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Have you tried Taiwanese street foods? If not you’re missing out. Taiwan street food is never complete without sweet desserts, delicious finger foods, and bubble tea. And I found the right place for you to go if you want to experience Taiwan street foods. The I Love Taimei menu has a wide selection of delicious food choices including awesome drinks and many more! Ever heard about this establishment? If not and you’re interested, maybe you shouldn’t miss this article and together we are going to get to know I Love Taimei more so you’ll have an idea if ever you’re planning to visit their location. Sounds good? Then let’s start. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the I Love Taimei menu below.



Extra crispy chicken $7.60
Sweet potato fries $4.80
Popcorn chicken $6.60
Extra crispy chicken meal deal$14.90
Taiwanese tempura $5.90
Tofu fries$4.10

Taimei stars

Popcorn chicken $6.60
Extra crispy chicken $7.60
BBQ crispy chicken $7.60
Original crispy chicken $7.60


Bento with popcorn chicken $11.20
Bento with extra crispy chicken $12.20
Bento with bbq chicken $12.20
Bento with original chicken $12.20

Share box

Share box A$11.90
Share box B$10.50

Taimei sidekicks

Shake shake fries$3.80
Tofu fries $4.10
Mini hashbrown$4.50
Sweet potato fries $4.80
Enoki mushroom $5.10
Mushroom combo$5.40
Taiwanese tempura $5.90

Meal deal combo

BBQ chicken meal$14.90
Extra crispy chicken meal deal$14.90
Original chicken meal deal $14.90
Lychee dessert with popcorn chicken $14.90
Lychee four season tea with popcorn chicken $14.90
Lychee four season tea and bento popcorn chicken $14.90

Dessert cups

Grass jelly dessert cup$6.00
Lemon ai-yu jelly cup$6.00

Flavored Tea

Mango lemon osmanthus tea$4.90
Honey osmanthus oolong tea$4.70
Honey lemon four season tea$4.60
Four season tea$3.70
Oolong black tea $3.70
Jasmine green tea$3.70
Mango popz$4.90
Passion popz$4.90
Honey green tea $4.30
Mango green tea$4.30
Passion green tea$4.30

CNY lychee series

Lychee four season tea$5.90
Lychee grass jelly dessert bowl $6.50

Whats new

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About I Love Taimei

I Love Taimeiis a place that offers authentic Taiwanese street foods and beverages. They first started in October 2009. The founder of this successful business is two Taiwanese sisters with the simple goal of sharing the best Taiwanese street foods outside Taiwan. This establishment features a lot of popular Taiwanese dishes just as Taiwanese fried chicken, Taiwanese tempura, bubble tea, and many more. Together the two sisters started their journey of searching for the best and finest Taiwanese foods thru training in Taiwan, planning, and doing some extensive research. This brand faced challenges however they chose not to give up and eventually reached success. They are loved by their customers and have numerous media coverage regarding their success. As of today, I Love Taimei operates numerous branches across Singapore and expanded to countries like Indonesia and China thru franchises. 

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I Love Taimei Menu Best Seller

We conducted research to list down I Love Taimei’s best sellers. Here’s the list. 

BBQ Crispy Chicken – I Love Taimei’s BBQ crispy Chicken is one of the best chickens that I tried so far and I’m not biased. Their BBQ crispy chicken is crispy while being tossed with their special spicy-sweet barbecue sauce. Though this is not as good as ji pa (deep fried chicken) that you could get in Taiwan however I Love Taimei’s BBQ crispy chicken is giving a good fight against the ji pa. The portion of their bbq crispy chicken was just fine, I cannot complain about the taste because believe me this is a must-try.

BBQ Crispy Chicken
Photo Credits: I Love Taimei Facebook Page

Sweet Potato Fries – I Love Taimei’s sweet potato fries are pretty decent. Their sweet potato is imported straight from Taiwan, it is cut in normal size and deep fried until crispy before being sprinkled with spices which I have no idea what but the taste is awesome.

Popcorn Chicken – I Love Taimei’s popcorn chicken is made with chicken thigh meat cut into bite-size and fried together with sweet basil. This one is really good and based on my experience since I work and live in Taiwan for 6 years their popcorn chicken taste exactly like the ones that I used to buy in night markets and street stalls. 

Popcorn Chicken
Photo Credits: I Love Taimei Facebook Page

I Love Taimei Menu Bento

I Love Taimei’s bento menu has four different choices on the list. The first one is their bento with popcorn chicken which is braised chicken rice with popcorn chicken and served with a boiled egg. The next item is their bento with extra crispy chicken, which is extra crispy chicken with braised chicken rice and served with a boiled egg. Another item on their bento menu is their bento with BBQ chicken, this one is braised chicken rice topped with BBQ chicken with a boiled egg. Last on the list is their bento with original chicken, this one is braised chicken rice with their pre-cut original chicken and served with a boiled egg. 

Yakitori Chicken Bento Set
Photo Credits: I Love Taimei Facebook Page

Taimei Sidekicks Menu

The Taimei Sidekicks’ menu from the I Love Taimei consists of Taiwanese street foods, in this menu they have shake-shake fries that you can choose the flavor of your choice, and tofu fries that they hand cut and fried, this one is quite popular as well. They also have mini hashbrown and sweet potato fries that goes well with any of their beverages. They also have fried enoki mushrooms, a mushroom combo, and Taiwan’s popular street food Taiwanese Tempura. 

Green Onion Soda Cracker
Photo Credits: I Love Taimei Facebook Page

Meal Deal/Combo

Meal deal/combo is what you should order if you want to try more or if you’re with the company since this is also great for sharing. On their meal deal/combo, they have a BBQ chicken meal deal, an extra crispy chicken meal deal, and an original chicken meal deal. For desserts like light meals, they have lychee dessert with popcorn chicken, lychee four-season tea with popcorn chicken, and lastly their lychee four-season tea and bento popcorn chicken. 

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I Love Taimei Menu Delivery

Here are some of their locations that offer delivery, all you have to do is to dial the numbers at your convenience 

I Love Taimei Junction 8: +6565703878

I Love Taimei Bugis Junction: +6563365987

I Love Taimei Hillion Mall: +6565703878

Aside from contacting them, you can also use other delivery services that are associated with I Love Taimei just like Deliveroo, food panda, and other services in your area. 

Social Media Pages

Never miss out on the latest menu updates, discounts, and promotions from I Love Taimei! Stay in the know by following or subscribing to their social media pages. With regular updates and exciting news, their social media is your go-to source for everything happening at I Love Taimei. Don’t wait any longer – hit that follow button and be the first to know about their delicious offerings and irresistible deals!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilovetaimei/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ilovetaimeisg


What types of dishes are available at I Love Taimei?

I Love Taimei is offering Taiwanese street foods in Singapore, they have a wide variety of choices for delicious Taiwanese treats that everyone will surely love. 

What is the price range of the dishes at I Love Taimei?

Prices of I Love Taimei food products range from $3.70 up to $24.70 for Bobatopia. I Love Taimei is pretty cheap compared with other local brands.

Can I make a reservation at I Love Taimei?

Yes, I Love Taimei is accepting reservations, here’s an example site for the I Love Taimei reservation. https://autoreserve.com/en/restaurants/bsHkjRBNYgjrw63msN3A

Is I Love Taimei Halal certified?

Yes, this awesome shop is halal certified and everyone will have peace of mind especially their Muslim customers while enjoying their delicious meals. 

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One of the most authentic places that offer Taiwanese street food. I Love Taimei is the best place to go for your Taiwanese street food cravings. This place is awesome and to be honest my personal favorite. I Love Taimei menu has a lot to offer from snacks to drinks and shareable meals they have it so its like a one-stop shop. The atmosphere at their location is great, it is customer friendly and the service that they provide is excellent. Their products are quality since they only use the freshest and the best ingredients to provide the best for their customers. I highly recommend this establishment for those who love to try Taiwanese street foods and foodies like me. 

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