A-One Signature Menu with Price

Are you looking for a place where you can find the best home-cooked meals like dishes in Singapore? It’s great timing since I found one and what’s even more great is this is an affordable restaurant so you don’t have to pay for too much to enjoy delicious food. Interested in our topic today if yes please stay with me and let’s get to know the A-One Signature menu. not only about them but with their prices and the type of food that they offer. I’m being too much for an introduction so without further ado let’s start! 

You can find the updated pricing information for the A-One Signature menu below.



Braised peanut $2.90
Deep fried homemade prawn balls$10.90
Prawn paste mid wing $9.90
Deep fried beancurd shrimp rolls$6.90
Crispy chicken ribs$9.90


Dried scallop sliced fish with fish roe porridge $13.90
Dried scallop porridge with century egg minced meat & cuttlefish $12.90
Premium dried scallop porridge $11.90
Dried scallop porridge with century egg and meatballs $12.90
Dried scallop porridge with minced meat century egg, salted egg & egg$12.90
Dried scallop with frog's meat porridge $16.90
Dried scallop porridge with century egg and shredded chicken $11.90
Dried scallop porridge with century egg and minced meat $11.90
Dried scallop porridge with abalone & minced meat $16.90
Dried scallop porridge with abalone & shredded chicken $16.90
Dried scallop porridge with shredded chicken & cereal $12.90

Frog's meat (R/L)

Claypot dried chili frogs meat$21.90/26.90
Claypot frog's meat with scallom ginger sauce $21.90/26.90
Deep fried salted egg frog's meat $18.90/24.90
Deep fried golden garlic frog's meat $18.90/24.90

Soup (R/L)

Meatballs and Chinese spinach soup with assorted eggs$14.90/19.90
Wok heyy fish soup$14.90/19.90
Wok heyy seafood soup $14.90/19.90
Claypot fish maw with crab meat thick soup $16.90/21.90

Seafood (R/L)

Premium claypot $19.90/24.90
Deep fried scallop with creamy salted egg sauce$22.90
Ginger scallion lala$15.90/19.90
Sambal seafood$15.90/19.90

Prawn (R/L)

Cereal prawn$18.90/24.90
Deep fried prawns with creamy salted egg sauce$18.90/24.90
Pan fried prawns with black sauce $18.90/24.90
Sweet and sour prawns with pineapple $18.90/24.90
Gong bao prawn ball$18.90/24.90

Chicken (R/L)

Claypot sesame oil chicken $18.90/24.90
Claypot gong bao chicken and cashew nuts $18.90/24.90
Sweet and sour chicken cube$16.90/21.90
Honey chicken $16.90/21.90

Homemade beancurd

Handmade beancurd with chai po in Hongkong style sauce $14.90
Handmade beancurd with assorted mushroom & minced meat $14.90
Handmade beancurd with assorted eggs $14.90
Handmade beancurd with mushroom and broccoli $14.90
Claypot beancurd with sea cucumber $16.90
Claypot beancurd with sea food $16.90
Claypot beancurd with minced meat $14.90

Pork (R/L)

Claypot pork belly with salted fish$16.90/21.90
Honey sweet and sour pork with pineapple $16.90/21.90
Honey sweet and sour pork$16.90/21.90
Stir fried pork slices with sweet and sour sauce $16.90/21.90
Stir fried sliced pork with A-one sauce $16.90/21.90
Sliced pork with creamy salted egg sauce $16.90/21.90


Deep fried sea bass $28.90
Deep fried fish with creamy salted egg sauce (R/L) $17.90/22.90
Seabass with sweet and sour sauce$23.90
Hotplate ginger scallion sliced fish$15.90
Deep fried cod fish with dark soy sauce $28.90
Steamed cod fish hongkong style$28.90
Steamed cod fish with XO sauce $28.90
Deep fried fish sliced with sweet and sour sauce $16.90/21.90

Vegetables (R/L)

Chinese spinach with assorted eggs $14.90/19.90
Stir fried spinach with silver fish$13.90/18.90
Stir fried french beans with minced meat$14.90/19.90
Stir fried french beans with prawns in sambal sauce$16.90/21.90
Stir fried broccoli with assorted mushroom $14.90/19.90
Stir fried scallop and broccoli with XO sauce $21.90/26.90
Stir fried kal lan with clam abalone$13.90/18.90
Claypot eggplant & fish meat in minced meat sauce$16.90/20.90
Deep fried pumpkin & lotus root with creamy salted egg sauce$14.90/19.90
Assorted vegetable in sambal sauce$14.90/19.90
Gong bao hericium mushroom $14.90/19.90
Black pepper hericium mushroom $14.90/19.90

Omelette (R/L)

Stir fried omelette with shrimp and tomatoes $14.90/19.90
Fried omelette egg with chai po$14.90/19.90
Fried omelette egg with shrimp $14.90/19.90
Steamed assorted eggs with minced meat$18.90


Fried mee sua with shrimp and scallops $14.90
Fried noodles with XO sauce $14.90
Stir fried seafood hor fun$14.90
Hotplate noodle in jiang nan style$15.90
Hotplate sesame chicken noodle $15.90
Hotplate seafood hor fun$15.90
Hor fun with sliced fish$14.90

Fried rice

Shrimp fried rice with XO sauce $14.90
Shrimp fried rice with ebiko $14.90
Shrimp fried rice with minced meat and chai po$14.90
Shrimp fried rice with scallops $14.90
Yang zhou fried rice $14.90
Olive fried rice with minced meat$14.90

Scorched rice

Claypot chicken and mushroom scorched rice$12.90
Claypot gong bao chicken scorched rice$12.90
Claypot ginger scallion scorched rice$12.90
Claypot mushroom and minced meat scorched rice$12.90


Assorted fruits and flowers tea (2pax)$8.90
Jasmine tea (2pax)$8.90
Pu er (2pax)$8.90
Homemade barley hot/cold$2.30
Honey lemon citron tea$6.90
Green tea (hot)$2.30
Coca cola can$2.90
Sprite can$2.90
Iced lemon tea$2.90
Sour plum coke$3.20
Sour plum sprite$3.20
Fanta grape can$2.90
Plain water hot/cold$0.50
Water chestnut hot/cold $2.30
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About A-One Signature

A-One Group is established in Singapore in the year 2008, this A-One Group is operated and owned by a mix of Western and Asian concepts. They are guided by their goal of providing great and delicious dining experiences for their customers without having to spend too much. Their goal is also to bind and bring people together by serving them delicious dishes and giving them memorable experiences upon dining at their restaurant. 

A-One is Singapore’s favorite restaurant that offers home-cooked goodness prepared in traditional clay pot recipes. This restaurant is a very proud receiver of the 2018 Singapore quality class award and 2017’s most popular establishment awards. A-One is open from Mondays through Sundays from 10:30 am until 9:30 pm however operating hour depends on the branch that you want to visit. For more information please reach them through [email protected]

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A-One Signature Menu Best Seller

We gather some information to list down some of A-One’s best-selling products on their menu. Here’s the list. 

Crispy Sambal Prawns – A-One’s crispy sambal prawns are one of their best-selling items and are quite popular among their customer. The sambal prawns have that delectable great taste that I’m sure every shrimp lover will appreciate. Not overcooked but tender, and juicy as well. The flavors didn’t overpower the prawns. So basically a balanced flavor can be found in this dish. 

Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat, Century Egg, Salted Egg & Egg – Also one of the top-selling menu and most ordered items of the A-One Signature is their dried scallop porridge with minced meat, century egg, and salted egg. It has all the right flavor that you will be looking for in a porridge plus the eggs also added flavor to this dish. They also serve this in a huge portion, also good for sharing. 

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Dried scallop porridge with minced meat, century egg, salted egg, and egg
Photo Credits: A-One Claypot House FB Page

Deep Fried Prawns with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce – If you’re looking for a good prawn dish that is easy to enjoy and delicious then A-One’s deep-fried prawns with creamy salted egg sauce is the perfect item for you. The prawns though thoroughly cooked are still soft plus the salted egg sauce really helps to make this dish very delicious, creamy as well, and a great choice. 

Honey Sweet and Sour Pork – One of A-One’s most popular dishes is their version of honey sweet and sour pork. The meat is tender and cooked just right, the sweet and sour sauce also complements really well with the pork that they first fried before mixing with the sweet and sour sauce. Really goes well with rice. 

A-One Signature Menu Frog’s Meat

frogs meat menu has  4 delicious dishes to try. The first one is their Claypot Dried Chill Frog’s Meat, this one is saucy and has a lot of different flavors. The next item is their Claypot Frog’s Meat with Scallion Ginger Sauce just like the previous dish this is a bit saucy as well. They also have deep-fried salted egg frog’s meat which is my favorite on this menu and lastly their Deep Fried Golden Garlic Frog Meat. 

Deep-fried salted egg frog's meat
Photo Credits: A-One Claypot House FB Page

A-One Signature Soup Menu

A-one offers 4 choices of soup on their soup menu. The first item is their Meatballs and Chinese Spinach Soup with Assorted eggs. The next one is their Wok Heyy fish soup, they also have Wok Heyy seafood soup, and lastly their Claypot Fish Maw with Crab meat thick soup. 

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On their seafood menu, they have 4 dishes to offer. First on the list is their premium claypot this one is a must-try. Next is their Deep Fried Scallop with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce. They also have ginger scallion Lala and sambal seafood which is also included in our list of best sellers. 

Sweet & sour fish
Photo Credits: A-One Claypot House FB Page

A-One Signature Menu Delivery

Ordering your favorite food at A-One is made easier simply by going to their website at https://aonegroup.sg/ aside from that you can also use other third-party services that are available in your area of location. 

Social Media Pages

Join the culinary journey at A-One Signature and explore the rich tapestry of flavors and exquisite dishes they have to offer. Follow their social media pages for a glimpse into their delectable creations, exclusive promotions, and behind-the-scenes moments. Stay connected and let A-One Signature take you on a gastronomic adventure like no other.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aoneclaypothouse/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aoneclaypot/


Where is A-One Signature Singapore located?

A-One Signature Singapore is located in many locations like A-One Signature AMK Hub, A-One Signature Causeway Point, A-One Signature Hillion Mall, A-One Signature Kallang Wave Mall, A-One Signature Limbang Shopping Centre, A-One Signature Northpoint City, A-One Signature Rivervale Mall, A-One Signature Tampines 1, A-One Signature Tiong Bahru Plaza, A-One Signature Waterway Point, and A-One Signature West Mall. 

What are some must-try dishes at A-One Signature?

There are a lot of must-try dishes at A-One Signature but crisply sambal prawns and honey sweet and sour pork are their must-try dishes according to our research. 

Is A-One Signature suitable for large group gatherings or events?

Yes, A-One Signature is very suitable for large group gatherings or events since the place itself is big enough to accommodate a lot of customers and the dishes that they serve are mostly for sharing since aside from the regular size they offer large sizes as well. 

Is A-One Signature Halal certified?

Unfortunately no. A-One Signature is not a halal-certified restaurant as they are serving pork dishes. 


A-One Signature Singapore is the best place to go if you are a classic Singaporean cuisine lover or you’re going along with your family or friends. This restaurant is huge enough to accommodate lots of customers and they are actually encouraging customers to go in groups. The A-One Signature menu has a lot of delicious items to choose from and aside from that their dishes are made affordable with very good quality. The place is customer friendly as well and has that cozy atmosphere, comfortable tables and chairs, and a pleasant atmosphere. highly recommendable and a must-try restaurant for everyone. 

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