Nectar Menu with Price

Nectar Singapore is a juice bar and café whose menu aims to provide a healthy and nutritious dining experience hence they feature a wide range of offerings crafted with healthy, fresh, and quality ingredients. Their menu is also designed to cater to different dietary preferences and promote a balanced lifestyle providing vegetarian and vegan options for those who have dietary restrictions. Nectar offers a welcoming environment for all which is perfect for those who are looking for a quick grab-and-go option or those that prefer to sit down and enjoy their meal.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Nectar menu below.


Signature Organic Acai Bowls

Nutty Bowl (Signature Organic Acai)$14.80
Chocolate Lover Bowl (Signature Organic Acai)$14.80
Ultimate Bowl (Signature Organic Acai)$14.80
All Fruits Bowl (Signature Organic Acai)$14.80

Avocado Series

Classic Avocado Gula Melaka$6.90
Classic Avocado Pure Honey$6.90
Avocado Yogurt$6.90

Specialty Beverages

Avocado Milk Gula$5.00
Mango Milk$5.00
Avocado Milk$5.00

Wholemeal Toasties

Kaya Butter$2.80
Kaya Cheese$2.80
Tuna And Cheese$3.20
Mayo Egg & Cheese$3.20


Popping Boba$1.50
Cookies Crumble$1.50
Roasted Cashew$1.50


Pure Honey$1.50
Mango Puree$1.50
Strawberry Puree$1.50
Speculoos Cookies Sauce$1.50
Stracciatella Dark Chocolate Sauce$1.50
Peanut Crunch Sauce$1.50
Coconut Crunch Sauce$1.50
Ferrero Brittle Sauce$1.50

About Nectar

Nectar is a juice bar and café that specializes in offering healthy and nutritious food and beverages. The menu features a variety of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, açai bowls, salads, wraps, and toasts made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and emphasizes promoting a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. It has a modern and inviting ambiance, that provides a comfortable space for patrons to enjoy their meals or grab a quick and nutritious drink. 

Gula Melaka Froyo
Photo Credits: Nectar Instagram Page

Nectar Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of a different variety of food and beverages that are mostly ordered by visiting customers as well as in their menu delivery.

Nutty Bowl (Signature Organic Acai) – This is a delightful blend of organic acai, topped with a variety of crunchy nuts and seeds and the smooth and creamy texture of the acai base is perfectly complemented by the nutty and earthy flavors of almonds, cashews, and chia seeds.

Nutty Bowl (Signature Organic Acai)
Photo Credits: Nectar Facebook Page

Classic Avocado Gula Melaka – The smooth and creamy avocado in this treat is paired with the rich and caramel-like flavor of Gula Melaka, a palm sugar commonly used in Southeast Asian desserts. The combination of the creamy avocado and sweet Gula Melaka creates a harmonious balance of flavors that is both luscious and satisfying.

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Avocado Milk Gula – This drink menu of Nectar is blended with fresh milk and sweetened with Gula Melaka, which results in a delightful combination of rich flavors and smooth texture. The avocado’s subtle buttery notes are enhanced by the sweetness of Gula Melaka, resulting in a refreshing and indulgent beverage.

Mango Milk – This is a refreshing and tropical beverage that highlights the vibrant flavor of ripe mangoes. The drink provides a burst of fruity goodness that is perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day.

Kaya Butter – This butter is made up of a  smooth and creamy kaya, a coconut, and pandan jam, which is paired with rich and fragrant butter. This spread is perfect on toast, which creates a delightful balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Nectar Menu Signature Organic Acai Bowls

This menu is made up of a different variety of acai bowls that bring a delightful combination of flavors, textures, and nourishment. 

Chocolate Lover Bowl (Signature Organic Acai) – This bowl offers a delightful balance of fruity goodness and decadent chocolate flavor while featuring their signature organic acai base blended with rich cocoa. It is then topped with an assortment of fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds, it provides a satisfying crunch and a variety of textures. 

Signature Organic Acai- chocolate lover bowl
Photo Credits: Nectar Facebook Page

Ultimate Bowl (Signature Organic Acai) – It combines Nectar’s signature organic acai base with an array of superfoods such as chia seeds, cacao nibs, hemp hearts, and goji berries. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this bowl offers a nourishing and invigorating experience. 

All Fruits Bowl (Signature Organic Acai) – It features Nectar’s signature organic acai base topped with a colorful assortment of seasonal fruits. From juicy berries to tropical delights, each spoonful bursts with natural sweetness and a medley of flavors. This bowl not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also provides a refreshing and hydrating experience.

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Nectar Menu Avocado Series

This menu is made up of offerings that are not only delicious but also provide the nutritional benefits of avocado, making each one of them a wholesome and satisfying choice.

Classic Avocado Pure Honey – Nectar’s Classic Avocado Pure Honey is a simple yet delicious combination that highlights the natural creaminess and nutty flavor of avocado. With the addition of pure honey, it adds a touch of sweetness that complements the richness of the avocado

Avocado Yogurt – This is a refreshing and tangy treat that combines the smoothness of avocado with the creamy texture of yogurt. This combination provides a creamy and light option that is perfect for those looking for a refreshing and healthier snack. 

Avo-choco – This offering brings together the rich and velvety smoothness of avocado with the indulgent sweetness of chocolate which results in a creamy and decadent blend that satisfies chocolate cravings while incorporating the nutritional benefits of avocado.

Wholemeal Toasties

This menu of Nectar is made up of different toastie offerings that provide unique and delicious options to satisfy your cravings.

Kaya Cheese – This is made from coconut and pandan which pairs harmoniously with the richness and creaminess of the chees providing a delightful blend of sweet and savory flavors.

Tuna And Cheese – This toastie combines the savory goodness of tuna with the creamy and melty texture of cheese offering provides a satisfying and delicious choice for seafood and cheese enthusiasts.

Wholemeal toasties avocado series
Photo Credits:

Mayo Egg & Cheese – This toastie offers a simple yet tasty combination of creamy mayo, fluffy scrambled eggs, and melted cheese. This combination creates a rich and indulgent flavor profile that is comforting and satisfying.

Nectar Specialty Beverages Menu

The menu at Nectar offers a delightful array of specialty beverages that are loved by their regular customers. These beverages are specially crafted and are a hit among patrons of all ages. Some of their popular specialty beverages include Avocado Milk Gula, a unique blend of avocado and sweet gula melaka; Mango Milk, a refreshing and tropical delight; and Avocado Milk, a creamy and nourishing choice. With such a diverse range of flavors, Nectar ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy, making it a go-to destination for beverage enthusiasts of all ages.

Avocado milk
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Nectar Menu Delivery

To enhance the ordering experience for their customers, Nectar now offers menu delivery services. This means you can conveniently order your desired items from their menu without any hassle. They have partnered with third-party delivery services like FoodPanda to ensure a seamless and efficient delivery process. With this collaboration, Nectar ensures that your orders are delivered to you quickly and conveniently, saving you time and effort. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of having your favorite Nectar dishes delivered right to your doorstep.

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Talk to Nectar SG Staff

Discover a world of delightful sips at Nectar Singapore! Follow their social media pages for the latest updates, exclusive promotions, and new menu additions. From refreshing milkshakes to indulgent healthy bowls, Nectar offers a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every craving. Engage with their posts, share your favorite drinks, and be part of the Nectar community. Stay informed, never miss out on limited-time specials, and embark on a delicious beverage adventure. Follow Nectar Singapore on social media and experience the true essence of thirst-quenching perfection.





What type of cuisine does Nectar serve?

Nectar’s menu features a variety of dishes inspired by different culinary traditions, including Asian, Western, and fusion flavors. 

What are the operating hours of Nectar?

Monday to Thursday: 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM

Friday: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM

Note that these hours may be subject to change.

Does Nectar Singapore accept credit card payments?

Nectar accepts various payment methods, including credit cards

Is Nectar a halal-certified restaurant?

Nectar is confirmed to be a halal-certified restaurant.


Nectar is a popular juice bar and café that offers a range of healthy and nutritious options whose menu focuses on fresh ingredients and a commitment to promoting a balanced lifestyle. It has a menu that caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan choices. The café also provides a welcoming and modern ambiance, creating a comfortable space to enjoy your meal or grab a quick bite and their dedication to quality and nutrition has made it a go-to destination for those seeking tasty and nourishing food and beverages.

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