Ice Lab Menu with Price

Bingsu is the core product of the Ice Lab menu. It comes in different flavors, such as classic, special, tea, and fruit. This dessert café also serves toast, cakes, snow shakes, ades, chills, coffee, latte, and tea. Korean snacks such as Korean Ramen, Kimchi Fried Rice, Tteok Boki, and Tortilla Chips are also offered. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Ice Lab menu below.


Bingsu Set Menu

Traffic Light $28.00
Korea Set $22.00
Single Bingsu Set $20.00
Double Bingsu Set $28.00
Double Dessert Bingsu Set $36.00
Family Set $38.00

Dessert Set Menu

Butter Sugar Toast Set $8.00
Honey Toast Set $15.00
Strawberry Chocolate Toast Set $18.00
Ice Cream Toast Set $18.00
Brownie Set $15.00
Chocolate Melt Set $15.00

Traditional Series

Milk Bingsu (Single)$9.00
Milk Bingsu (Large)$15.00
Traditional Bingsu (Single)$12.00
Traditional Bingsu (Large)$20.00
Injeolmi Bingsu (Small)$12.00
Injeolmi Bingsu (Large)$20.00

Tea Series

Matcha Bingsu (Single)$10.00
Matcha Bingsu (Large)$18.00
Hojicha Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Hojicha Bingsu (Large)$19.00
Milk Tea Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Milk Tea Bingsu (Large)$19.00

Special Series

Oreo Bingsu (Single)$10.00
Oreo Bingsu (Large)$18.00
Dalgona Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Dalgona Bingsu (Large)$19.00
Chocolate Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Chocolate Bingsu (Large)$19.00
Yoghurt Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Yoghurt Bingsu (Large)$19.00
Taro Bingsu (Single)$10.00
Taro Bingsu (Large)$18.00
Cheese Bingsu (Single)$12.00
Cheese Bingsu (Large)$20.00
Tiramisu Bingsu (Single)$13.00
Tiramisu Bingsu (Large)$21.00
Tutti Frutti Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Tutti Frutti Bingsu (Large)$19.00
Lychee Rose Bingsu (Single)$12.00
Lychee Rose Bingsu (Large)$20.00

Fruity Series

Mango Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Mango Bingsu (Large)$19.00
Strawberry Bingsu (Single)$12.00
Strawberry Bingsu (Large)$20.00
Watermelon Bingsu (Single)$11.00
Watermelon Bingsu (Large)$19.00
Lemon Bingsu (Single)$10.00
Lemon Bingsu (Large)$18.00
Green Grape Bingsu (Single)$10.00
Green Grape Bingsu (Large)$18.00
*Add On: Syrup $1.00

Ice Lab Toasts

Ice Cream Toast $13.00
Injeolmi Toast $6.00
Strawberry Choco Toast $14.00
Honey Toast (Choco / Caramel)$10.00
Butter Sugar Toast (Plain / Green Tea / Chocolate)$3.50

Ice Lab Cakes

Brownie $10.00
Crème Brulee Cheese Cake $8.00
Chocolate Melt $10.00
Chocolate Fudge Cake $8.00
Tiramisu Cake $10.00

Ice Lab Snow Shakes

Strawberry Shake $9.00
Chocolate Shake $9.00
Blueberry Yoghurt Shake $9.00
Mango Yoghurt Shake $9.00
Mango Coconu Shake $9.00
Java Chip Shake $9.00

Ice Lab Ades

Lemon Ade $7.00
Green Grape Ade $7.00
Mango Ade $7.00
Apple Ade $7.00
Blue Ocean Ade $7.00
Strawberry Ade $7.00

Ice Lab Chills

Iced Passionfruit & Lavender Tea $7.00
Iced Lychee Tea $7.00

Ice Lab Snacks & Eats

Korean Ramen (Spicy/Non-Spicy)$8.00
Tteok Boki $13.00
Kimchi Fried Rice $8.00
Tortilla Chips w/ Nacho Cheese & Spicy Sauce $6.00


Long Black (Hot)$5.00
Long Black (Iced)$6.00
Single Espresso (Hot)$4.00
Double Espresso (Hot)$4.50
Café Latte (Hot)$6.00
Café Latte (Iced)$7.00
Café Mocha (Hot)$6.50
Café Mocha (Iced)$7.50
Affogato (Iced)$7.50
Cappuccino (Hot)$6.00
Cappuccino (Iced)$7.00
Vanilla Latte (Hot)$6.50
Vanilla Latte (Iced)$7.50
Caramel Latte (Hot)$6.50
Caramel Latte (Iced)$7.50


Dalgona Latte (Iced)$9.00
Chocolate Latte (Hot)$6.00
Chocolate Latte (Iced)$7.00
Green Tea Latte (Hot) $6.00
Green Tea Latte (Iced) $7.00
Injeolmi Latte (Hot)$6.00
Injeolmi Latte (Iced)$7.00
Hojicha Latte (Hot)$6.00
Hojicha Latte (Iced)$7.00
Sweet Potato Latte (Hot)$6.00
Sweet Potato Latte (Iced)$7.00
Earl Grey Latte (Hot)$6.00
Earl Grey Latte (Iced)$7.00
Mint Chocolate Latte (Hot)$6.00
Mint Chocolate Latte (Iced)$7.00
Spiced Chai Latte (Hot)$6.50
Spiced Chai Latte (Iced)$7.50


English Breakfast (Hot)$5.00
English Breakfast (Iced)$6.00
Earl Grey (Hot)$5.00
Earl Grey (Iced)$6.00
Jasmine (Hot)$5.00
Jasmine (Iced)$6.00
Chamomile (Hot)$5.00
Chamomile (Iced)$6.00
Lemon & Ginger (Hot)$5.00
Lemon & Ginger (Iced)$6.00
Strawberry & Kiwi (Hot)$5.00
Strawberry & Kiwi (Iced)$6.00

About Ice Lab 

Ice Lab is a Korean dessert café in Singapore founded by Mr. Shin Jung Hwan, a Korean celebrity. This café specializes in bingsu, a dessert made with finely shaved ice, milk, and other ingredients. It continues to expand its products while keeping its authentic Korean influence. The polar bear on its logo represents their best-selling bingsu, or ice-shaved dessert. 

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Ice Lab Menu Best Seller 

Ice Lab is notable for its authentic and unique Korean bingsu desserts. Here are some of the best sellers of Ice Lab that are highly recommended as it makes their patrons come back for more. 

Injeolmi Bingsu – Ice shave is topped with injeolmi or Korean rice cake, nuts, sesame seeds, and honey.  It has a powerful combination of flavors and textures as it has a creamy taste from coconut milk, crispiness and nuttiness from nuts, mild bitterness from sesame seeds, and sweetness from honey and rice cake.  

Injeolmi Bingsu
Photo Credits: Ice Lab Bingsoo Facebook Page

Oreo Bingsu – An indulgent dessert where vanilla ice cream is covered with crushed Oreo cookies. The crunchy cookies, whipped cream, and soft ice cream create a luscious fusion that makes this dessert delicious. 

Milk Bingsu – This menu of Ice Lab is a classic dessert that has an enjoyable taste. Its white color makes it look fancy. The right balance of sweetness and texture makes this one of the best-selling bingsu in this shop.  

Strawberry BingsuIf you love strawberries, this bingsu is the perfect one for you. It comes with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream and is garnished with strawberry syrup. The fresh strawberry slices that surround its side make it appealing and appetizing. 

Mango Bingsu – It is a soft, fruity, and creamy bingsu loved for its distinct taste. The slices of mango and banana on its side, the mango syrup garnished on it, and the scoop of ice cream on its top complemented well. 

Mango Bingsu
Photo Credits: Ice Lab Bingsoo Facebook Page

Ice Lab Bingsu Set Menu

This set menu comes with bingsu desserts paired with drinks and toasts. It offers a single set for solo diners, a double dessert set for those dining with their special someone, and a family set for those dining with groups. 

Traffic Light – The name of this set menu is derived from the traffic light, as its customers can choose their preferred three combinations of single bingsu. Matcha, Mango, and Strawberry are the three bingsu you can order if you want a dessert that resembles a traffic light. 

Traffic light set: Mango, Strawberry, and Matcha Red Bean bingsu
Photo Credits: Ice Lab Bingsoo Facebook Page

Korea Set – Injeolmi is one of the famous desserts in Korea. Ice Lab creates an injeolmi set for those who love this delicious snack. This Korean Set comes with Injeolimi-flavored bingsu, toast, and latte. The authentic Korean taste and the addition of contemporary flavors make this snack satisfying. 

Family Set – Make your bonding with your family sweeter and unforgettable with this family set that consists of 1 choice of large bingsu, chocolate or caramel honey toast, and two snow shakes.  

Dessert Set Menu 

The dessert set menu of Ice Lab consists of Butter Sugar Toast, Chocolate Met, Strawberry Chocolate Toast, Brownie, Honey Toast, and Ice Cream Toast. Each set comes with a dessert and beverage. 

Strawberry Chocolate Toast Set – Enjoy the sweetness and pleasant taste of strawberries on this set menu. It comes with a strawberry snow shake and strawberry chocolate toast. The toast is topped with chocolate syrup, slices of strawberry, and a scoop of ice cream. Another scoop of ice cream and whipped cream are also placed on its side, enhancing its presentation. 

Ice Cream Toast Set – Ice cream is a popular and comforting dessert loved by people of all ages. Four scoops of ice cream with different flavors are laid on toast. Chocolate and caramel are garnished on it to make it sweeter. 

Butter Sugar Toast Set – One butter sugar toast and drink are served on this set. Plain, Green Tea, and Chocolate are the three flavors of toast to choose from. The toast is cut diagonally from the top of each side to create four triangles and make eating convenient. The beverage options for this set are coffee, latte, and tea.  

Butter Sugar Toast set
Photo Credits: Ice Lab Bingsoo Facebook Page

Ice Lab Menu Bingsu

Ice Lab is known for its delicious and refreshing shaved ice desserts with other ingredients. These bingsu desserts are served with a slice of cake, a scoop of ice cream, fruits, and other special ingredients. 

Chocolate Bingsu – Treat yourself to something mouthwatering with this bingsu with a sweet flavor. Chocolate crumbs are covered in shaved ice. It also comes with a scoop of chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup on its top, a slice of chocolate cake, and chocolate sticks. 

Chocolate Bingsu
Photo Credits: Ice Lab Bingsoo Facebook Page

Milk Tea Bingsu – A creamy bingsu with rich milk tea flavor. Granola adds an extra crunch making every bite satisfying. It is topped with milk tea-flavored ice cream. The strong milk tea flavor of this bingsu will make you crave more. 

Yoghurt Bingsu – One of the Ice Lab’s special bingsu series. It has a scoop of strawberry ice cream on its top and blueberries, strawberries, and cornflakes on its side. This dessert’s crunchiness, sweetness, and fruity goodness make it one of the most sought bingsu. 

Ice Lab Menu Special Series 

The special bingsu series of Ice Lab consists of Oreo, Dalgona, Chocolate, Yoghurt, Taro, Cheese, Tiramisu, Tutti Frutti, and Lychee Rose. If you love a combination of bingsu and cake, the chocolate, cheese, and tiramisu flavors are perfect for you as they come with a slice of cake. For those dining with kids, the tutti frutti flavor is the best bingsu they will love, as it is sweet and colorful. 

Fruity Series 

Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Lemon, and Green Grape are the flavors of Ice Labs Fruity Series. The sweet and tangy taste of fresh fruits and the refreshing goodness of these bingsu desserts. You can also put in an extra syrup for an additional price to make it sweeter and more flavorful. 

Watermelon bingsu
Photo Credits: Ice Lab Bingsoo Facebook Page

Ice Lab Menu Delivery 

The delicious desserts of Ice Lab are available on online delivery platforms such as GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo so that you can enjoy them with your loved ones in the comfort of your home. 

Social Media Pages

Looking for a sweet treat that will satisfy your cravings? Head over to Ice Lab and indulge in their delicious desserts! Don’t forget to follow their social media pages to stay updated on their latest offerings and promotions. Treat yourself and support a local business at the same time!







What are some popular ice cream flavors at Ice Lab? 

Ice Lab offers a range of delicious ice cream bingsu flavors that people love. Some of their top choices include Injeolmi, Mango, Strawberry, and Milk Tea. Injeolmi has a nutty taste with Korean rice cakes, while Mango is refreshing and full of tropical goodness. Strawberry is a classic option with juicy berries, and Milk Tea combines creamy milk with a delightful tea flavor. These bingsu flavors are sure to satisfy your dessert cravings and leave you wanting more.

Do they offer dairy-free or vegan options at Ice Lab? 

Regrettably, Ice Lab Singapore does not currently provide any choices that are suitable for individuals who follow a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle. This means that those who prefer or require alternatives to dairy products or ingredients derived from animals may need to explore other dessert cafes in search of options that cater to their dietary needs.

Who is the owner of Ice Lab? 

Meet Mr. Shin Jung Hwan, the passionate owner of Ice Lab. With his creative vision and dedication, he has brought Ice Lab to life, delighting customers with a wide range of delectable desserts. From mesmerizing ice cream creations to mouthwatering sweet treats, Mr. Shin’s expertise shines through in every delectable bite. As the driving force behind Ice Lab, he constantly strives to provide an unforgettable dessert experience for all visitors, making him an influential figure in the vibrant dessert scene of Singapore.

Is Ice Lab halal-certified? 

Unfortunately, Ice Lab does not have an official certification stating that their food meets the requirements of halal dietary guidelines. This means that individuals who follow halal practices, which involve specific food restrictions, may need to look for alternative dessert options elsewhere. While Ice Lab offers delicious treats, it’s important for those seeking halal-certified establishments to explore other places that cater to their dietary preferences.


The Ice Lab menu is famous for its bingsu products. It is a must-visit dessert cafe for those who love sweet desserts such as shaved ice, bingsu, and cakes. The luscious dessert and beverages of this café will give you a fun and refreshing experience. Its authentic dessert will give you a glimpse of Korean culture. 

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