Big Fish Small Fish Menu with Price

The menu at Big Fish Small Fish restaurant in Singapore is centered around their specialty: fish and chips. Customers have a choice of fish options, including dory, salmon, and sea bass, which are then coated in a light and crispy batter. The menu also offers a variety of flavorful sauces to accompany the fish, such as salted egg, curry, and tartar sauce, allowing for a personalized dining experience. Apart from fish and chips, the menu includes other seafood options like calamari and prawns, as well as non-seafood dishes like chicken tenders and hotdogs, catering to different preferences.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Big Fish Small Fish menu below.


Big Fish Small Fish Signatures

Signature Dory Fish & Crisps$15.21
Signature Sea Bass Fish & Crisps$16.91
Signature Haddock Fish & Crisps$17.77
Signature Salmon & Crisps$18.61


Build Your Own Pasta$15.21
Mushroom Aglio Olio Pasta$13.52
Carbonara Pasta$16.06
Truffle Mushroom Cream Pasta$16.06
Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta$17.77

Bundle Deals (Delivery Exclusive)

Signature Fish & Crisps For Two$36.46
Best Sellers Bundle For Two$33.91
Pasta Bundle For Two$35.61
Signature Fish & Crisps For Four$72.17
Best Sellers Bundle For Four$67.06

Grilled Fish

Grilled Dory with Rice and Salad$16.91
Grilled Sea Bass with Hand-Mashed Potato$18.61
Grilled Salmon with Rice and Salad$19.46

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken & Crisps$15.21
Grilled Chicken & Crisps$16.06
2 Pcs Chicken with Handmade Mash$16.91
Ajumma 2 Pcs Chicken with Handmade Mash$17.77
Chicken Leg Confit with Rice and Salad$19.46


Fresh Potato Crisps$4.17
Meat-Free Nuggets$4.17
Cheese Sticks (4pcs)$5.02
French Fries$5.02
Soup of the Day$5.02
Cheese Crisps$5.87
Cheese Fries$6.71
Nuggets with Cheese Dip (10pcs)$6.71
Battered Button Mushrooms$9.27
Cheese Sticks with Pomodoro Sauce (6pcs)$9.27
Truffle Parmesan Fries$9.27
Ajumma Chicken Karaage$10.12
Prawn Fritters with Tar Tar Dip (6pcs)$10.96


Hand-Mashed Potato$5.02
Pilaf Rice$5.02
Garlic Bread$5.02


Cinnamon Sugar Churros (12pcs)$6.71
Churros with Chocolate Sauce (12pcs)$8.42


Distilled Water$1.95
Coca Cola Zero Sugar®$3.83
Strawberry Cream Tea$3.83
Pink Skies Lemonade$3.83
Neapolitan Choco Wonderland$4.67
Velvety Berry Brew$4.67
Tropical Fruity Tea$3.83
Tropical Fruity Lemonade$3.83
Rocky Road Choco Paradise$5.53
Nutty Cream Brew$5.53

About Big Fish Small Fish

Big Fish Small Fish is a popular fish and chips restaurant in Singapore known for its unique concept and delicious seafood offerings. The restaurant has a relaxed, friendly ambiance that makes it ideal for gathering with family and friends for a wonderful dinner. Customers can customize their fish and chips by choosing their preferred fish, batter, and sauce combination. In addition to fish and chips, the menu also includes other seafood dishes like calamari, prawns, and mussels, as well as sides such as truffle fries and coleslaw.

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Big Fish Small Fish Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of the most popular food items that the Big Fish Small Fish restaurant offers. 

French Fries – The French fries that Big Fish Small Fish offers are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Each serving is well-seasoned and would make a great side dish to the main dishes that they offer or a solo snack option.

Haddock Fish & Fries
Photo Credits: Big Fish Small Fish FB Page

Cheese Fries – These fries are topped with a generous amount of melted cheese, adding a savory and creamy flavor to the dish so if you’re a cheese lover, you will hundred percent enjoy the Cheese Fries at Big Fish Small Fish.

Carbonara Pasta – This is a creamy and indulgent dish at Big Fish Small Fish that features al dente pasta tossed in a rich and creamy carbonara sauce, garnished with crispy bacon bits. It’s a comforting choice for pasta lovers.

Nuggets with Cheese Dip (10pcs) – These nuggets are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the accompanying cheese dip adds a delicious cheesy flavor. Overall, customers who want to have a quick and filling snack often opt for Big Fish Small Fish’s Nuggets with Cheese Dip.

Coleslaw – It is a refreshing and crunchy side dish that is made with fresh cabbage, carrots, and a tangy dressing, which complements the other dishes and adds a refreshing element to the meal.

Big Fish Small Fish Menu Signatures

This menu is also made up of popular food items at Big Fish Small Fish. It is composed of their signature dishes which are both unique and a delicious option for any meal.

Signature Dory Fish & Crisps – This dish uses a dory fish fillet that is deep-fried to golden perfection, resulting in a crispy and flavorful exterior while maintaining a tender and flaky interior. It is then served with a side of freshly cut potato crisps, adding a delightful crunch to every bite.

Signature Dory Fish & Chips
Photo Credits: Big Fish Small Fish FB Page

Signature Sea Bass Fish & Crisps – The sea bass fillet is expertly fried to achieve a crispy texture, and it offers a delicate and mild flavor. It is paired with the accompanying potato crisps, which makes it a satisfying and enjoyable meal.

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Signature Haddock Fish & Crisps – The haddock fillet used in this dish provides a slightly firmer texture and a subtly sweet flavor compared to other fish options. The combination of the perfectly fried fish and crispy potato crisps creates a delightful contrast in textures.

Big Fish Small Fish Menu Appetizers

This menu is made up of a variety of appetizers that will help ready the customers’ palate for their main courses when dining at Big Fish Small Fish.

Fresh Potato Crisps – This is made from freshly cut potatoes, these crisps are fried to a golden brown, resulting in a crispy and addictive snack. They are perfectly seasoned with a sprinkle of salt, enhancing the natural flavors of the potatoes. 

Fresh Potato crisps
Photo Credits: Big Fish Small Fish FB Page

Meat-Free Nuggets – These nuggets are made with plant-based ingredients and are designed to resemble the texture and taste of traditional chicken nuggets. They are crispy on the outside and have a tender interior with a dipping sauce that makes for a satisfying snack.

Cheese Sticks (4pcs) – These sticks are filled with gooey and melted cheese, and encased in a crispy and golden outer layer. Each bite offers a combination of savory cheese and crunchy texture, making them a popular choice among cheese lovers. 

Big Fish Small Fish Bundle Deals Menu

This menu is made up of different bundle deals that will make ordering convenient for customers while simultaneously saving money.

Signature Fish & Crisps For Two – It features Big Fish Small Fish’s signature crispy fish fillets served with a generous portion of freshly made potato crisps. The fish fillets are perfectly breaded and deep-fried to a golden brown, creating a crunchy exterior while maintaining a tender and flaky texture inside. 

Best Sellers Bundle For Two – It includes a combination of their signature fish, calamari, and prawns, all served with a side of freshly made potato crisps. Each component of the bundle is cooked to perfection, with the seafood retaining its natural flavors and textures.

Pasta Bundle For Two – It features a combination of two pasta dishes from Big Fish Small Fish’s menu. The bundle also includes a side of freshly made potato crisps, which adds a delightful contrast in texture.

Seasonal Special

This menu gives customers a special and exclusive dining experience for a limited time. The restaurant is dedicated to using fresh, top-notch ingredients to make sure that each Seasonal Special is created with great care and attention to small but important details.

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Grilled Fish

Big Fish Small Fish’s Grilled Fish menu presents a mouthwatering assortment of grilled seafood choices that will undoubtedly please your taste buds. The fish is soaked in a delightful combination of spices and herbs, which adds a burst of incredible flavors to every bite.

Grilled Fish salad with potato crisps
Photo Credits: Big Fish Small Fish FB Page

Big Fish Small Fish Menu Delivery

They offer various modes of delivery to cater to your preferences. Whether you prefer to enjoy our scrumptious fish and chips in the comfort of your own home or have them delivered to your office for a quick lunch break, they’ve got you covered. You can order through their website, mobile app, or popular food delivery platforms.

Social Media Pages

Craving delicious fish and chips? Look no further than Big Fish Small Fish Singapore! Follow them on social media to stay in the loop with their latest menu updates, promotions, and exciting events. Get a sneak peek into mouthwatering dishes and get ready to dive into a sea of flavors. Don’t miss out on exclusive offers and be the first to know about new menu items.






Are there vegetarian or non-seafood options available at Big Fish Small Fish?

Yes, Big Fish Small Fish offers vegetarian and non-seafood options for customers. 

Does Big Fish Small Fish offer any special promotions or discounts?

Yes, Big Fish Small Fish often offers special promotions and discounts.

Can I make a reservation at Big Fish Small Fish, or is it walk-in only?

Yes, you can always make a reservation at Big Fish Small Fish even though Big Fish Small Fish typically operates on a walk-in basis.

Does Big Fish Small Fish have any side dishes or additional menu items available?

Yes, Big Fish Small Fish offers a variety of side dishes and additional menu items to complement their main seafood offerings.

Is Big Fish Small Fish a halal-certified restaurant?

Big Fish Small Fish is one of the few halal-certified restaurants in Singapore.


Big Fish Small Fish restaurant in Singapore offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience with its focus on fish and chips. The variety of fish options, crispy batter, and flavorful sauces provide a delicious and customizable meal for seafood lovers. Everybody will surely be able to find something that they want to eat thanks to the vegetarian and non-seafood options that are offered. With its casual and inviting atmosphere, Big Fish Small Fish is a great spot to enjoy a satisfying meal with family and friends. 

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