provides a menu delivery for their customers who aren’t able to go outside of their homes and are craving their food offerings. This option is very convenient as customers will only need to order through third-party delivery services like FoodPanda and GrabFood with the help of their mobile phones, laptops, or PCs.

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Social Media Pages

Discover the legacy of Yishun 925 Chicken Rice and let them take you on a flavorful journey through the heart of Singapore’s culinary heritage. Follow their social media pages to stay updated with the latest offerings, behind-the-scenes moments, and irresistible promotions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yishun925

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/925chickenrice/


Where is Yishun 925 Chicken Rice located in Singapore?

Yishun 925 Chicken Rice is located at 722 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-2843, Singapore 560722.

What makes Yishun 925 Chicken Rice special?

Yishun 925 Chicken Rice is special for several reasons one of which is because of the exceptional quality of their chicken. 

Do they serve other dishes besides chicken rice?

Yes, Yishun 925 Chicken Rice offers a variety of dishes besides their famous chicken rice.

Can I make reservations at Yishun 925 Chicken Rice?

Yes, Yishun 925 Chicken Rice allows reservations for the convenience of its customers.

Does Yishun 925 Chicken Rice have any halal certifications?

There is no information on whether they are halal-certified or not. It is best to check this matter with the Yishun 925 Chicken Rice staff directly.


Yishun 925 Chicken Rice is a popular eatery in Singapore that offers a delightful dining experience, especially for chicken rice lovers. Their menu features a variety of chicken options and delectable side dishes to complement your meal which goes beyond their specialty, the traditional Hainanese chicken rice. Additionally, the cozy ambiance and warm hospitality at Yishun 925 Chicken Rice add to the overall charm of the eatery, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors alike.

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