Adam’s Corner Seafood Menu with Price

Adam’s Corner Seafood’s menu offers diverse and mouth-watering options that showcase a wide variety of seafood dishes as well as non-seafood options. The restaurant allows locals and tourists in Singapore to enjoy delicious-tasting seafood dishes at a very affordable price. Each dish that they serve features the freshest seafood cooked to perfection with delicious sauces and seasonings. And non-seafood lovers will not get left behind as Adam’s Corner Seafood also offers dishes like chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes prepared with flavorful sauces and spices.

You can find the updated pricing information for the Adam’s Corner Seafood menu below.



Nasi Lemak$4.50
Nasi Ayam$4.50
Nasi Ayam Madu$5.50
Nasi Ayam Kicap$6.50
Nasi Ayam Black Pepper$6.50
Nasi Ayam Sambal$6.50
Nasi Daging Merah$6.50
Nasi Daging Black Pepper$6.50
Nasi Ayam Goreng$6.50
Nasi Goreng Seafood$6.50
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis$6.50
Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin$6.50
Nasi Goreng Sambal$6.50
Nasi Goreng Sambal Belacan$6.50
Nasi Goreng Black Pepper$6.50
Nasi Goreng Paprik$6.50
Nasi Goreng Sardine$6.50
Nasi Paprik$6.50
Nasi Goreng Kampung$7.00
Nasi Goreng Pattaya$7.00
Nasi Goreng Tomyam$7.00
Nasi Goreng Adam$8.00
Nasi Goreng Thai$9.00
Nasi Goreng Daging Merah$9.00
Nasi Goreng Ayam Merah$9.00
Nasi Putih Ayam Kunyit$6.50
Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit$9.00
Nasi Goreng Combo$9.00
Plain White Rice$1.00
Plain Chicken Rice$1.00


Mee Soto$4.50
Maggi Soup$6.00
Mee Soup$6.00
Prawn Mee$6.50
Tom Yam Mee$7.00
Mee Bandung$6.50
Mee Goreng$6.50
Maggi Goreng$6.50
Char Kuey Teow$6.50
Bee Hoon Goreng$6.50
Mee Goreng Mama$6.50
Mee Hong Kong$6.50
Mee Hailam$6.50
Crispy Noodles$6.50
Mee Hokkien$6.50
Fried Seafood Noodles$6.50
Mee Chilli Prawn$6.50
Laksa Bee Hoon$7.00
Mee Pattaya$9.00
Maggi Pattaya$9.00
Mee Goreng Thai$6.50
Maggi Goreng Thai$9.00
Beef Noodles$9.00
Mee Goreng Combo$9.00
Kway Teow Goreng Combo$9.00
Maggie Goreng Combo$9.00
Bee Hoon Goreng Combo$9.00


Bubur Daging$5.50
Bubur Taiwan$7.00
Bubur Ayam$5.00
Bubur Ikan$5.50
Mui Fan$6.50

Roti Prata

Plain Prata$1.00
Onion Prata$1.40
Egg Prata$1.50
Double Egg Prata$2.20
Double Egg Cheese Prata$3.50
Egg Onion Prata$2.00
Egg Onion Chilli Prata$2.50
Cheese Prata$2.50
Cheese Onion Prata$3.00
Cheese Egg Prata$3.00
Cheese Egg Onion Prata$3.50
Banana Prata$2.50
Banana Honey Prata$3.50
Banana Cheese Prata$3.50
Banana Egg Prata$3.50
Bom Prata$2.50
Milo Prata$2.50
Mushroom Prata$2.50
Mushroom Cheese Prata$3.00
Planta (Margarine) Prata$2.50


Sardine Murtabak$7.00
Chicken Murtabak$7.00
Mutton Murtabak$7.00
Sardine Cheese Murtabak$9.00
Chicken Cheese Murtabak$9.00
Mutton Cheese Murtabak$9.00

Roti John

Roti John Chicken$5.50
Roti John Mutton$5.50
Roti John Chicken Cheese$6.50
Roti John Mutton Cheese$6.50
Roti John Chicken Cheese Mushroom$7.50
Roti John Mutton Cheese Mushroom$7.50


Plain Vegetable Soup$6.00
Mixed Vegetable Seafood Soup$8.00
Ox-tail Soup$9.00
Tauhu Soup$8.00
Fish Soup$8.00
Fish Ball Soup$8.00
Mushroom Soup$8.00
Tom Yam Soup$8.00
Chicken Soup$8.00
Beef Soup$8.00
Seafood Soup$8.00
Tiga Rasa Adam Recipe$25.00
Sambal Fish$25.00
Sweet & Sour Fish$25.00
Oyster Sauce Fish$25.00
Thai Chilli Sauce Fish$25.00
Sliced Sweet & Sour Fish$12.00
Sliced Fish with Spring Onion$12.00
Sliced Fish with Sambal$12.00
Sliced Fish with Black Pepper$12.00
Sliced Fish with Oyster Sauce$12.00


Oyster Sauce Beef$12.00
Spring Onion Beef$12.00
Black Pepper Beef$12.00
Sweet & Sour Beef$12.00
Sambal Beef$12.00
Dried Chilli Beef$12.00


Black Pepper Chicken$12.00
Dried Chilli Chicken$12.00
Oyster Sauce Chicken$12.00
Butter Chicken$12.00
Lemon Chicken$12.00
Chilli Chicken$12.00


Cereal Prawn$25.00
Nestum Prawn$25.00
Butter Prawn$25.00
Black Pepper Prawn$25.00
Sweet & Sour Prawn$25.00
Oyster Sauce Prawn$25.00
Sambal Prawn$25.00
Chilli Prawn$25.00


Sotong Goreng Tepong$12.00
Sweet & Sour Sotong$12.00
Sotong Sambal$12.00


Chap Chai$8.00
Plain Kailan$8.00
Baby Kailan Oyster Sauce$8.00
Baby Kailan with Sambal$8.00
Baby Kailan with Seafood$10.00
Baby Kailan with Beef$10.00
Kangkung Belacan$8.00
Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish$8.00


Hotplate Rice$9.00
Hotplate Prawn$16.00
Hotplate Bean Curd$12.00
Hotplate Sotong$12.00
Hotplate Chicken$9.00
Hotplate Noodles$12.00
Hotplate Beef$12.00

Mini Wok

Claypot Mee Fried Seafood$7.00
Claypot Mee Chilli Prawn$7.00
Claypot Bean Curd$7.00
Bak Kut Teh$8.00
Claypot Sotong Mee$7.00
Claypot Fried Rice$7.00

Western Food

Black Pepper Steak$15.00
Fish & Chips$9.00
Mixed Adam's Grill$23.00
Sambal Steak$15.00
Mushroom Steak$15.00
1/2 Spring Chicken$8.00
Chicken in the Basket$9.00
French Fries$4.00
Cheese Fries$5.00
Chicken Chop$9.00
Seafood in the Basket$12.00
Lamb Chop$15.00
Chicken Nuggets$8.00
Spring Chicken$12.00
Popcorn Chicken$8.00
Yankee's Steak$10.00

Side Dishes

Plain Omelette$5.00
Vegetable Omelette$5.00
Beef Omelette$5.00
Prawn Omelette$8.00
Spring Onion Omelette$8.00
Fresh Fruit Juices
Orange Juice$4.00
Watermelon Juice$4.00
Fresh Lemon Juice$4.00
Green Apple Juice$4.00
Coconut Juice$4.00
Soursop Juice$4.00
Cold Drinks$1.50
Iced Teh$1.50
Iced Kopi$1.30
Iced Teh O$1.30
Iced Kopi O$2.50
Iced Teh O Lemon$2.50
Iced Teh O Kasturi$2.50
Iced Milo$2.00
Iced Horlicks$2.00
Iced Nescafe$2.00
Iced Neslo$2.00
Iced Milo Dinosaur$3.50
Iced Horlicks Dinosaur$3.50
Iced Lychee$2.50
Iced Longan$2.50
Iced Teh O Lychee$3.00
Iced Teh O Longan$3.00
Iced Blueberry$2.50
Iced Blueberry Longan$3.00
Iced Blueberry Lychee$3.00
Iced Lemon Juice$2.50
Iced Kasturi$2.50
Iced Bandung$2.50
Iced Sirap Limau$3.00
Iced Barley$3.00
Iced Assam$3.00
Iced Assam Limau$3.00
Iced Sirap$3.00
Iced Sirap Lychee$3.00
Iced Sirap Longan$3.00
Iced Kopi Cino$3.00
Iced Bru Coffee$3.00

Hot Drinks

Teh Tarik$1.20
Kopi Tarik$1.20
Teh O$1.00
Kopi O$1.00
Teh Halia$1.30
Teh O Lemon$1.30
Teh O Kasturi$1.30
Teh Cino$3.00
Kopi Cino$3.00
Bru Coffee$1.50
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About Adam’s Corner Seafood

Adam’s Corner Seafood is a popular eatery located in Singapore that specializes in serving a variety of delicious seafood dishes. The restaurant offers a casual and welcoming dining environment where customers can enjoy a wide selection of seafood options prepared with fresh ingredients and flavorful seasonings. In addition to seafood, Adam’s Corner Seafood also offers a variety of non-seafood dishes, to provide alternative options for other customers who dislike seafood. These are the reasons why Adam’s Corner Seafood is a great dining destination for seafood lovers as well as those who prefer other types of cuisine.

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Adam’s Corner Seafood Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of a selection of the most popular dishes that Adam’s Corner Seafood offers.

Tom Yam Mee – This is a mouth-watering option that combines the bold and spicy flavors of Tom Yam soup with springy noodles. The addition of fresh seafood or meat and an array of vegetables in this dish makes it an enjoyable and delicious option for those who crave a satisfying and filling meal.

Mee Hokkien – The noodles in this dish are cooked to a perfect chewy texture and tossed with a different variety of ingredients such as prawns, squid, and vegetables. The dish is rich in flavor, with the noodles absorbing the essence of the sauce and complementing the fresh seafood and vegetables.

Mee hokkien
Photo Credits: Adam’s Corner Facebook Page

Sambal Beef – This dish is made up of tender slices of beef stir-fried with aromatic sambal sauce which creates a dish that is both spicy and flavorful. The sambal adds a punch of heat and depth of flavor to the succulent beef, resulting in a mouthwatering combination. 

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Black Pepper Chicken – t is composed of chicken pieces that are wok-fried with a generous amount of black pepper sauce, creating a savory and slightly spicy flavor profile. The dish is served with steamed rice or noodles, allowing you to enjoy the flavorful sauce with every bite.

Plain Kailan – This dish adds a nutritious and refreshing element to your meal, providing a balance to the rich and flavorful seafood or meat dishes. Pailan Kailan is one of the best choices for those who are looking for a lighter meal at Adam’s Corner Seafood.

Adam’s Corner Seafood Menu Roti Prata

This menu is composed of a wide variety of roti prata options, each of which is unique and flavorful.

Plain Prata –  It is a classic dish that was made from a dough that was stretched and folded to create layers that results in a crispy texture. The plain prata is made very simple but is very satisfying, this allows customers to enjoy the authentic taste of the dish itself.

Plain Prata
Photo Credits:

Onion Prata – This onion prata is prepared in the same manner as the plain prata but with the addition of finely chopped onions that are mixed into the dough which gives a subtle sweetness and savory taste to the prata, enhancing its overall flavor profile. 

Egg Prata – This dish takes the classic plain Prata to the next level by adding a cracked egg to the dough before it is cooked. The result is a prata with a rich and creamy texture, thanks to the runny egg yolk that spreads and blends into the layers of the Prata as it cooks.

Adam’s Corner Seafood Murtabak Menu

This menu is composed of different variety of murtabak options that can cater to different tastes and preferences.

Sardine Murtabak – This is a delicious and unique dish that combines the flavors of sardines with traditional murtabak preparation. The murtabak is made by stuffing a thin layer of dough with a flavorful sardine filling, which includes sardines mixed with spices, onions, and herbs.

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Chicken Murtabak – This is a satisfying and flavorful option that features a generous filling of minced chicken that has been seasoned with aromatic spices, onions, and herbs. The chicken filling is enclosed in a thin layer of dough, which is then cooked until crispy and golden.

Mutton Murtabak – This is a flavorful and hearty choice that is filled with tender and seasoned minced mutton, which is mixed with a blend of spices, onions, and herbs and then served with a side of curry or sambal sauce, allowing you to enjoy a delicious combination of flavors.

Adam’s Corner Seafood Menu Roti John

This menu is composed of different versions of roti john dishes that are popular and beloved in Singapore for their unique and flavorful combination of ingredients. Each of the dishes on this menu is a must-try for those who are looking for a new dining experience.

Roti John chicken
Photo Credits:

Fresh Fruit Juices

At Adam’s Corner Seafood, customers can indulge in a comprehensive range of thirst-quenching beverages. These drinks are meticulously crafted from fresh, ripe fruits, ensuring a delightful burst of natural flavors. This extensive drink menu has been curated to offer a perfect endnote to a satisfying dining experience. After enjoying the restaurant’s delicious seafood dishes, customers can choose from this wide assortment of fruit-based beverages. Whether it’s a refreshing citrus punch or a sweet, tropical smoothie, each option serves as a delightful palate cleanser, enhancing the overall dining journey at Adam’s Corner Seafood.

Adam’s Corner Seafood Menu Delivery

Adam’s Corner Seafood offers a straightforward and handy menu delivery service. Customers can place orders with ease, especially with the added convenience of using delivery apps like FoodPanda. This makes the whole ordering process quick and simple.

Social Media Pages

Get hooked on the freshest seafood delights at Adam’s Corner Seafood! Follow Adam’s Corner Seafood’s social media pages to stay updated on the daily catches, mouthwatering specials, and exclusive promotions.



What is Adam’s Corner Seafood and where is it located in Singapore?

Adam’s Corner Seafood is a popular seafood restaurant in Singapore located at 324 Lavender St., Singapore 338822.

What are some popular seafood dishes or must-try items at Adam’s Corner Seafood?

Baby Kailan with Seafood, Claypot Mee Fried Seafood, and Seafood in the Basket are one of the many popular seafood dishes at Adam’s Corner Seafood.

Are there vegetarian or non-seafood options available at Adam’s Corner Seafood?

Yes, there are a few vegetarian options that Adam’s Corner Seafood offers.

Does Adam’s Corner Seafood accept cash only or do they also accept credit card payments?

Adam’s Corner Seafood also accepts credit cards.

Is Adam’s Corner Seafood halal-certified?

Yes, Adam’s Corner Seafood has halal certificaions.


Adam’s Corner Seafood is a popular seafood restaurant in Singapore that offers a vast menu that features a wide range of delicious seafood dishes. The restaurant showcases the flavors of fresh seafood cooked to perfection that ranges from classic favorites to more unique dishes. The menu also caters to non-seafood lovers as it also has a selection of chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes prepared with flavorful sauces and spices. Overall,  Adam’s Corner Seafood provides a memorable dining experience for seafood enthusiasts and those who are looking for a variety of delicious dining options in Singapore.

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