Keng Eng Kee Menu with Price

Are you looking for a great place to go for your eat out in Singapore, but you don’t have any idea which place to go? Great news and look no further because I am going to introduce one of the best restaurants that you should go to and you shouldn’t miss if you love to experience great and authentic food. The Keng Eng Kee menu has a lot of mouth-watering and delicious dishes to offer its customers. Have you ever heard about them or at least seen their restaurant somewhere? If you don’t have any idea about them no worries, I am going to tackle some important details for you just like their best sellers and prices so that next time maybe you’ll consider dining in on their restaurant. I heard that they have the best kinds of seafood and I’m really excited about this one so without too much of an introduction let’s start!

You can find the updated pricing information for the Keng Eng Kee menu below.



Signature chili crabMarketprice
Black/white pepper crabMarketprice
Salted egg crabMarketprice
Stir fried ginger onion crabMarketprice
Tomato crabMarketprice
Steamed crabMarketprice
Claypot crab with beehoon soupMarketprice
Stir fried thin beehoon with crabMarketprice


Ten head abalone with mushroom and seasonal vegetables (s) $128.8
Calypot seafoods (s/l)$42.8/63.8
Claypot drunken prawns (s,m,l)$26.9/29.8/48.8
Butter cereal prawns (s,m,l)$26.9/29.8/48.8
Salted egg prawns (s,m,l)$26.9/29.8/48.8
Mayonnaise prawns (s,m,l)$26.9/29.8/48.8
Boiled prawns in Chinese wine (s,m,l)$23.8/35.8/45.8
Butter cereal squid (s,m,l)$20.8/29.8/37.8
Salted egg squid (s,m,l)$20.8/29.8/37.8
Sambal squid (s,m,l)$18.8/27.8/34.8


Red grouper Marketprice
Sea bassMarketprice
Kek curry fish head (s)$32.8
Fish head (s)$32.8
Ginger and onion sliced fish (s,m,l)$16.8/24.8/30.8
Sweet and sour sliced fish (s,m,l)$16.8/24.8/30.8


Claypot pig liver (s,l)$20.8/29.8
Coffee pork ribs (s,m,l)$18.8/27.8/35.8
Kek curry sliced pork (s,m,l)$17.8/25.8/33.8
Golden pork ribs (s,m,l)$16.8/24.8/30.8
Sweet and sour pork (s,m,l)$16.8/24.8/30.8
Ginger & onion sliced pork (s,m,l)$16.8/24.8/30.8


Black pepper deer meat (s,l)$20.8/37.8
Ginger and onion dear meat (s,l)$20.8/37.8
Black pepper beef (s,m,l)$18.8/27.8/35.8
Ginger and onion beef (s,m,l)$18.8/27.8/35.8


Prawn egg (s,m,l)$11.8/17.8/21.8
Minced pork egg (s,m,l)$10.8/15.8/19.8
Fu yong egg (s,m,l)$9.8/14.8/17.8
Onion egg (s,m,l)$9.8/14.8/17.8

Homemade specialties

Sharing platter (s,l)$63.8/79.8
Tasting platter (s,l)$37.8/55.8
Golden pearl roll (s,m,l)$17.8/26.8/33.8
Prawn roll (s,m,l)$12.8/28.8/23.8
Dough fritter with seafood paste (s,m,l)$12.8/28.8/23.8
Yam basket (s)$26.8


Claypot beancurd with sea cucumber (s,m,l)$18.8/27.8/35.8
Claypot seafood beancurd (s,m,l)$15.8/23.8/29.8
Choy hiang beancurd (s,l)$15.8/29.8
Hotplate beancurd (s,l)$15.8/29.8


Bai ling and Chinese mushroom with spinach (s,m,l) $17.8/25.8/31.8
Chinese spinach with eggs of 3 kinds (s,m,l)$14.8/20.8/25.8
Kang kong with cuttlefish (s,m,l)$12.8/28.8/23.8
Chinese spinach with ikan bilis (s,m,l)$12.8/28.8/23.8
Eggplant with minced pork and salted fish (s,m,l) $12.8/28.8/23.8
Buddha's delight (s,m,l)$12.8/28.8/23.8
Sambal French beans with minced pork (s,m,l)$11.8/17.8/21.8
Sambal kang kong (s,m,l)$11.8/17.8/21.8
Kai lan (s,m,l)$11.8/17.8/21.8
Kang kong (s,m,l)$11.8/17.8/21.8
Nai bai (s,m,l)$11.8/17.8/21.8
Spinach (s,m,l)$11.8/17.8/21.8
French beans (s,m,l) $11.8/17.8/21.8


Claypot braised duck with sea cucumber (s,l)$26.8/48.8
Roast chicken (s,l)$16.8/32.8
Marmite chicken (s,m,l)$14.8/21.8/36.8
Sweet and sour chicken (s,m,l)$14.8/21.8/36.8
Prawn paste chicken (s,m,l)$14.8/21.8/36.8


Stir fried mee sua (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8
Sliced fish with thick/thin beehoon soup (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8
Horfun with egg gravy (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8
Hokkien Noodles (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8
Stir fried bee hoon (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8
Seafood fried rice (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8
Sambal fried rice (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8
Lup cheong fried rice (s,m,l)$7.8/24.8/19.8


Crab meat broth with fish maw and sea cucumber (s,m,l)$35.8/51.8/65.8
Sliced fish soup (s,m,l)$9.8/24.8/17.8
Salted vegetable soup with beancurd (s,m,l)$8.8/12.8/15.8
Clear spinach soup (s,l)$13.8/21.8


Salted egg fish skin (s,m,l)$10.8/15.8/19.8
Steamed bun (s)$2.00
Longevity bun (s)$2.00
Steamed white rice (s,l)
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About Keng Eng Kee

Liew siblings are the owners of Keng Eng Kee. They are actually the third-generation owners of this restaurant that is founded by their grandmother. Their restaurant was started in the 1970s by the original founder she started Keng Eng Kee as a small hawker stall, first location is at Old Havelock Road and after a few years their small business immensely grow. Zichar is a common and popular cuisine in Singapore and that is what Keng Eng Kee offers. Zichar means to cook and fried and actually a more affordable option in Chinese home-cooked style dishes. Zichar is also usually enjoyed with family and friends because it is made for sharing.

A lot of things have happened in the past like crises and inflation but Keng Eng Kee is still standing tough because they do believe that their people are the essence of their business and that they have to take care of them for their restaurant to survive and they made it. Nowadays keng eng kee is already a household name when it comes to delicious dishes that they wholeheartedly offer. And when it comes to seafood Zi char dishes Keng Eng Kee is the best place for you to go. 

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Keng Eng Kee Menu Best Seller

Here are some examples of Keng Eng Kee’s best-selling items on their menu. 

Signature Moonlight Hot Fun – This one can be bought in all of their outlets in Singapore. This one is made with prawns, lup cheong, and sliced fish that they cooked in a wok topped with raw egg. This dish has everything that you wanted in hor fun. Savory and delicious and a bit greasy I may tell but the experience is awesome and mind-blowing. The flavors that you could find in this dish are well balanced, the egg really complimented the taste of this one. Absolutely delicious and worth trying, and also quite popular among their customers. 

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The Coffee Pork Ribs – This dish has a mild aroma of coffee and is coated in a thin and crispy batter. It is not surprising that their coffee pork ribs are famous among their customers because this is really delicious. Each bite of the pork in this dish is delicious and savory and of course very addictive. The generous coat of sauce which has a coffee base has that full flavor and sweetness but not too strong. One of the most popular among their customers and if you’re looking for a good dish this is the one that I can recommend to you. 

Coffee Pork Ribs
Photo Credits: KEK Seafood Alexandra Facebook Page

Golden Pearl Roll – Keng Eng Kee’s golden pearl roll is also included in their best-selling dishes. This one has an appealing appearance that will make you drool. This has snack features so this is also perfect for a little picka picka. Deep-fried until golden brown in color. It has a mixture of tau pork, mushroom, and prawns. This unique dish is delicious in every bite. I highly recommend this one if you’re going with kids since this is easy to enjoy and not messy to eat. I noticed as well that their golden pearl roll is quite popular with their customers kids and young adults. 

Keng Eng Kee Menu Chef Specialties 

On their chef’s specialties menu, they have 10 delicious items to choose from. Since most on their menu are great for sharing these items are relatively cheap if you’re going with a companion. On this menu, they have sharing platter, which is obviously good for sharing if you’re a seafood lover. They also have clay pot seafood which has prawns, sea cucumber, scallops, and fish maw.

Roast chicken, coffee pork ribs, and deep-fried goby in kek special sauce are also included in this menu. If you love spicy foods salted egg squid is the best that I recommend. Other options are Choy Hiang Beancurd, Chinese spinach with eggs of 3 kinds, crab meat broth with fish maw and sea cucumber, and lastly, their signature dish which is their moonlight hor fun. 

Keng Eng Kee Menu Seafood

You can find 10 food items on their seafood menu that you can order in small, medium, and large. Ten-head abalone with mushrooms and seasonal vegetables is their first dish on this menu. They also have clay pot seafood butter cereal prawns, mayonnaise prawns, and boiled prawns in Chinese wine. If you’re looking for a spicy dish you can try salted egg prawns, butter cereal squid, salted egg squid, and sambal squid. 

Salted Egg Prawns
Photo Credits: KEK Seafood Alexandra Facebook Page


Their deer/beef menu offers a selection of four mouthwatering dishes. Leading the lineup is the delectable black pepper deer meat, followed by the tantalizing ginger and onion deer meat. Additionally, they present equally tempting choices like black pepper beef and ginger and onion beef.

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Ginger and Onion Beef
Photo Credits: KEK Seafood Alexandra Facebook Page

Keng Eng Kee Menu Delivery

You can order online your favorite keng eng kee food items simply by going to in this website they also have an option for reservations. Or you can call +6562721038 for your orders. Or you can also order thru your favorite food courier to order. 

Social Media Pages

Experience the rich flavors and authentic taste of Keng Eng Kee’s cuisine by following them on social media. Stay connected with our latest updates, mouthwatering dishes, and exclusive promotions. Join them at their store and indulge in the delectable dishes that are crafted with passion and tradition.





Do I need to make a reservation at Keng Eng Kee?

Definitely. Keng Eng Kee accepts reservations. usually, they have plenty of reservation slots. However, you have to book your reservation 1 day in advance. I recommend you guys book early to get a better reservation time.

What are some must-try dishes at Keng Eng Kee?

Some recommendations in this restaurant are Cuttlefish Kangkong, chili crab which is Singapore’s national dish, Salted Yolk Crab, and Fried Soon Hock In Black Soy. These items are really good. 

Does Keng Eng Kee accept credit cards or only cash?

The answer is yes. Keng Eng Kee accepts major credit cards or cash basis if you’re going to visit their restaurant. Whatever suits you. 

Is Keng Eng Kee halal?

Keng Eng Kee is not a certified halal restaurant however they have a lot of dishes that we can tell are great for our Muslim friends. Just to make sure you can always ask their crew about their dishes.


Keng eng kee menu has everything that you needed if you’re just looking for a place to go and enjoy something delicious yet affordable. Affordable in the sense that most of their meals are great for sharing. The restaurant is well maintained by their service staff and the service is great as well. They are fast and well-educated about the food that they serve so you can actually ask their crews what to get if you don’t have any idea about their menu. Eating well doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and that is what Keng Eng Kee proves throughout these years. Highly recommended and one of the best places to go for a great eat-out experience. 

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