Uni Gallery Menu with Price

Uni Gallery is a Japanese restaurant in Singapore whose menu specializes in uni (sea urchin) dishes. Their menu offers a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes and other dishes that brought the flavors of different cultures and uses uni as their main ingredients. The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and beautifully presented dishes. Some standout dishes include the Uni Donburi, Sashimi Platter, Wagyu Beef Tataki, Uni Pasta, Uni Sashimi, and Uni Tempura. Overall, Uni Gallery is a must-visit for anyone who loves uni and wants to experience the best of Japanese cuisine.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Uni Gallery menu below.



Tai Tataki$24.00
Tamago Yaki$8.00
Iwashi Tatami$12.00
Fresh Garden Salad w/ Avocado$13.00
Uni Oyster Shot$28.00
Shimaji Tataki$22.00
Tako Wasabi$8.00
Hyogo Oyster$38.00
Salmon Tataki$15.00


Botan Ebi Sashimi$33.00
Tai Sashimi$17.00
Kenpachi Sashimi$18.00
7-Type Uni Tokusen Sashimi Platter$38.00
Hirami Sashimi$20.00
Maguro Otoro Sashimi$55.00
Hotate gae Sashimi$17.00
Mekajiki Sashimi$16.00
Maguro Chutoro Sashimi$42.00
Maguro Sashimi Sanshumori$45.00
Salmon Sashimi$12.00
Ikura Sashimi$20.00
Maguro Akami Ioin Sashimi$20.00
Salmon Mori Sashimi$28.00


Maguro Zanmai Sashu$58.00
Salmon Sushi$9.00
Uni Otoro Ikura Sushi (1pc)$32.00
Tai Sushi$10.00
Shimaji Sushi$12.00
Hotate Sushi$8.00
Salmon Mentai Sushi$15.00
Negitoro Sushi$16.00
Aburi Sushi Platter$48.00
Maguro Otoro Sushi$28.00
Tamago Sushi$4.00
Maguro Chutoro Sushi$20.00
Botan Ebi Sushi$35.00
Ikura sushi$10.00
Mekajiki Sushi$8.00
Salmon Sushi Platter$35.00
Tobiko Sushi$6.00
Kanpachi Sushi
Sushi Platter$38.00
Maguro Akami Sushi$10.00
Nama Uni Sushi$25.00
Aburi Uni Sushi$28.00

Cut Roll

agon Salmon Roll$22.00
Uni Maki Roll$88.00
California Maki$13.00
Kani Karaage Maki$16
Green Roll Maki$23.00
Unagi Maki Roll$22.00
Spicy Shake Maki$19.50
Salmon Makimono$8.00


Lobster Salad Hand Roll$8.00
Unagi Tamagoyaki Hand Roll$10.00
Ebi Tempura Hand Roll$8.00
Salmon Ikura Hand Roll$13.00
Snow Crab Hand Roll$7.00
Maguro Hand Roll$8.00
Ikura Avocado Hand Roll$13.00
Uni Hand Roll$33.00
Kani Karaage Hand Roll$10.00
Spicy Shake Hand Roll$8.00
California Hand Roll$8.00
Negitoro Hand Roll$16.00
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$8.00


Ribeye Beef with Uni Ikura Set$69.00
Ribeye Beef Steak with Truffle Slice$43.00
Grade A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye$78.00
A5 Wagyu and Luxe Sushi Platter$72.00
Flaming Lambo Uni$55.00
Saba Shioyaki$15.90
Hotate Mentai Yaki$11.50
Ribeye Beef Steak with Truffle Slice$38.00
Sun-Dried Hamachi Kama$15.00
Unagi Kabayaki$18.00
Salmon Kama$15.00


Tori Karaage$11.00
Sesame Chicken Wing$8.00
Oba Tempura$10.00
Tempura Moriwase$15.00
Soft Shell Crab Platter$18.00
Uni Tempura Truffle Chawanmushi$42.00
Ebi Tempura Hand Roll$18.00
Kurobuta Katsu$27.00


Pork Jowl$23.00
Chicken Teriyaki$14.00
Salmon Teriyaki$22.00

Bento Sets

Gyudon with Ebi Fried Bento Set$39.00
Uni Ikura with Saba Bento Set$58.00
Uni with Tori Karaage Bento Set$52.00
Unagi with Sashimi Bento Set$38.00
Salmon Chirashi with Ebi Fried Bento Set$30.00

Chirashi Don

Fantasy chirashi$58.00
Bara Chirashi$24.00
2-Type Premium Uni Chirashil$126.00
Ikura Chirashi$32.00
Tokusen Chirashi$38.00
Uni Bukkake$195.00
Kaisen Chirashi Don$48.00
Hokkaido Chirashi Don$78.00
Toku Hida Chirashi Don$88.00
Uni Chirashi$32.00

Donburi and Bento

Una Uni Don$45.00
A5 Wagyu Luxe Bowl$80.00
Hotate Toji Don$18.00
Unagi Toji Don$17.00
Ten Don$18.00


Hot Inaniwa Udon$17.00
Cha Soba$12.00
Cold Inawa Udon$15.00
Sushi Rice$14.00
Dobin Mushi$19.00
Ikura Chawanmushi$10.00
Miso Soup$13.50
Uni Tempura Truffle Chawanmushi$26.00


Mochi Caramel Ice Cream$6.00


Sakura Sparkling Sake$28.00
Imayotsukasa Junmai$32.00
Nihonsakari Souhana Junmai Daiginjo1$38.00
DASSAI 39 Junmai Daiginjo Kinsho$124.00


Sapporo Premium$8.00
Asahi Dry$8.00


Soda Water$3.00
Coke Zero$3.00
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About Uni Gallery

Uni Gallery is a Japanese restaurant located in Singapore’s central business district that specializes in serving uni (sea urchin) dishes. The restaurant offers diners a comfortable atmosphere for an intimate dining experience due to its modern Japanese decor. It has a small seating area, making it perfect for a romantic dinner or small gatherings. They gather uni from various parts of the world to ensure they only serve the freshest and highest quality sea urchin. In addition to uni, they also offer a variety of traditional Japanese cuisine and fusion dishes, including sashimi, tempura, and pasta.

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Uni Gallery Menu Best Seller

For the simple reason that Uni Gallery is known for its uni (sea urchins) menu, best sellers focus on dishes made from this unique ingredient.

Uni Donburi – This dish is a bowl of Japanese rice topped with premium uni and other fresh seafood. A rather delicious and filling dish that would suit every visitor’s taste and preferences.

A5 Wagyu beef with uni cream donburi
Photo Credits: Uni Gallery by Oosterbay FB Page

Uni Pasta – It is a spaghetti dish that is served with creamy uni sauce, topped with uni, ikura (salmon roe), and tobiko (flying fish roe). This would be perfect as a solo meal or paired with Uni Gallery’s delicious and juicy steaks.

Uni Sashimi – This dish is made from slices of fresh uni served sashimi-style, with a dash of soy sauce and wasabi. This is perfect for all the visitors who love fresh and juicy raw dishes.

Sashimi Platter – This platter is made of a selection of fresh, high-quality sashimi, including tuna, salmon, and other seasonal fish. It is a perfect item for the guests who came in the group.

Sashimi platter
Photo Credits: Uni Gallery by Oosterbay FB Page

Wagyu Beef Tataki – A special dish made from thinly sliced seared wagyu beef served with ponzu sauce, grated ginger, and garlic. Wagyu Beef Tataki is one of the best beef dishes that you will ever taste at Uni Gallery.

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Uni Gallery Menu Appetizers

Uni Gallery’s appetizer menu features a variety of small dishes that are perfect for sharing or opening dishes before the main courses.

Tai Tataki – This dish is a seared sea bream served with ponzu sauce, grated ginger, and spring onions. One of the most underrated dishes because of its less popularity but is really one of the most satisfying appetizers that you’ll ever taste!

Tai Tataki
Photo Credits: Uni Gallery by Oosterbay FB Page

Fugumirinboshi – It is a thinly sliced dried blowfish that is served with yuzu kosho, which is a Japanese condiment made from yuzu citrus, chili peppers, and wasabi. This dish could serve as an appetizer or a side dish for any meal.

Tamago Yaki – It is a sweet and savory Japanese omelet made with eggs, dashi (Japanese broth), and mirin (sweet cooking wine). A very delectable and satisfying appetizer.

Uni Gallery Menu Grilled

Uni Gallery’s grilled menu features a selection of dishes that are cooked to perfection over charcoal.

Karasumi – Made from salted and dried mullet roe served with lemon wedges and shiso, a variety of Japanese herbs. This dish’ taste is improved by the slightly charred texture because of the way it was cooked.

Ribeye Beef with Uni Ikura Set – A grilled ribeye beef served with uni, ikura (salmon roe), and a side of miso soup, salad, and rice. This dish is more than filling and satisfying from the beef alone but is made more special by the side dishes that complement it well.

Ribeye Beef Steak with Truffle Slice – This is a grilled ribeye steak served with truffle slices, roasted garlic, and a side of miso soup, salad, and rice. An elegant and delicious dish that is an absolute must-have!

Sushi and Sashimi Menu

Uni Gallery’s sashimi and sushi menu features a variety of dishes made with fresh, high-quality seafood.

Salmon Sashimi – This dish is made from slices of fresh, raw salmon served with wasabi and soy sauce. Perfect for those who are looking for fresh and high-quality sashimi.

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Ikura Sashimi – A fresh, plump salmon roe served with shiso and grated wasabi. It is both delicious and tasty and the slight hint of spiciness makes this dish even more appealing for many diners.

Uni Otoko Ikura Sushi
Photo Credits: Uni Gallery by Oosterbay FB Page

Tamago Sushi – This is a sweet and savory Japanese omelet served atop a bed of sushi rice. A flexible dish that can be consumed as a standalone or paired with other delicious dishes from Uni Gallery.

Uni Gallery Menu Delivery

Uni Gallery offers delivery services so that customers can place their orders through their website or delivery platforms such as GrabFood, Deliveroo, or FoodPanda. If you’re looking to enjoy Uni Gallery’s delicious food in the comfort of your own home, their delivery service is a convenient option.

Social Media Pages

Uni Gallery is a must-try destination for seafood lovers in Singapore, offering an exceptional dining experience featuring premium uni and other delicacies from the ocean. Follow Uni Gallery on their social media pages to stay updated on their latest offerings and promotions. Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in their exquisite dishes, and feel free to message them for more information.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unigallerysg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unigallerysg

Website: https://unigallery.sg/contact


Does Uni Gallery have any promotions and discounts?

Uni Gallery offers many promotions and discounts from time to time. It is important to follow their social media pages to stay updated.

Is Uni Gallery a halal-certified restaurant?

Unfortunately, Uni Gallery is not a halal-certified restaurant. Their dishes are made with pork, alcohol, and other non-halal ingredients.

Can I make a reservation at Uni Gallery?

Yes, a reservation can be made through their website or by directly calling them. It’s always a good idea to make a reservation in advance to ensure that you secure a table at your preferred time.

Is Uni Gallery a kid-friendly restaurant?

While children are welcome at the restaurant, it may not be the most kid-friendly dining experience due to the nature of the cuisine and the atmosphere. However, they also serve some kid’s meals for guests that arrive at the restaurant with their kids.


The Uni Gallery menu includes a variety of traditional Japanese cuisine and fusion dishes, but it is their emphasis on uni that sets them apart from other restaurants. The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and presenting each dish beautifully. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, providing excellent service to ensure a memorable dining experience. Overall, Uni Gallery is a great choice for anyone who loves Japanese cuisine and especially uni. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with a focus on quality, making it a must-visit for any foodie in Singapore.

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