Char-Grill Bar Menu with Price

The Char-Grill Bar menu consists of Asian, Western, and European cuisine. The charcoal-grilled dishes that it serves include chicken, lamb, and fish. It also provides steak, combo mix, seafood dishes, pasta, burgers, salads, sausages, baked rice, and snacks. It also allows customers to create a meal combination that will satisfy their cravings by adding their favorite side dishes and toppings. 

You can find the updated pricing information for the Char-Grill Bar menu below.


Char Flaming Grilled Chicken

Double Up Char Grilled Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $15.50
Char Grilled Chicken Soup + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Crispy Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Black Pepper Chicken Chop + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Golden Salted Egg Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $11.50
Hawaiian Grilled Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $11.50
Mexican Grilled Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $11.10
Cajun Grilled Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $11.10
BBQ Grilled Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $11.10

Cowboy Pride

Prime Stripeloin Steak + Mushroom Soup Set $15.60
Classic Rib-Eye Steak + Mushroom Soup Set $19.60
Black Pepper Grilled Lamb + Mushroom Soup Set $14.10

Harvest from The Sea

Grilled Fish Italian Herb + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Grilled Fish With Lemon Butter Sauce + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Grilled Fish With Black Pepper Sauce + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Crispy Fish N Chips + Mushroom Soup Set $7.40
Golden Salted Egg Crispy Fish + Mushroom Soup Set $11.50


Seafood Marinara + Mushroom Soup Set $9.50
Ham and Mushroom Spaghetti + Mushroom Soup Set $9.50
Beef Bolognese Spaghetti + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Seafood Aglio Olio + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Giant Sausage Spaghetti + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Ham And Sausage Carbonara + Mushroom Soup Set $7.40
Grill Chicken Alio-Olio + Mushroom Soup Set $11.50

Handform Rock Burger

Single Rock Burger Set + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Cajun Chicken Burger Set + Mushroom Soup Set$10.10
Fish Fillet Burger Set + Mushroom Soup Set$10.10
Golden Salted Egg Chicken Burger Set + Mushroom Soup Set$10.50

Salads and Sausages

Classic Salad + Mushroom Soup Set$8.10
Grill Chicken Salad + Mushroom Soup Set $10.10
Crispy Fish Salad + Mushroom Soup Set $10.10
Giant Chicken Sausage $5.50
Giant Chicken Sausage Set + Mushroom Soup Set $12.50

Baked Rice

Seafood Baked Rice + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Ham And Sausage Baked Rice + Mushroom Soup Set $11.10
Mexican Chicken Baked Rice + Mushroom Soup Set $11.10

Local Favourites

Whole Spring Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set$15.10
Half Spring Chicken Set + Mushroom Soup Set $9.50
Fried Chicken Wings $4
Chicken Wings Set + Mushroom Soup Set $6
Western Fried Rice + Mushroom Soup Set $4.40
Fried Rice With Crispy Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set $9.50
Fried Rice With Fish + Mushroom Soup Set $9.50
Fried Rice With Lamb Chop + Mushroom Soup Set $6.40
Fried Rice With Giant Cheese Sausage + Mushroom Soup Set $10.50
Fried Rice With Chicken Wing + Mushroom Soup Set $8.50
Grilled Chicken With Fried Rice + Mushroom Soup Set $9.50


Cheese Fries $5
Sweet Potato $5
Golden Salted Egg Fries $5
Spicy Chicken Popcorn $7

Side Items

Mashed Potato $3
French Fries $3
Onion Rings $3
Baked Bean $3
Potato Salad $3
Garden Salad $3
Fresh Shittake Mushroom Soup $2.80
Sunny Side Egg $1.50
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About Char-Grill Bar 

Char Grill Bar is one of the subsidiaries of Garden Cuisine Pte Ltd. This restaurant was founded by Mr. Fong Chee Cheong in the year 2008. It has a kiosk concept as it serves affordable and casual cuisine that is inspired by different cultures. The name of this restaurant is inspired by the special char-grilled dishes that it offers. 

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Char-Grill Bar Menu Best Seller

Char-Grill Bar is known for its delicious and extraordinary charcoal grilled dishes. Here are some of the best sellers of this restaurant that are highly recommended by its loyal patrons. 

Char-Grilled Chicken Chop -A delicious meal that consists of charcoal-grilled chicken garnished with a special gravy sauce and served with a mushroom soup set. It comes with two side dishes of your choice. You can also add your preferred toppings to make them more filling. 

Ham and Sausage Carbonara – It is a hearty pasta dish with slices of ham and sausage. The tender egg yolk in the middle of the pasta gives a velvety feel and adds flavor to this carbonara. Its thick and creamy sauce makes it comforting and mouthwatering. 

Seafood Baked Rice – This best-selling dish from Char-Grill Bar is a perfect main dish that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. It is topped with different kinds of seafood, served with a mushroom soup, and a choice of tomato sauce or white cream sauce. 

Seafood Baked rice
Photo Credits: Char-Grill Bar Official FB Page

Fried Rice with Crispy Chicken + Mushroom Soup Set – Simple yet flavorful, this local favorite dish is made up of chicken that is breaded and deep-fried. The special breading mix, the juiciness of meat on the inside, and the crispy texture on the outside are the features that make it irresistible. 

Grilled Fish Italian Herb + Mushroom Soup Set – The crowd’s all-time favorite dish that you should not miss. Fish is marinated with Italian herbs, grilled expertly, and garnished with a gravy sauce. It is accompanied by two of your favorite side dishes.  

Char-Grill Bar Menu Flaming Grilled Chicken 

These char-flaming grilled chicken dishes of this restaurant are served with mushroom soup. The special sauce that is garnished on these crispy and juicy chicken cuisines sets them apart from others. 

Double-Up Char-Grilled Chicken – Make your meal more filling with this double-up char-grilled chicken. It is a perfect meal for those who have a big appetite as two charcoal grilled chicken are served on this dish and paired with two side dishes. 

Golden Salted Egg Chicken – The sweet and savory notes of this Golden Salted Egg Chicken is the special feature that makes it popular. A creamy and savory salted egg sauce on top of this crispy chicken adds an extra layer of texture and flavor. 

Golden Salted Egg chicken
Photo Credits: Char-Grill Bar Official FB Page

Cajun Grilled Chicken – Chicken is seasoned with cajun spices and grilled perfectly. It is one of the special dishes of Char-Grill bar where melted cheddar cheese is garnished on its top. The creaminess of the cheese, the spiciness of cajun spices, and the savory grilled chicken complement well together making it mouthwatering. 

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Char-Grill Bar Menu Cowboy Pride

Cowboy Pride consists of steaks, grilled dishes, and a combo mix. These flavorful, juicy, and tender meat will boost your appetite as they are seasoned with a special mix of ingredients and cooked expertly. 

Prime Striploin Steak – For those who love beef steaks, this luscious prime striploin steak from the char-grill bar must be part of your meal. Premium loin cut is known for its juicy fat, red tender meat, and awesome flavor. The aroma and visual appeal of this dish will make you anticipate it. 

Classic Rib-Eye Steak – The excellent flavor profile of this char-grill bar classic ribeye makes it a great choice for steak lovers. It is a must-try dish as this restaurant guarantees that it uses meat with better marbling. Its juicy and tender bliss as well as its rich and buttery flavor gives diners a satisfying meal. 

Classic rib-eye steak
Photo Credits: Char-Grill Bar Official FB Page

Char-Grill Bar Combo Mix – If you cannot decide what to eat, try this combo mix set that consists of sausage, sunny-side-up egg, chicken chop, lamb chop, two side dishes, and mushroom soup. With this set, you will be able to have a meal that will satisfy your Western food cravings. 

Harvest From the Sea

Enjoy the fresh flavors of the sea with these traditional and modern seafood dishes. It consists of grilled and breaded fish that is garnished with a special sauce such as Black Pepper, Lemon Butter, and Salted Egg. 

Crispy Fish N Chips – This menu of Char-Grill Bar is a classic, timeless, and popular meal that is loved by people from different generations. Fish is breaded in a special mix of spices and the fries are well-seasoned making it a perfect combination.  

Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce – Enjoy your meal with this grilled fish with lemon butter sauce. It is placed on top of lettuce which gives an elegant look and adds a crunchy texture. This fabulous and flavorful meal will give you an enjoyable dining experience.  

Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter sauce
Photo Credits: Char-Grill Bar Official FB Page

Golden Salted Egg Crispy Fish – Fresh fish is deep-fried until it becomes crispy and golden in color. The salted egg sauce combines perfectly with the taste and texture of fish. You can also create your preferred meal combination by adding the side dishes of your choice. 


The pasta dishes of Char-Grill Bar consist of Seafood Marinara, Ham and Mushroom Spaghetti, Beef Bolognese Spaghetti, Seafood Aglio Olio, Giant Sausage Spaghetti, Ham and Sausage Carbonara, and Grill Chicken Alio-Olio. These are served with the restaurant’s special mushroom soup. It is a perfect meal if you are dining with kids as they will surely love the flavorsome combination of its ingredients. 

Seafood Aglio Olio pasta
Photo Credits: Char-Grill Bar Official FB Page

Handform Rock Burger 

Burgers are a convenient and comforting meal that people love. These Hand form Rock Burgers are filled with the restaurant’s special dishes such as Cajun Chicken, Fish Fillet, and Golden Salted Egg Chicken. The other fillings that are stuffed in the sesame bun are lettuce, onion, and slices of tomato. Fries are one of the side dishes that go well with this burger as these two are the most loved snack combination. 

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Char-Grill Bar Menu Delivery 

Good news! Many char-grill bars outlets provide delivery services for your convenience. You can easily order your favorite dishes from these establishments and enjoy them right in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your loved ones. To make it even easier, you have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to placing your order. You can use popular delivery platforms like Oddle Eats, Deliveroo, FoodPanda, and GrabFood. With just a few taps on your phone or clicks on your computer, you’ll have a delicious meal on its way to your doorstep. So sit back, relax, and let the char-grill goodness come to you!

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What makes char-grilled different from other fast food? 

The vast culture that the dishes of Char Grill Bar represent makes them different from other fast food. It serves cuisines that are inspired by the rich cultures of different parts of the world such as Singapore, America, and Europe.  

Is the foods of Char-grilled healthy? 

It depends on your order as Char Grill Bar Singapore offers a wide variety of dishes such as burgers, salads, pasta, and grilled dishes. 

Is it halal-certified? 

Char-Grill Bar Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant. However, they offer dishes that do not contain pork. It creates a Char-Grill Spice, a special outlet that is halal-certified so they can also cater to the Muslim community.  


The char-grill bar menu showcases the rich culture of Singapore and other continents such as Asia, Europe, and America. It offers an extensive selection of dishes so customers can create their preferred meal combinations. This is a great place if you want affordable Western and Singaporean cuisine. Most of their outlets are situated in recreational areas so you can easily access or visit their food courts or food stalls. 

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