Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee Menu with Price

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee’s menu offers a diverse menu that showcases the rich flavors of Hong Kong cuisine. This popular restaurant in Singapore is known for its extensive selection of authentic dishes that capture the essence of Hong Kong’s cuisine. The menu at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee features a wide range of options, including flavorful roasted meats, traditional dim sum, comforting congee, fragrant stir-fried noodles, and delectable seafood dishes. Each dish is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and prepared using traditional cooking techniques to ensure an authentic taste.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee menu below.


Signature Dishes

San Lau Hor Fun$9.00
Lala Fried Bee Hoon$9.00
Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup$9.50
Salted Fish Fried White Bee Hoon$9.00
Prawn Paste Chicken (8pcs)$17.00
Braised Pork Ribs w Bitterguord in Black Bean Sauce$17.00
Steamed Song Fish Head w Black Bean Sauce$30.00
Assam Fish Head$40.00
Kang Kong Cuttle Fish$16.50
Yam Basket$26.00
Braised Fish Head w Bitterguord in Black Bean Sauce$17.00
Salted Egg Fish Skin$16.50
Cereal Prawn$27.00
Fish Meat Bee Hoon Soup$9.50
Curry Fish Head$40.00

Lala Series

Ginger Spring Onion Lala$16.50
Chili Lala$16.50
Fragrant Stir-fried Lala $16.50
Sambal Lala$16.50
Supeior Stock Lala$16.50


Sweet & Sour Prawn$27.00
Chilli Prawn ???$27.00
Salted Egg Prawn$27.00
Salt & Pepper Prawn$27.00
Dried Chilli Prawn$27.00
Stir-fried Prawn$27.00
Butter Prawn$27.00


Thai Style Chicken$19.00
Lemon Chicken$19.00
Black Pepper Chicken Cube$16.50
Dried Chilli Chicken Cube$16.50
Ginger Spring Onion Chicken Cube$16.50
Cereal Chicken Cubes$17.50
Salted Egg Chicken Cube$17.50
Claypot Chicken with Basil Leave$19.00


Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish$17.00
Ginger Spring Onion Sliced Fish$17.00
Black Pepper Sliced Fish$17.00


Salted egg Squid$17.50
Sambal Squid$17.50
Cereal Squid$17.50


Claypot Fish Head $43.00
Superior Pot$38.00
Claypot Fish Maw Sea Cucumber$38.00


Salted Vegetable Bean Curd Soup$7.00
Leaf of Matrimony Vine Soup $7.50
Fish Meat Soup$9.50
Fish Head Soup $9.50
Bitter Gourd Soup$7.00
Seafood Soup $7.00
Cai Xin Soup$7.00
Seaweed Soup$7.00
Tom Yam Soup $7.70


Braised Bean Curd$14.00
Thai Style Bean Curd$17.00
Claypot Bean Curd$14.00
Hot Plate Bean Curd $14.00
Ma Po Bean Curd $14.00
Sambal Oyster Omelette $17.00
Fu Rong Omelette$12.00
Onion Omelette$11.00
Cai Pu Omelette $11.00
Minced Meat Omelette$12.00
Oyster Omelette$16.00
Shrimp Omelette $12.00


Ginger Spring Onion Pork$16.50
Black Pepper Pork$16.50
Sweet & Sour Pork $16.50
Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs $16.50
Ginger Spring Onion Deer Meat$28.00
Ginger Spring Onion Beef$24.00
Black Pepper Beef$24.00
Coffee Pork Ribs$18.00
Salted Egg Pork Ribs$18.00
Black Pepper Deer Meat$28.00


Fried Baby Kai Lan with Sliced Fish$16.00
Bean Sprout with Sliced Fis$16.00
Fermented Bean Curd You Mai $12.00
Salted Fish Bean Sprout$12.00
Oyster Sauce Spinach $12.00
Sambal Kang Kong $12.00
Fried Garlic Dou Miao $12.00
Baby Kai Lan W Prawn Rolls$27.00
Hong Kong Kai Lan $14.00
Garlic Baby Kai Lan$12.00
French Bean with Dried Shrimp $15.00
Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf $14.00
Broccoli with Scallop$26.00
Oyster Sauce Cabbage$13.00
Garlic Broccoli$17.00


Black Bean Sauce Beef Bee Hoon$8.20
Crispy Noodle$7.00
Hor Fun$6.50
Dry Hor Fun $7.00
Xin Zhou Bee Hoon$7.00
Hong Kong Noodle $7.00
Mee Goreng$7.70
Bee Hon Goreng $7.70
Kuey Teow Goreng $7.70
Black Bean Sauce Bee Hoon $7.00
Black Bean Sauce Hor Fun$7.00
Dry Vermicelli$8.30
Pigs Trotter Bee Hoon $21.00
Deer Meat Dry Hor Fun $9.50
Deer Meat Dry Bee Hoon $9.50
Deer Meat Bee Hoon $9.50
Dry Mee Sua $8.30
Sliced Fish Hor Fun $7.00
Bee Hoon $6.50
Hokkien Mee$6.50
Yee Mian $6.50
Yue Guang Hor Fun $7.70
Beef Hor Fun$8.20
Beef Bee Hoon $8.20
Black Bean Sauce Beef Hor Fun $8.20
Dried Beef Hor Fun$8.20
Claypot Noodle$8.50
Deer Meat Hor Fun$9.50


Ginger Spring Onion Beef Rice$8.50
Black Pepper Sliced Fish Rice $8.00
Chicken Cube Fried Rice$7.00
Yang Zhou Fried Rice $6.50
Mui Fan $6.50
Seafood Fried Rice $7.00
Sliced Fish Fried Rice $7.00
Sambal Fried Rice $7.00
Ikan Bilis Fried Rice $7.00
Sambal Fried Rice with Chicken Cube$7.00
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice$7.00
Pork Ribs Ric$8.00
Ginger Spring Onion Sliced Fish Rice $8.00
Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish Rice$8.00
Curry Sliced Fish Rice $8.30
Black Pepper Pork Rice $8.00
Ginger Spring Onion Pork Rice$8.00
Curry Pork Rice $8.30
Dried Chilli Chicken Cube Rice $8.00
Black Pepper Chicken Cube Rice $8.00
Ginger Spring Onion Chicken Cube Rice $8.00
Curry Chicken Cube Ric$8.30
Ginger Spring Onion Deer Meat Rice$9.50
Black Pepper Deer Meat Rice $9.50
Salted Fish Fried Rice $7.00
Beef Fried Rice$8.50
Fried Rice with Deer Meat$9.50
Sliced Fish Mui Fan$7.00
Black Pepper Beef Rice $8.50


Fried Egg$1.30
Rice $1.30
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About Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee is a popular restaurant located on Hong Kong Street in Singapore that specializes in authentic Hong Kong-style cuisine. The restaurant aims to bring the vibrant flavors and culinary traditions of Hong Kong to Singaporean food enthusiasts. The menu at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee features a variety of classic Hong Kong dishes, including roasted meats, noodle dishes, congee, dim sum, and more. Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee welcomes diners with its cozy atmosphere to enjoy the flavors of Hong Kong cuisine.

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Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of a wide variety of mixed Asian cuisines that many customers enjoy when visiting Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee.

Thai Style Chicken – The Thai Style Chicken at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee is a flavorful and aromatic dish. The chicken is marinated in Thai spices and herbs, resulting in a tangy and slightly spicy flavor profile which makes it a satisfying choice for those who enjoy Thai cuisine.

Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish – This is a classic dish that combines the sweetness and tanginess of the sauce with tender slices of fish. The fish is lightly battered and deep-fried, then coated in a delicious sweet and sour sauce giving the dish vibrant colors and contrasting flavors.

salted egg fish skin
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Sweet & Sour Pork – This is a well-loved dish that features crispy and succulent pieces of pork in a tangy sweet and sour sauce. The combination of sweet and sour flavors creates a perfect balance that makes the dish both satisfying and appetizing.

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Ginger Spring Onion Beef – It is a savory and aromatic dish that highlights the flavors of ginger and spring onions. The beef is stir-fried with ginger and spring onions, resulting in a fragrant and flavorful combination. 

Black Pepper Beef – It is a popular dish that showcases the bold and robust flavor of black pepper. The beef is stir-fried with black pepper sauce, creating a savory and slightly spicy dish, accompanied by vegetables, adding freshness and texture to the dish.

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee Menu Signature Dishes

Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup – This is a popular and comforting dish made with a flavorful broth that is rich and creamy, often infused with the essence of fish bones and head. The dish is typically garnished with vegetables and herbs, adding freshness and color to the soup.

Salted Fish Fried White Bee Hoon – The dish features stir-fried white bee hoon with chunks of salted fish, creating a unique and savory flavor. The salted fish adds a delightful umami taste to the dish, while the bee hoon noodles are cooked to perfection, maintaining a chewy texture

Salted fish fried white bee hoon
Photo Credits: www.foodpanda.sg/chain/cq9po/hong-kong-street-chun-tat-kee

Prawn Paste Chicken (8pcs) – This dish is a flavorful and crispy dish that showcases the deliciousness of prawn paste-marinated chicken. The chicken pieces are typically marinated in a mixture of prawn paste, herbs, and spices, resulting in a fragrant and savory flavor profile

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee Menu Lala Series

This menu offers a variety of delectable clam dishes that are sure to satisfy seafood lovers.

Chili LalaChili Lala is a popular dish that features fresh clams stir-fried in a spicy chili sauce. The clams are cooked to perfection, with a tender and juicy texture, while the spicy chili sauce adds a spicy kick and enhances the overall flavor of the dish.

Fragrant Stir-fried Lala – It is a delicious dish that showcases the natural sweetness and freshness of the clams. The clams are stir-fried with a medley of aromatic ingredients such as garlic, ginger, and scallions, which infuse the dish with a tantalizing aroma.

Sambal Lala – Sambal Lala is a classic dish that features clams cooked in a spicy and flavorful sambal sauce. The sambal sauce is made from a blend of chili peppers, shrimp paste, garlic, and other spices, creating an aromatic flavor profile.

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This menu offers delicious-tasting and affordable prawn dishes that showcase the rich and juicy flavors of these popular seafood delicacies. The prawn menu at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee offers a variety of options to tantalize your taste buds whether you like classic prawn dishes or something more unique.

Chicken, Fish, Squid

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee takes pride in its delectable selection of chicken, fish, and squid dishes that will satisfy any seafood and poultry lover. Through the items on this menu, customers can feast on dishes that are bursting with flavors and unique textures.

Photo Credits: www.foodpanda.sg/chain/cq9po/hong-kong-street-chun-tat-kee

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee Menu Delivery

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee now provides a menu delivery for their customers who are busy with work, studies, or household chores. This is a very convenient option as you will only have to wait for your orders to arrive at your doorsteps with the help of third-party delivery services like FoodPanda

Social Media Pages

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee does not have social media pages yet but you can check out the restaurant’s review here and might as well visit their place to try their dishes. Indulge in an unforgettable dining experience at Hong Kong Chun Tat Kee.

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Where is Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee located?

You can find Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee restaurant on Hong Kong Street in Singapore.

What types of dishes does Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee serve?

Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee specializes in serving a wide array of traditional Hong Kong dishes. 

Can I customize my order at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee?

Customers are allowed to customize their orders at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee.

What are some popular dishes at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee?

Some of the popular dishes at Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee are Thai Style Chicken, Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish, Sweet & Sour Pork, Ginger Spring Onion Beef, and Black Pepper Beef.

Does Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee have any halal certifications?

No, Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee does not have any halal certifications.


Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee is a highly popular restaurant in Singapore that brings the flavors of Hong Kong to its patrons. Its menu boasts a wide variety of authentic Hong Kong dishes from roasted meats to comforting dim sum and flavorsome seafood offerings. The restaurant is also committed to using quality ingredients, traditional cooking techniques, and attention to detail is evident in each dish that they serve. Lastly, the warm and inviting ambiance, combined with attentive service, creates a pleasant dining atmosphere that enhances the overall experience.

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