Phat Fingers Menu with Price

The Phat Fingers menu consists of fried chicken and burgers prepared using Korean spices and sauces. The Korean-style fried chicken of this restaurant is notable for its delicious and authentic flavors. It uses a special blend of authentic spices to achieve Korean flavor. It also offers burgers, plant-based TiNDLE Korean chicken burgers, bundles, and side dishes. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Phat Fingers menu below.


Phat Meals For One

Burger + Chicken Piece Set For One $16.49
Burger + Tenders Charger Set For One $14.99
Burger + Wings Energizer Set For One $16.49
Chicken To Fly Set For One $14.84
Bundle Items (Select 1)
Coca Cola Zero Sugar Free
Choice of K-Chicken Burger (Select 1)
Classic Yangnyeom Burger Free
Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger Free
Psy's Famous Chicken Cheeseburger Free
Sweet Seoulmate Burger Free
TiNDLE Classic Yangnyeom Burger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Psy's Famous Cheeseburger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Sweet Seoulmate Burger (v)$0.90
Choice od Tenders Sauce (Select 1)
Classic Yangnyeom Tenders (3 pcs)Free
Honey Butter Tenders (3pcs)Free
Nuclear Xtra Spicy Tenders (3pcs)Free
Psy's Soy Garlic Tenders (3 pcs)Free
Seaweed Bulgogi Tenders (3pcs)Free
Choice of Super Side (Select 1)
Cheese Fries $0.90
Classic Fries Free
Creamy Slaw Free
Kimchi SlawFree

Korean Fried Chicken

Classic Yangnyeom $8.99
Honey Butter $8.99
Nuclear Xtra Spicy $8.99
OG Original Taste $7.19
Psy's Soy Garlic $8.99
Seaweed Bulgogi $8.99
Choice of Chicken (Select 1)
Chicken Poppers Free
Chicken (2 pcs)$6.30
Chicken (3 pcs)$10.80
Chicken Tenders (12 pcs)$10.35
Chicken Tenders (6 pcs)$2.70
Wings (12 pcs)$17.10
Wings (6 pcs)$6.30

K-Chicken Burgers

Classic Yangnyeom Burger $8.99
Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger $8.99
Psy's Famous Chicken Cheeseburger $9.99
Sweet Seoulmate Burger $8.99

Plant-Based TiNDLE K-Chicken Burgers

TiNDLE Classic Yangnyeom Burger (v)$10.99
TiNDLE Psy's Famous Chicken Katsu Cheeseburger (v)$10.99
TiNDLE Sweet Seoulmate Chicken Katsu Burger (v)$10.99
TinNDLE Nuclear Xtra Spicy Chicken Katsu Burger (v)$10.99

Phat Bundles

Best Sellers For Two $26.29
Burger Party For Four $48.99
Phat Feast For Three $39.99
Snacking Platter For Three $36.99
Choice of 1st K-Chicken Burger (Select 1)
Classic Yangnyeom Burger Free
Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger Free
Psy's Famous Chicken Cheeseburger Free
Sweet Seoulmate Burger Free
TiNDLE Classic Yangnyeom Burger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Psy's Famous Cheeseburger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Sweet Seoulmate Burger (v)$0.90
Choice of 2nd K-Chicken Burger (Select 1)
Classic Yangnyeom Burger Free
Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger Free
Psy's Famous Chicken Cheeseburger Free
Sweet Seoulmate Burger Free
TiNDLE Classic Yangnyeom Burger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Psy's Famous Cheeseburger (v)$0.90
TiNDLE Sweet Seoulmate Burger (v)$0.90
Choice of 1st Super Side (Select 1)
Kimchi SlawFree
Creamy Slaw Free
Classic Fries Free
Cheese Fries $0.90
Choice of 2nd Super Side (Select 1)
Kimchi SlawFree
Creamy Slaw Free
Classic Fries Free
Cheese Fries $0.90

Super Sides

Kimchi $3.99
Kimchi Slaw$3.99
Creamy Slaw $3.99
Classic Fries (Regular)$5.99
Cheese Fries (Regular)$6.99
Loaded Gangnam Nachos Fries $12.99

Sauce Me Up

Classic Yangnyeom Dip $2.49
Honey Butter Me Up Dip $2.49
Nuclear Xtra Spicy Dip $2.49
Psy's Soy Garlic Dip $2.49
Seaweed Bulgogi Dip $2.49


Coca Cola Zero Sugar $2.49
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About Phat Fingers 

Phat Fingers is a fast-food restaurant that offers Korean-style fried chicken, hearty burgers, and other dishes from Korea. It started as a cloud kitchen-only, offering products for pick-up and delivery. It aims to give an opportunity for everyone to enjoy their favorite authentic Korean dishes. The unique blend of traditional spices from Korea makes their dishes extraordinary. 

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Phat Fingers Menu Korean Fried Chicken 

The Fried Chicken of Phat Fingers is glazed with special spices from Korea. The choices of chicken that this restaurant provides are chicken poppers, chicken tenders, chicken, and wings. These fried chickens are fried twice for a crunchier texture. 

Classic Yangnyeom – Yangnyeom is a Korean word that means seasoned chicken. This Fried Chicken is seasoned with sugar, garlic, gochujang, and other special spices. It has an appetizing combination of sweet and spicy flavors, making it one of the popular variants of Korean Fried Chicken. 

Classic Yangnyeom chicken
Photo Credits: Phat Fingers Singapore FB Page

Nuclear Xtra Spicy – This is an ideal choice if you want a spicy classic yangnyeom fried chicken. The ghost peppers give this chicken a fiery hint of spicy flavors that will awaken your senses. It has a vibrant red color and a satisfying spicy kick that stimulates the appetite. 

Honey Butter – The perfect blend of honey and butter makes every bite addicting. Cashew nuts, spring onions, and sesame seeds are topped on it. It also comes with a honey butter dip that adds a delicious taste. 

Honey Butter chicken
Photo Credits: Phat Fingers Singapore FB Page

OG Original Taste – Treat yourself to this fried chicken with classic flavor. It is one of the all-time favorite flavors of fried chicken, as its original taste gives a sense of warmth. This variant of fried chicken tastes like home as it has a comforting goodness. 

Psy’s Soy Garlic – Enjoy the umami flavor profile of soy and garlic sauce used to marinate the chicken. The crunchiness and tenderness of this chicken go well with the sauce and other spices. This is one of the best sellers of phat fingers, as the soy sauce, fresh parsley, and finely chopped garlic are perfectly combined. 

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Seaweed Bulgogi – It has a distinctive taste as the restaurant especially makes the bulgogi sauce used. The seaweed flakes topped on it adds a little texture and a delicious taste. This also has a savory umami flavor that its customers enjoy. 

Phat Fingers Menu Chicken Burgers 

Phat Fingers’ chicken burgers are extraordinary as they are stuffed with chicken thigh seasoned with Korean spices and other ingredients. These burgers are available in double stack and can be paired with different sides. 

Classic Yangnyeom Burger – Enjoy the classic taste of yangnyeom sauce garnished on the chicken thigh and stuffed between two burger buns. The flavorsome kimchi slaw complements well with chicken, making it satisfying. 

Nuclear Xtra Spicy Burger – Stuffed in between two soft buns are chicken thigh seasoned with spicy glaze, melted cheddar cheese, and kimchi slaw. This burger is bursting with flavors as it has a perfect mix of spicy, cheesy, and creamy flavors. 

Psy’s Famous Chicken Cheeseburger – Chicken thigh is evenly coated with the right amount of soy garlic glaze as it is garnished using hand and not a machine. It is layered with kimchi slaw and melted cheddar cheese. 

Sweet Seoulmate Burger – Two buns stuffed with chicken thigh garnished with honey butter sauce, kimchi slaw, and cucumbers. The flavors of Korea are well combined in this delicious burger of Phat Fingers. 

Sweet seoulmate burger
Photo Credits: Phat Fingers Singapore FB Page

Super Sides 

The side dishes menu of Phat Fingers consists of fries, slaw, and kimchi. These enjoyable light bites have a versatile flavor and texture, making them a perfect accompaniment for fried chicken and burgers. 

Classic Fries – Fries come in different flavors, but nothing beats their classic or original taste. Shoestring fries are lightly battered and fried to perfection. It has a crispy texture outside and is soft inside. This is the side dish people always pair with burgers and wings.  

Cheese Fries – Fries are garnished with melted cheese for a delicious kick. Each bite of these fries is satisfying, making you crave more. The golden color of the fries and cheese makes it visually appealing. 

Loaded Nachos Fries – These crispy-battered fries of Phat Fingers are packed with flavors. It is tossed with the special seasoning created by the restaurant. Oozy nacho cheese, tomato salsa, slices of pickled jalapeno, guacamole, and cherry tomatoes are laid on a bed of delicious fries. The vibrant colors of the fries and their topping give a festive look. 

Loaded Cheesy Nachos Fries
Photo Credits: Phat Fingers Singapore FB Page

Creamy Slaw –  Various vegetables are shredded finely, mixed, and dressed with zesty mayonnaise. It is an ideal dish for cleansing the palate. The vegetables give a refreshing goodness, and the creamy mayonnaise blends perfectly with it. 

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KimchiKimchi is one of the most popular cuisines in Korea and different parts of the world. It is an essential part of every Korean meal, so it is always on the list of its customers. This side dish has a spicy and tangy flavor and is always served in Korean restaurants. 

Kimchi Slaw – Level up your kimchi meal with this special dish where creamy coleslaw is added. Its taste goes well with various dishes, making it a perfect combination for any meal. 

Phat Fingers Menu Delivery 

Phat Fingers provides a delivery service to enjoy your favorite dishes at home. Their menu is available on online delivery platforms such as FoodPanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Oddle Eats. 

Social Media Pages

Stay connected with their social media pages to explore their mouthwatering menu, featuring a fusion of flavors and exciting street food creations. Stay updated on their latest promotions, events, and special offers by following their social media pages. Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in their delicious offerings – follow their social media pages today!







What type of cuisine do Phat Fingers specialize in? 

Phat Fingers specializes in Korean fast-food cuisine, including chicken, burgers, and side dishes. 

Do Phat Fingers offer vegetarian or vegan options on its menu? 

Phat Fingers have vegetarian or vegan options, such as TiNDLE chicken, made from plants. 

Do Phat Fingers provide delivery or takeout services? 

Yes, Phat Fingers provide delivery and takeout services through different platforms. 

Do Phat Fingers have a happy hour or any special promotions? 

Phat Fingers offers special promotions and discounts for a limited time in their branches and through their partner delivery platforms. 

Are Phat Fingers halal certified? 

Phat Fingers is not a halal-certified Korean fast-food restaurant in Singapore. 


The Phat Fingers menu is notable for its Korean fried chicken in different flavors. The rise of Korean pop culture highly influenced the popularity of these Korean dishes. Each cuisine has a comforting goodness that will satisfy your cravings. These dishes are ideal for a quick lunch or as a light snack. 

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