Toast Box Menu with Price

The Toast Box menu offers traditional Singaporean breakfast items as well as coffee, tea, and other snacks. Toast Box also serves beverages such as their signature Nanyang-style coffee, tea, and Milo, as well as fruit juices and smoothies. Toast Box also has curry puffs, egg tarts, and peanut pancakes that are available for a quick snack. The menu is designed to accommodate both dine-in and takeout customers, with the option of ordering online for delivery.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Toast Box menu below.


Bundle Deals

2 Asian Delights Set$26.10
Toast and Curry Puff Set$7.50
Curry Puffs$10

Traditional/Thick Toast

Traditional Butter Toast$2.40
Traditional Kaya Toast$2.40
Traditional Peanut Toast$2.40
Multigrain Peanut Toast$2.40
Traditional Sugar toast$2.70
Multigrain Traditional Kaya Toast$2.70
Multigrain Traditional Butter Toast$2.70
Multigrain Traditional Butter Sugar Toast$2.70
Butter Sugar thick Toast$2.60
Multigrain Kaya Thick Toast$2.90
Multigrain Peanut Thick Toast$2.90
Multigrain Butter Sugar Thick Toast$2.90
Multigrain Butter Thick Toast$2.90
Multigrain Floss Thick Toast$3.10


Ham and Cheese Sandwich Set$9.90
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$4.10
Chilli Tuna and Egg Sandwich Set$12.00
Chilli Tuna and Egg Sandwich Set$6.30

Asian Delights

Mee Tai Bak Soup$7.20
Curry Chicken White Rice$8.20
Fried Mee Goreng with chicken$7.20
Drumstick Braised Pork Rice$10.80
Braised Pork Rice$8.20
Mee Rebus$7.50
Prawn Noodle Soup$8.70

Cakes, Pastries and Dessert

New coconut + Kopi Jellies$1.60
Salty Tau Sar Piah$2.90
Sweet Tau Sar Piah$2.90
Pandan Chiffon Cake$2.40
Honey Cake$2.70
Banana Cake$2.70
Pandan Kaya Roll$2.70
Kopi Gao Gao Roll$2.70
Pandan Kaya Roll 4 pc$10.80
Kopi Gao Gao roll 4 pc$10.80

Hot Beverages

Kopi O$3.40
Kopi C$3.60
Teh O$3.40
Teh C$3.60
Yuan Yang$3.90
Lemon Tea$3.70
Honey Lemon$3.70

Cold Beverages

Iced Kopi O$3.40
Iced Kopi C$3.60
Iced Kopi$3.60
Iced Teh O$3.40
Iced Teh C$3.60
Iced Teh$3.60
Iced Yuan Yang$3.90
Iced Milo$0.90
Iced Lemon Tea$3.70
Iced Honey Lemon$3.70
Iced Homemade Barley$3.30
Iced Homemade Barley With Lemon$3.90
Iced Milo Dinosaur$4.60
Iced Kopi Melaka$4.80
Iced Teh$4.80

About Toast Box

Toast Box is a Singaporean cafe chain that specializes in traditional Nanyang-style coffee and tea, as well as local breakfast and snack items. The brand was established in 2005 by the BreadTalk Group and has since expanded to over 70 outlets across Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. Toast Box aims to offer customers an authentic taste of Singaporean heritage through its food and drinks, which are inspired by local coffee shops, or kopitiams.

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Toast Box Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of different dishes that are popular for both visiting customers and those who use their delivery services.

Traditional Butter Toast – This toasted bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the butter adds a rich and creamy flavor. It’s a great choice for breakfast or as a snack.

Traditional Kaya Toast – Another staple at Toast Box that features a sweet coconut jam spread over toasted bread. The sweet and salty flavors complement each other perfectly.

Traditional Kaya toast
Photo Credits: Toast Box Official FB page

Traditional Peanut Toast – This dish is similar to the Traditional Butter Toast, but with peanut butter spread instead. The nutty flavor that the peanut butter gives this dish perfectly complements the crispy toast perfectly. 

Curry Chicken White Rice – The curry chicken is flavorful and tender, and the rice is cooked perfectly. It’s a filling and satisfying meal that’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

Drumstick Braised Pork Rice – This dish features tender and juicy braised pork served with fragrant rice. The flavors are well-balanced and the dish is not too heavy, making it a great option for a hearty meal.

Toast Box Menu Bundle Deals

This menu offers great value for money and is perfect for those who want a quick and convenient meal without compromising on taste.

2 Asian Delights Set – This bundle offers a choice of two classic Asian Delights dishes with a drink. The options include dishes like Laksa, Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, and more. This set is perfect for those who want a filling meal that’s quick and easy to grab on the go. The drink options include kopi, teh, or lemon tea.

Toast and Curry Puff Set – This bundle includes a traditional Kaya Toast and a curry puff, accompanied by a drink of your choice. The Kaya Toast is a must-try at Toast Box, and the curry puff adds a nice savory touch to the meal.

Curry Puffs – These flaky pastry pockets filled with fragrant and spicy curry filling make for a great snack or a light meal on the go. The curry puffs are best enjoyed hot and fresh, straight out of the oven. They are a must-try item for anyone visiting Toast Box.

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Traditional/Thick Toast

This menu is made of traditional Singaporean toast that is popular for its thickness which makes them both filling and satisfying.

Multigrain Butter Thick Toast – The multigrain bread is toasted to perfection and slathered generously with butter, giving it a rich and satisfying flavor. The addition of the multigrain bread adds a unique texture and nuttiness to the dish, making it a more wholesome option.

Multigrain Floss Thick Toast – This menu item is a unique twist on Toast Box’s classic thick toast, featuring savory pork floss as a topping. The multigrain bread provides a satisfying crunch, while the pork floss adds a salty and savory flavor that balances perfectly with the sweetness of the bread.

Multigrain Floss Thick Toast
Photo Credits: Toast Box Official FB page

Multigrain Peanut Thick Toast – Another variation of Toast Box’s traditional/thick toast, this menu item features a generous spread of peanut butter on top of the multigrain bread. The bread is toasted to perfect crispiness, creating a satisfying crunch that pairs well with the creamy peanut butter

Toast Box Menu Sandwich

Toast Box also offers a sandwich menu for customers who prefer a lighter meal for dine-in or on the go.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Set – This sandwich features a generous portion of ham and melted cheese on lightly toasted white bread, providing a perfect balance of savory and creamy flavors.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich – This sandwich features a classic combination of sliced ham and melted cheese between two slices of lightly toasted bread. This dish is served generously, making it suitable for a quick snack or a light meal at a very affordable price.

Chili Tuna and Egg Sandwich Set – This sandwich is made with a filling of tuna and egg mixed with a spicy chili sauce, which gives it a unique and flavorful kick. The sandwich comes with a serving of potato chips on the side and a drink of your choice.

Asian Delights

This menu of Toast Box offers a range of flavorful and satisfying dishes that are perfect for a quick, filling meal.

Braised Pork Rice – This dish features tender, flavorful pieces of braised pork served on a bed of fragrant rice. The pork is cooked to perfection and pairs well with the savory sauce and soft rice making this dish a great option for those who love hearty, comforting dishes.

Mee Rebus – This dish consists of yellow noodles in a spicy, sweet, and tangy gravy topped with bean sprouts, tofu, and a hard-boiled egg. The gravy has a unique flavor because of the ingredients used, making this dish well-balanced in terms of textures and flavors.

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Prawn Noodle Soup – This dish features a flavorful broth made from prawn shells and heads, served with thin rice noodles, succulent prawns, and tender slices of pork. The broth is both rich and savory, making it an excellent choice for fans of seafood and noodle soups alike.

Prawn Noodle soup
Photo Credits: Toast Box Official FB page

Toast Box Menu Delivery

Customers can enjoy their signature kaya toast, laksa, nasi lemak, and more with the convenience of home delivery. Toast Box offers various delivery services such as island-wide delivery, self-pickup, and catering services. Customers can place their orders through the Toast Box website or delivery platforms such as GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda. Toast Box also provides a mobile app for ordering and delivery services.

Toast Box Social Media Pages

Looking for a delicious and authentic Singaporean breakfast experience? Look no further than Toast Box Singapore! Follow our social media pages to stay up-to-date on our latest offerings and promotions. And don’t forget to visit our restaurant to try our famous kaya toast and Nanyang-style coffee. We’d love to see you there!







Are there any seasonal dishes available at Toast Box Singapore?

Yes, Toast Box Singapore offers seasonal dishes and drinks throughout the year. They also offer seasonal drinks like their popular Milo Dinosaur during certain times of the year.

Does Toast Box Singapore offer any discounts or promotions?

Toast Box Singapore offers various discounts and promotions throughout the year. They have a rewards program called the Toast Box Rewards, where members can earn and redeem points for rewards such as free drinks and food items.

Are there any dietary restrictions for Toast Box products?

Toast Box serves a variety of dishes that take into account various dietary restrictions. 

Is Toast Box halal-certified?

Yes, Toast Box Singapore is halal-certified.


Toast Box Singapore has a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Customers can enjoy traditional Singaporean breakfast items such as kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs, and kopi or tea. There are also flavorful options like laksa and nasi lemak on the menu, along with Western breakfast choices like French toast and eggs benedict. Toast Box also serves an assortment of drinks, such as coffee, tea, and Milo. Overall, Toast Box Singapore offers a delectable and simple dining experience to both locals and tourists alike.

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